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richella 07-11-2019 10:26 PM

5-htp and colonoscopy, help!!!
I scheduled a colonoscopy today. Am 52 and was supposed to do it 2 years ago but didn't because I was afraid of cost. (DH had one right before that, and we ended up owing $600.) But MD assures me I won't have to pay anything. So I finally went in, found out I have to go off my meds for 2 weeks. I take a combo of 5-htp and St. John's wort and if I miss a dose it takes me 3 days to recover from headaches, fatigue, inability to react emotionally to anything. Last time I increased the dose I had a week of paranoia before it stabilized and I felt better than ever. I am deeply afraid of messing with this protocol in any way. I am honestly not entirely confident that I can survive going off this supplement.

Add to that, we're moving in 3 weeks to a new state, I don't have a job yet, am freaking out about how much work I need to do and decisions about downsizing from living in one place for 15 years. If I go off the meds now and have the procedure in 2 weeks, I'll still be mentally unstable right when I'll be meeting a bunch of new people and trying to get a job.

I thought I wanted to do this and finally get it out of the way, but now I'm wondering if I should just cancel and do it in the winter.

The nurse hinted that maybe I could just not go along with the rule about going off, but I researched a wee bit and it looks like there might be a significant risk with both of these supplements.

would appreciate if anyone has any helpful perspective or info about any of this.

blessedwithboys 07-13-2019 06:08 PM

Are you doing the test because of a risk specific to your unique situation, or simply because it's the done thing? Personally, I can't mentally get past the idea of the scope not being sterilized between patients, so I have no plans to submit to the test simply because I've lived a certain number of days. If I had a specific risk, I would reconsider. I think you should work with your doctor to decide if it's safe to come off your meds.

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