Top 10 Green and Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes for Moms

We have the best subscription boxes for moms

Moms are busy, and sometimes finding the best clean and green items for themselves takes time they just don’t have. That’s why we asked our mamas in our forums for their favorites, and we’ve found several of the best subscription boxes for moms.

These ten green and eco-friendly subscription boxes for moms are a great way to get yourself (or your favorite mom friend) a gift that keeps on giving, but it is also a great way to learn more about some eco-friendly products that you may have never heard of or tried before. We have boxes for beauty, health and wellness, and more!

Different Types of Subscription Boxes for Moms

There are several different types of subscriptions for moms available. Boxes are usually delivered monthly and have a range of products in a particular category. Some boxes are available for long term subscriptions (generally 3-, 6-, or 12-month options) or they can be purchased as a single month. Many companies also have gift box options so you can send family, friends, or another favorite mom in your life a special present.

Often, curated boxes contain a higher value of products for a fraction of the cost which makes it a popular option, especially for moms. Subscription boxes are a wonderful way to try new products and introduce you to different things that you may not have otherwise tried. Some subscription boxes for moms are also a great way to get regularly-used products delivered to your door, checking another thing off your to-do list.

Here are some of the most popular subscription box categories:

  • Health and wellness
  • Eco-friendly
  • Beauty
  • Cleaning
  • Clothing
  • Activewear
  • Women’s health
  • Snacks, foods, and teas
  • Pets and animals
  • Meal subscription boxes
  • Subscription boxes for kids

There are so many subscription boxes available that you will easily be able to find one that you love. And if you don’t, you can always cancel and try something else for the next month! That is the beauty of subscription boxes- keep trying different ones until you find something you love and enjoy each and every month.

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Top Ten Subscription Boxes for Moms

Here are some of our favorite subscription boxes for moms that are eco-friendly, eco-conscious, clean, vegan, and GMO-free. They include cleaning boxes, snack boxes, health and wellness boxes, beauty boxes, and luxury boxes. We even included a few for fur-moms of dogs and cats, too!

Red’s Gone Green

This subscription box is a great way to ensure that your home is always clean and fresh with the most natural cleaners. The air inside our homes is often more polluted than the air outside, and we don’t want to exacerbate the problem by using toxin-filled cleaners. Most store-bought cleaners are made of up to 60% harmful chemicals- and we don’t want that in our homes. Red’s Gone Green has clean, natural, and purely botanical household cleaners that are safe to use around your family and your pets. Their cleaners include all-purpose cleaners, natural stone cleaners, and cleansing scrubs. They come in scents like Clove Cinnamon Vanilla or Citrus, Coconut Lime or Vanilla, Coffee Vanilla Cinnamon, Grapefruit Orange Lavender, Lavender Rose or Vanilla, Lemongrass Tea Tree, and Peppermint Vanilla.

You can order Red’s Gone Green products individually or set up monthly subscriptions with cleaners of your choice to be delivered at different intervals. The Green Clean Club box gives discounts on subscription products and allows you to personalize your box with the exact products and scents you love. Individual products start at $18.99 and each Green Clean Club box will vary depending on the products you choose.


Lady Box

Lady Box is an organic feminine care and comfort subscription box. They offer organic period products as well as other comfort and care products to make your monthly visitor a little less awful and exhausting- because who doesn’t need a little extra love during that time of the month? Lady Box is committed to making your period, or any stage of your womanhood like pregnancy, peri-menopause, or menopause, more comfortable and easier to manage with organic and natural feminine products delivered right to your door. All of Lady Boxes subscription boxes have organic period care essentials, premium organic snacks, and premium organic comfort items, all from brands that give back to the community and that are eco-friendly. Lady Box also donates a portion of their proceeds to Days for Girls, an international organization dedicated to bringing safe period kits to young girls in developing countries so they don’t miss school and they can eventually contribute to their region’s economies.

