Why You Need Colloidal Silver in Your Medicine Cabinet

Colloidal Silver

Winter is here! If you don’t already have colloidal silver on your list of remedies to stock up on, here are some reasons to add it to your medicine cabinet.

Now that Winter is upon us, you may be building your medicine cabinet arsenal to ward off the common cold weather ailments and developing good habits to avoid sickness. If you don’t already have colloidal silver on your list of remedies to stock up on, let me give you some reasons to add it.

True colloidal silver (not to be confused with ionic silver or silver protein-based products) has been used for centuries to stop the spread of disease. It is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. It can also boost the immune system and promote healing.  There is still research to be done, but modern studies do show many benefits and few to no side effects, as long as the silver is pure and without additives. For these reasons, we keep it on hand. Here are situations for which I’ve found it to be most useful in our home.


  1.  To Promote Skin Health

Silver has been shown to effectively reduce swelling and promote healing. Anytime someone gets a burn, scrape or bump, a little colloidal silver is immediately applied topically. The added bonus is that it feels (and even tastes) like water, so there is no burning sensation. Even the little ones don’t mind it!

  1. To Fight Infections

I’ve been breastfeeding for years and though I have had many clogged ducts, only once did I feel the symptoms of mastitis. I had the chills in the night and when I stood up out of bed, I felt like I might faint. I immediately took a tablespoon of colloidal silver, ate a clove of garlic and drank a capful of apple cider vinegar. I was able to sleep and then four hours later, felt back to normal. I really believe these natural remedies cleared the infection before it got bad!

I’ve seen suggestions to put colloidal silver in a neti pot for a sinus infection (instead of nasal spray) or in a nebulizer for a chest infection. It’s powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers can fight pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections and can even combat allergy attacks. Using colloidal silver can help reduce the use of antibiotics and consequently, reduce the risk of developing a resistance to antibiotics. While antibiotics have a place and we can be thankful for them, there are many reasons not to use them if we don’t have to. Silver is a great alternative.

  1. To Nip Colds in the Bud

If my kids start to show the typical cold symptoms like a runny nose, congestion or watery eyes, I pull out a few good supplements and minerals to help boost their immune systems. Elderberry syrup, vitamin C and D, Thieves Essential Oil, and silver are the ones I usually have on hand. Since it tastes like water, it can be easily mixed into anything or just taken by the spoonful. Some companies also make a hand sanitizer made from colloidal silver that I imagine would be useful for playgrounds or just play dates with little ones who may be passing germs around.

Check your local health food store or ask your Naturopath or Herbalist about finding a good source for colloidal silver.

5 thoughts on “Why You Need Colloidal Silver in Your Medicine Cabinet”

  1. I don’t expect my comment will make it past the moderator of this blog however no one under any circumstance is should use colloidal silver.


    Do your own research, check Wikipedia

    For start and look at other places.
    This is snake oil medicine. People should not use this ever.
    Many people have been poisoned over the years with this product. Silver has absolutely no value to the body. A person should know more use a product like this and they should use lead or Mercury

    1. If you follow the links in this article, you will see colloidal silver is recommended by reputable sources. My own Doctor of Osteopathy recommends this product for her patients. I understand it can be concerning to use a product that has not been widely accepted by the medical community- such is the situation for many natural remedies that cannot be capitalized upon. I do hope more research becomes available documenting the benefits of CS. I certainly see positive results in my own family and many others in my community.

  2. I LOVE colloidal silver! It once cleared a painful sty from my eye completely less than three hours after application. I also used it once for my dog after he was scratched on the white of his eye by a cat. Major infection potential – he never developed any issues and it healed extremely quickly. I too have used it for mastitis as well as ear infections, coughs, colds, and sniffles for myself and my family (including a toddler and a preschooler) with fantastic results. I never go on a trip without a bottle of the stuff. I highly recommend it!

  3. Thank you for reminding me of the benefits of colloidal silver. People in my family have used it in the past with no ill effects. But I had forgotten about it.

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