This Portland-Based Company Makes Best Feeding Products for Baby

Olababy is an Oregon-based baby product company that prides itself in using safe and sustainable products.Olababy is a Portland, Oregon-based company committed to making sustainable, green products for our babies.

Olababy prides itself in developing safe and sustainable products that foster your little one’s growth and development. Its founder and president, Paul Wang, has three children: Rain, Tai and Vera. They are the driving force behind Olababy’s products, designed to be safe for baby, and to make our lives as parents easier, maintaining functionality, innovation and sustainability.

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Wang and his business partner, Qiao Lin, founded Olababy because they wanted to make products that their own children would love and grow up with. Wang said as a new father, he realized many ‘safe’ baby products were not the standard he wanted for his child. He believed that there was a better and safer way, particularly by using silicone. Olababy’s entire line is silicone based.

Wang says, “We strive to modernize the feeding experience and our products are in line with that. From our gentlebottle, which is replicative of the breastfeeding experience, to our feeding/training spoons which are silicone, and double as teethers, to our steambowl, which allows you to steam and serve baby food in one, silicone is what makes our products unique. We believe silicone has the most benefits to feeding product material’s alternatives and are the safest for baby, and easiest for parent.”

The Olababy Steam Bowl keeps the nutrients in your baby's puree!

One of our favorite Olababy products is the Steam Bowl.

When your little one is ready to try food, Olababy knows it’s important to retain all the rich nutrients whole foods have, so Baby can grow and thrive. Their Steam Bowl is made with BPA-free, toxin-free, food-grade silicone and is both a steamer and serving bowl. You put food in the Steam Bowl, then put it in a pot or pan over a shallow pool of water (think double broiler) and then cover to steam. In minutes, the steamed food is ready to eat and has retained all the nutrients that steaming food for baby allows. And it goes right to the table for your little one to dig in!

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Another product we love is the Gentlebottle.

Designed to keep feeding your baby as natural as it should be, the 100% toxin free Gentlebottle has an offset nipple design that mimics a natural breast. This allows easy latching and reduces bottle rejection. Whether you’re using formula, supplementing with formula, weening your child off the breast, or using breast milk from a pump, this bottle will make life easier for you.

Next week, we will be announcing an awesome Olababy Giveaway. Stay tuned!

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