There are two types of boxes available for Lady Box. The Basic Lady’s Needs has all the monthly essentials such as organic pads and/or tampons, panty liners, and hygiene wipes plus 1 premium organic snack and 1 premium organic comfort item. A single box is $21.95, or you can get a subscription for up to one year at a discounted rate.  The Pampered AF Lady Box includes everything from the Basic Lady’s Needs box plus a little extra: organic pads and/or tampons, panty liners, and hygiene wipes plus 3 premium organic snacks and 5 premium organic comfort items. A single box is $59.95, or you can get a subscription for up to one year at a discounted rate. You can also gift a Lady Box for $39.95 which includes organic period essentials (pads and/or tampons), wipes, and panty liners plus 2 premium organic snacks and 2 premium organic comfort items. A gift box is a great gift for girls getting their first periods, the first postpartum period, or any other changes in womanhood for a friend or family member.


Lauren B. Beauty

Lauren B. Beauty is a vegan, eco-friendly, 7-free nail and hand care line that offers safe, clean nail care and nail polish. You can purchase individual items from Lauren B. Beauty, or you can join their Curator’s Club which comes with 2 to 3 nail polishes and 1 to 2 treatments, bases, or topcoats. Your box might also include a clean, vegan beauty item like a lip gloss or a nail embellishment. All of Lauren B. Beauty Curator’s Club boxes contain 4-full size products including some from their own line as well as other brands that are eco-friendly. All of Lauren B. Beauty products are vegan, 7-free, and cruelty-free.

Lauren B. Beauty has an extensive line of nail polish colors, and each Curator’s Club box comes with the season’s best colors. Some of the colors in their line include Baja Sunrise, Polynesian Plumeria, Summer in Provence, Departing LAX, and more. You can even grab their Essential Nail Care kit that includes vegan and 7-free lotion, or grab a full collection of colors like their Nude line or their Luxury Nail Collection.

The Curator’s Club box is $24.95 per month and is delivered every month.


Honey & Sage Co.

Honey & Sage Co. is a line of organic, all-natural, and small-batch products including skincare, teas, aromatherapy, bath soaks, and body care. They have special lines for immunity support, chakra healing, pregnancy, postpartum, and menstrual support, too. Individual products are available for purchase, as well as one-time wellness care packages or monthly subscription boxes.

Honey & Sage Co.’s teas and powders use a range of traditionally blended herbs used by midwives and herbalists known to support women’s wellness and that includes stress and immune-supporting adaptogens, spices, flowers, and roots. They use organic oils, herbs and mineral-rich salts for their skin and body care products.

Honey & Sage Co.’s subscription box line is delivered monthly. Each Sage Woman Care Package has a new meditation and toolkit to support your path towards wellness and self-care. They include three Honey & Sage Co. apothecary goods that are seasonal, organic, and small-batch, 2 women’s wellness or beauty goods like incense, candles, books, or treats, 1 meditation card, and a private Facebook group membership to get support from women seeking full-body wellness just like you.

Sage Woman Care Package boxes start at $55 for a monthly subscription and offer a slight discount if subscribing for 3 or 6 months. A single box is $62.


Petit Vour

Petit Vour is a beauty company that offers luxury lines of vegan, all-natural, clean, and cruelty-free makeup, skincare, and hair care. They offer several different product lines and companies within a one-stop-shop on their website that reflect their contemporary and modern style and their love for clean, natural, and safe products. Since their inception in 2012, they have since expanded into a complete lifestyle brand to include bags, shoes, and accessories like scarves, jewelry, hats, and socks.

Petit Vour started off as a beauty box, however, and they have kept that foundation as a way to allow customers to learn more about some of their favorite products or new lines that they want to showcase. The Petit Vour beauty box contains 4 to 7 non-toxic, plant-based products that have a value of over $50 to $100 depending on the box. Each box is curated according to your personal beauty profile. If you review your box, you will get $4 towards in-store credit each month.

There are two versions of the Beauty Box from Petit Vour. There is the Beauty Box, which contains 4 travel-sized beauty items for $18 per box (or $15 per box on a yearly beauty subscription). The PV PLus box includes 5 to 7 travel- or full-sized items at a value of over $100. Each box is as low as $23 per box for a 6-month subscription. If you are interested in getting a one-time curated box for special occasions or purposes, Petit Vour has options for Mother’s Day, Cozy Night In, Vegan Makeup Starter Kit, Cruelty-Free Kitty, or a Blemish Clearing Kit for $20 to $35.

Earthlove Box

Earthlove Box is a seasonal subscription box that delivers eco-conscious, natural, and eco-friendly goods including snacks, teas, wellness, apothecary, aromatherapy, beauty, outdoor, gardening, home decor, apparel, accessories, and more. Each box is valued at over $100 and comes with 6 to 8 eco-friendly products plus one book.

