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nvernon 07-26-2011 08:22 PM

Healthcare choices here on Guam are limited and health insurance is terrible.  Unfortunately, my family was unaware how bad it is before make Guam a permanent home. I gave birth at the local birthing center with a $1500 deductable, 100% prenatal care coverage, and a 20/80 coverage..... but my insurance (NetCare) along with the birthing center (Sagua Managu) and the ob/gyn/midwives (Marianas Physicians Group) bundled all my services, therefore 100% was not covered for prenatal, only 80%. I spent many hours explaining to NetCare that they should unbundle the services and pay what my plan covers. But they said they can "because its bundled." "It's bundled" was their answer to everything.


(the birth went fine, as I waited until the last moment to show up. the time limit for water breaking to delivery is half the time as the mainland.)


Recently I went to Marianas Physicians group for an Annual Exam.  The midwife asked me if I  was planning to have another child soon.  I said we were trying, and she said I was healthy and doing all the things she would advise, so maybe pick up a pamphlet on the way out if I wanted. At the checkout they asked me to pay $53 for preconception counseling.  I spoke with billing and they said because I answered yes to TTC I was given the service.  The midwife feigned not knowing it was outside the Annual Exam. But I was not informed an additional service was to be provided.  I did not make my appointment for this service, not asked if I wanted the service, and really, after having a child recently, I don't need the service. I paid the money to avoid collection, but will never go back, of course. But now I have no birthing options I am comfortable with on Guam, so we are trying to move.


Another warning: at one of my midwife appointments with Dr. Zvonik at the Marianas  Physicians Group, she said I was gaining too much weight and that fat can form around my vagina making me unable to push out the baby. I am 5' 6" and went from 120 to 155, then lost a few lbs after the Dr. commented I was gaining too much. I was more than 8 month pregnant at the time and cried in her office and afterwards. I honestly think she got some pleasure out of scolding me.  She asked me what I had for dinner the night before, chicken soup from scratch I said, well, she replied, there must have been a lot of noodles in it.


Bottom line: if an employer says they will give you decent health insurance on Guam, that's impossible, and be aware that your choices are limited on Guam, and Guam Memorial Hospital is not a good place to end up.





Guammom 08-17-2012 05:26 PM

I am so sorry to hear of you experience. I gave birth to my three babies with MPG and sagua managu. Our family is so sad that Dr Zvonik, after 20 years on Guam is retiring. She is honest, she tells it like it is but provided wonderful care to me and my family. I agree that the health insurance plans on Guam are not great, our family had a $1500 deductible but this is not the fault of the clinic. They helped me create a payment plan that worked for our family. We love the providers and staff at MPG/sagua. Hopefully you will have a better experience when you are ready for baby number two.

Maria Perez 11-21-2012 01:32 PM

You went to the wrong clinic to do your birth and physical. That group is the worse. Midwives there are just horrible. Just this week it was announced that Mariana Physician Group is being sued for damaging a baby. Midwife and Dr Bordallo was named. Your midwife should not have charged you for that additional question. It's part of the annual well woman exam. Should ask for your money back. Go to another obgyn clinic and if all else fails make sure your doctor is at least board certified.

ProudMamaBear 08-14-2015 09:05 AM

Maria Perez - I will admit that I was quite surprised by your comment, despite the fact it was posted a couple of years ago. I've had nothing but positive experiences with the providers at MPG and so I can't understand why anyone would consider them the worst. Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions. I simply wanted to clarify that Dr. Bordallo is board certified and the suit against her and the midwife should not be given to much credence.

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