This Year’s Gerber Baby Shows Love Isn’t Bound By Blood

2020 Gerber Baby is adopted and adorableThis year’s Gerber Baby is adorable and photogenic and all the things that Gerber Babies are known to be. But Magnolia Earl also makes history being selected, as she’s the first Gerber Baby who was adopted by her parents.

Oh how we love a family story about love! This year, Gerber chose a new Gerber Baby as their company spokesbaby, and in being chosen, the adorable Magnolia Earl made history. Magnolia will turn one this Saturday, and made history because she’s the first selected Gerber Baby to be adopted.

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Her parents, Russell and Courtney, from Ross, California, adopted the precious little girl almost a year ago, after they’d waited for over six months to have her join their family.

In an interview with Today, mama Courtney said that Magnolia’s selection was incredible because it shows that families don’t have to ‘match’ to be families.

Gerber has hosted a Gerber Baby Photo search for the last 10 years. In recent years, they’ve been choosing some groundbreakers. In 2018, Gerber chose the first Gerber Baby with Down Syndrome, the incredibly cute Lucas Warren. And in 2019, the beautiful Kairi Yang was selected, and she was the first Gerber Baby of Hmong descent.

Ann Turner Cook was the first and original Gerber Baby in 1928, sketched when she was just four-months-old and becoming the iconic image of a cherubic face on every Gerber product.

Magnolia joined her older sisters Whitney, 12, and Charlotte, 8, to learn that Magnolia was chosen. Russell and Courtney also adopted Charlotte, and Russell said that Courtney always tells them that a family is built on love.

The Earls are in contact with Magnolia’s biological parents, and tout them as the real heroes in their family story. The Russells say they celebrate adoption in their family daily, and that they think Magnolia’s parents choosing her life and sending her on an incredible journey was an amazing and heroic gift. Courtney told Magnolia’s birth parents about how she was a finalist for the selection and the joy and pride in their voices brought Courtney to tears.

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Gerber says that every baby is a Gerber baby, and they’ve always been so proud to feature babies of diverse backgrounds. As this year’s winner, Magnolia will be featured on Gerber’s social media and marketing campaigns. Her family won a $25,000 prize, as well as $1,000 from Gerber Childrenswear, $1,000 from Walmart and phones from Verizon.

Magnolia was selected from over 327,000 entries submitted to Gerber, and in a statement, Gerber said that she just captured the hearts of the judges with her playful smile and her joyful expression. We agree!


Image: Gerber

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