Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mama and Her Baby

we've compiled a list eco-friendly, ethical brands that make safe (and beautiful) products for Mama and her baby.

Searching for the perfect baby shower gift? Attending Baby’s 1st birthday party? Check out some of these eco-friendly, ethical brands that make safe (and beautiful) products for Mama and her baby.

1. DockATot & Mobile Toy Arch: $30dat_ta_dream-weaver_01

This adorable baby lounger is designed to mimic a womb, creating a safe and cosy space for Baby to nap. 

2. Lorena Canals: $200 +


These washable nursery rugs are gorgeous, eco-friendly and all natural. The line of rugs are a huge hit with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashians, but we love these because they contain no toxins or chemicals.

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3. Finn + Emma: $32+ht2a0605

Sustainable baby clothes anyone? Other than being adorable, these baby clothes are made with 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes and all natural wood.  

4. Isabelle Grace Jewelry Personalized Cuff: $65

These guys specialize in personalized jewelry, so why not get the new mama in your life a custom crafted cuff with the name and birthday of her new baby? Cuffs are hand-made by local artisans.
These inflatable booster seats are perfect for road trips, giving kids a boost to prevent slouching and seat belt injury in the event of a crash.
We love this rattle! It’s non-toxic, dishwasher-safe, and 100% stainless steel. 

7. Shape Mags: $24.99

Fun and educational, Shape Mags helps your kid develop problem solving skills, pattern recognition, motor skills, math reasoning and logical thinking. Kids get to create structures like igloos (pictured), bridges, buildings and castles, while getting a little bit smarter each time they play.

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This ultra-soft swaddle helps babies sleep better. It features patented moisture wicking fabric, regulating Baby’s temperature and preventing the risk of overheating. Plus the bottom opens for easy diaper changes — something mama will be very thankful for. 
The clothing in this beautiful collection is meant to be played in and dirtied up. Super durable and easy to wash, the pima cotton is 100% natural from Peru, giving your baby lots of comfort while she explores.
Mom-invented, this MyBuckleMate makes it easy for your kids buckle up in the backseat. It’s designed for kids who use a booster seat and fits perfectly in tight spaces.

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