A Virtual Mother’s Day Is Still Mother’s Day and It’s Important To Celebrate

Virtual Mother's Day is still Mother's DayMother’s Day looks different this year. Still, this weekend IS a time to celebrate mothers, and we want to remind you to be sure to honor yourself, too!

While some states in the U.S. are ‘reopening,’ there are still many guidelines about how you can gather and in what quantities and where.

It’s not like you’ve been able to peruse the stores to decide what you’d like to get for the special mothers in your life or even to see what you’d hope you may get.

But it’s important to remember to take the time to celebrate yourself, and to celebrate the other special mothers in your life.

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Because the reality is that we’re tired. We’re concerned about the state of things and when they’ll maybe be ‘normal’ and we’re more stressed with more obligation and honestly? We’re probably not sleeping super well. All the things we’re thinking about–can I go get milk safely? Is my child putting in the work she should for online school? Will I still have a job next week? Does bedtime really matter now? They tax our brains and we’re cognitively on overload.

That’s just not good for our brains, and it’s not good for our health. More than ever, we need to make sure we’re taking some time for ourselves and connecting, celebrating and resting. No better time than Mother’s Day to remember that, even if it feels sort of awkward to do so. Pampering ourselves? Pampering our sisters and mothers? How do we even do that?

Yes, mamas. Yes.

We need to. And we need you to. We’re pretty sure that mothering now in a global pandemic wins us all the mom-points, but does it really even matter? We win the mom points because we mom well. And that’s worth celebrating!

So, what are some things you can do to celebrate and allow others to celebrate you?

Connect! Use Facetime, social media, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Marco Polo, Duo, old-school telephone calls–whatever you can to connect and remember why we miss being with people. We’ve come to enjoy Houseparty for connection. It’s a face-to-face video app that lets you connect and it has super fun games that let you play with other people right there in the app. It’s free and fun, and laughter is good for the soul. Especially when it’s with people you love and miss!

Use technology to your advantage. Normally, we’d say to take a break, but now? Use it to create the sweet videos you’ll treasure forever. Send grandma and Aunt Suzie individual videos that share your love for them and leave them with big smiles on their faces–ones they’ll be able to conjure up every time they replay.

Take time for yourself. Walk the dog, do some yoga, take a nap. Do something during the day that’s just for you and even better, consider doing so with your mama friends and family. Consider 99 Walks as a way to connect virtually while walking and getting some alone-time, but together!

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Do something fun with your family. We know, we know… there’s been a LOT of family time. But do something that’s different and special for Mother’s Day. Set up a family obstacle course, have family Olympics, enjoy being part of a family talent show–anything that highlights you as the supreme judge/ruler/high Queen of all will be fun.

Mother’s Day is different, and a lot of it is going to be virtually celebrated, but that’s okay. You’re mama, and if there’s anyone who can adjust to different and new like a boss? It’s you. Take the day to celebrate that, virtually or not. You deserve it mama!


Image: Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock

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