Top 10 Winter Board Games For Family Fun

These are the top 10 winter holiday board games for family funIt may be cold outside this winter, but inside, we’re nice and cozy and loving the time we’ll get to spend together with family. And what better way to spend family time than with board games? Here are our top ten winter board games your family is going to love!

We love board games in our family. We especially love games that are fun to play and make us think while we’re at it. Board games are great ways for kids to enjoy learning but they’re pretty great for the adults in families too because they keep the brain learning and developing, replenishing those neural connections that fade as we age. And there’s no better time to hunker down for game days than the winter! Here are the top ten winter board games we love!

Boom Bang Gold is a great low-tech toy game

1. Boom Bang Gold

We love Boom Bang Gold from HABA. It’s a fast-paced game that keeps our attention and makes us stay on the edge of our seats as we search for gold in the wild west! It’s logic and teamwork, but individual winning/losing and it’s a unique spin on the days of the wild west!

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Rubik's Race is a fun low-tech game

2. Rubik’s Race

A different spin on the traditional Rubik’s Cube logic game, this game from University Games pits player against player to try and break the Rubik’s code. You shake the cube and then slide the tiles to solve first, head-to-head and it’s a great brain booster for young and old alike!

This is one of the top 10 winter board game faves

3. Set

This is a fast-paced, fun (card) game that one or ten people can play! AND…it does an amazing job helping kids strengthen visual motor processing speed, working memory and more. Ahem, it helps adults with that too, and it’s so much fun. Similar to Blink, we are hooked!

IceCool is a favorite winter board game

4. IceCool

This super fun game is a great dexterity board game kids love because it involves flicking and spinning the adorable little penguin pieces. But, it’s neat because it involves physics (figuring out what angles to spin and with what speed you spin the pieces) and how to get those penguins where they need to be. It’s a game that kids can’t get enough of and you’ll find you can’t either because they’re better at it than you are!

Race to the treasure is a cooperative game for kids

5. Race To The Treasure

We love that this is a cooperative action game! It’s perfect for young gamers who are learning how to be good sports, and this fosters teamwork to make the dream work instead of competing against each other. There’s nothing wrong with friendly competition, but it’s nice to have some fun games that teach cooperative teamwork to get there!

Family Secrets brings the whole family together6. Family Secrets

Game nights are not just for our littles…our teens enjoy them too but sometimes finding games they don’t find ‘lame’ is hard. That’s why this game is great for families–it opens up dialogue between parents and their kids, in a fun,  non-intimidating way.  It’s full of G-rated fun and your teens will learn that their parents are a bit more like them than they might believe.

Codenames will have families playing vocabulary games

7. Codenames

Holy cow does this game make you think! It’s a game of secret agents, but it’s also a great vocabulary builder! Teams work together to give each other clues to code words while they try not to ‘catch’ the assassin of the game. It’ll have you and your kids thinking about how words are connected, and how to get the biggest bang from their buck per word!

HABA's cooperative game is a top 10

8. First Orchard

This cooperative game from HABA teaches younger kids playing their first games the basics of good sportsmanship, turn taking, encouragement and teamwork. It’s a great lead-in game for kids just joining family game night, and will build great communication and team spirit skills in the process.

This is a fun game for visual discrimination

9. Robot Face Race

This game from Educational Insights is one that all players play at the same time (making it great for younger game players) and challenges them to work on visual discrimination and visual motor processing speed, all while having fun building the silly robot faces.

This is a great family game for older kids10. Pandemic

This cooperative board game is the latest craze for older elementary kids and up. You and your family are the last defense against a pandemic threatening to wipe out humanity and the logic and teamwork you display will be what determines whether you all make it or not. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour per game, but it’s fast-paced and logic-oriented and kids feel like super scientists!

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