Top 10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts on Amazon

There's still time to order those last-minute gifts!Time is running out, and you’re wondering how is Christmas only four days away? No worries! We’ve compiled some of our favorite gifts for family and friends, and best? You still have time to get them there before the big day!

I had all of my shopping done and gifts wrapped this year by the 18th. Or so I thought. Until I realized I needed a gift for this person, and I never actually committed to the gift for that person and so on. If you’re like me, and need a little last minute inspiration, let this list help you out!

1. Pure Body Naturals Gift Set

This gift set is full of coconut oil goodness for hair and body, and will make you feel like you’ve just bathed in summer even though it’s the middle of winter. Order now to get it on time, and don’t forget to clip the 20% off coupon!

2. Organic Christmas Pajamas

Not gotten around to that fun Christmas in the pajamas picture yet? There’s still time! These cozy pajamas are made with organic cotton and they’re so soft, your little one will want to wear even after the holidays are over. Bonus is that they are tagless, so no worries about itchies, and you don’t need to worry about chemicals in the cotton!

3. Organic Sheet Set

So sheets may not seem like such a ‘holiday’ gift, but these luxurious, 600-thread count organic sheets are so soft you’ll maybe even want to gift them to yourself! They are made from cotton harvested in fields where no pesticides have been used for at least three years, and hypoallergenic for the most sensitive. Supplies are running low, though, so go. Don’t procrastinate anymore!

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4. Organic Christmas Truffle Bath Bombs

These treats will be super sweet for the bath, but they look like you could just eat them right up! They are handmade in Germany and Austria with essential oils that are vegan and organic, and they don’t do any animal testing on their products either.

5. Personalized Santa Sacks

So, it may be a bit late to get something personalized printed, but this is honestly the next best thing because you can still personalize and give it the ‘hand-written’ touch that Santa’s gift bags would most likely have! Canvas bags that will make unwrapping any gift feel more ‘Christmasy,’ and you still have a few days to get them!

6. Wooden Cube Jigsaw Puzzle

We love these puzzles that are really several puzzles in one! Your little one will enjoy the big, chunky wooden blocks, and the different scenes she’ll make as she puts the puzzle together! Bonus: There’s a 6% coupon you don’t want to forget to clip!

7. Beard Balm

You know your favorite bearded guy doesn’t want to be forgotten this season, and this Naked Prince Balm is the bomb! It keeps beards nice and shiny, while moisturizing the hair and repairing damage that winter can do to beards. We love that it is scent-free too, so no irritation from unnatural fragrance!

8. Organic cutting board

We know that plastic cutting boards are not-so-good for us or the environment, and this organic pineapple cutting board can do double duty as both a cutting board and an adorable charcuterie board as well. Reasonably priced, and sure to be used for years and years with love!

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9. Embossed Journal

This silver embossed journal is the perfect, considerate gift for that friend or family member who has ideas to share or journal, and wants to keep them written for posterity. It comes prettily wrapped in a white pearl gift box with rose gold embossing, and it even has a $5 off coupon you can clip!

10. Hand-Made Chess Set

This gorgeous, hand-made chess set is from India, but don’t let that stop you from ordering right now! It can be here super fast, even though no one would believe the gorgeous Indian wood and stone got to you in two days! The pieces are carved by the artisans of Rajasthan, and will be a unique addition to any home!

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