Earthlove boxes are shipped quarterly and every single part of the box is ethically responsible, including zero-waste packaging, natural ingredients, cruelty-free, organic and non-GMO, gluten-free, beegan/vegan, and fair-trade. Earthlove also supports artisans, makers, and small businesses in the US & Canada, and many of the products you receive in your box will come from small-business entrepreneurs.

There are several different subscription box options from Earthlove. Their Seasonal Box is delivered quarterly with up to 8 vegan, natural, and eco-friendly products. Boxes start at $39.95 per quarter. They also have a Mystery Box which has eco-friendly items from their past boxes and is a one time purchase. Small boxes have 3-5 items, large boxes have 6-8 items, and “all the things” boxes have 9 to 15 items.


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UrthBox is a monthly subscription box full of healthy snacks and natural foods that are all GMO-free, mostly organic, and all-natural. Monthly subscription boxes help moms discover new snacks that the family will love and that allow them to try new things without overspending. Specialized diet boxes like vegan or gluten-free are also available. Products include things like crackers, snack bars, juices and cleanses, chips, trail mix, granola, superfoods, dried fruits, meat, and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and sweets like chocolate and cookies. You can also add additional products like supplements, personal hygiene, skincare, and more.

There are 4 different box sizes available. The Mini Snack box has 7 or more snacks and starts at $14.99. The Small Snack Box has 14 or more snacks and starts at $24.99. The Medium Snack Box starts at $34.99 and comes with 20 or more snacks. The Large Box is $44.99 and comes with over 27 snacks. Boxes are delivered monthly and are available for 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions.


The Detox Box

The Detox Box is a monthly subscription from The Detox Market, which provides toxic-free health, wellness, and beauty items from luxury brands like GOOP, Ilia Beauty, Pai Skincare, and more. The monthly Detox Box is designed to help you discover new clean beauty brands every month. Each box has a value of $90 or more and contains The Detox Market’s old favorites and best new discoveries in beauty, skincare, and haircare. Boxes start at $55 for a single month or as low as $39.95 per month for a 6-month subscription.


Pure Earth Pet

Our fur babies are still our babies, and they need love, too. Fur-moms want the best for them. A subscription box for your dog might not be on the top of your “boxes for moms” list, but getting healthy, natural, and safe treats and toys for your pet checks one thing off your to-do list. In fact, Pure Earth Pets is an eco-friendly subscription box for dogs featuring sustainable toys and limited ingredient treats for your pet. And if you find something you or your pup really loves, you can purchase it in their retail store as well. In addition, each month Pure Earth Pet supports different charities and donates a portion of their proceeds to the monthly charity.

Each Pure Earth Pets box contains 4 to 6 treats and/or toys and boxes are delivered every month. Boxes begin at $40 for a three-month subscription, $37 per month for a 6-month subscription, or $34 for a 12-month subscription.


Cattitude Box

Not a dog person? Don’t worry, there’s a box for cat mamas, too. Cattitude Box is a subscription box for cat moms and their cats. We love this box for cat moms because not only do they send items for your kitty, but they also send items for you. It’s a win-win! Each month has a new theme and includes 3 to 4 items for your cat and 3 to 4 items for you. Boxes are delivered monthly and contain premium cat food, treats, and handmade toy made by artisans and independent artists. You can find things like cat printed beeswax wrap, handmade cat blankets, or handmade catnip cupcakes. Each box, however, is personalized for you and for your cat through an online profile so you will be sure to get things that both your and your snuggle-cat will love and enjoy.

Cattitude’s boxes are unique in that they contain handmade catnip toys from independent British artists and makers. All the food and treats that come in Cattitude box are high quality and have been tested by Cattitude’s resident taste-testing cat. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to Bury’s Stray Cat Fund, a cat sanctuary in Suffolk, Britain.

Subscriptions are available can be delivered monthly or every other month, and start at around $35 per box.


Moms need a little love, too, and monthly subscription boxes for moms are a great gift for any occasion or for yourself. Find a type of box you love like beauty products, cleaning, snacks, health and wellness, or for your fur baby, and enjoy it as you learn about new products. Treat yourself, and your family to the best each and every month with a subscription box.
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