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Well, we had our first snowfall. We dressed the girls up in their snowsuits and attempted to wear them out in ring slings and it was a disaster. Incredibly uncomfortable for all. Not sure what I am going to do now to get around. We don't own a car. Our strollers are not going to make it through the snow. Have I mentioned we don't own a car? Can you tell I'm stressed? Can anyone give me recommendations for a double stroller that is good in the ice and snow?
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Glad to hear from someone else in a cold climate. I, too, am starting to lose it. We're on our 3rd snowfall here in Montana, and had about a foot last week. My twins are old enough to need to run around. . .

As far as strollers go, I've lived in snow country and gotten around well with a BOB duallie. I even managed to run with it some in bad weather. You can get a wind/weather shield for it, and take them out in anything (as long as the wheels can turn--the brakes will jam up if the snow's too deep, and it won't push.) They are expensive, though. Usually, they close out the current year's model at the end of the year, so you might find a deal. The Mountain Buggy is another good stroller and it folds smaller--though that might not concern you if you don't have a car.

Another, cheaper option, if you have a helper to carry a baby is to buy front carriers (I use a Sutemi) and gigantic, thrift store coats. I wore all 3 of my kids this way. You sort of need to leave the top of the coat undone a little bit so they can breath, but they enjoy the warmth and will often nap this way.

Desperation will make you inventive. I took my three to the park last week in winds so strong that branches were breaking off the trees. Needless to say, we got a few looks.
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Oh I feel for you mama. My girls were six months that first winter and we ended up spending WAY too much time walking through the mall, the library, Home Depot, etc. The stroller we had at that age wasn't much good in the snow, and they were still pretty tiny so I was nervous about having them out in a lot of cold then anyway (we're in so. Alberta). I ended up doing a LOT of the outdoor outings we did have with them bundled in my son's plastic sled , or finding a friend to walk while wearing both under big coats... mostly it just was an inside kind of winter, which makes me crazy.

We got the Mountain Buggy when they were 1 and it's been easy living ever since. And this year they loved playing in our first real snow last week -- so there is hope (in just two years!)

Hang in there. I remember that misery well.
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I'd be tempted to look for a Chariot bike trailer with the stroller kit or jogging kit attachment. I got a stroller from Europe b/c I didn't like that the large-tired ones here (like Mountain Buggy) didn't allow the option of facing the babies toward me. At least with the bike trailer, you would have good protection from wind because the front closes over with mesh AND a clear vinyl.

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I wouldn't go for the stroller. Look into either a baby wearing coat like the one made by Ergo, or the kindercoat. They have front and back openings so you can double wear front/back. Or, and more cheaply, I would get 2 of those one piece fleece suits, rather than a snow suit, and then put a waterproof blanket like a "Duck Under Cover" over the top of the sling. Up here in CT we are just too bogged down to want to mess with a stroller during ice season. Especially since even the Bob and the Mountain buggy can't get through unshoveled side walks.

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Oh I'm not looking forward to snow
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Try a front and back carry w/ MT or SSC's. Dress the kids in lighter clothes (unless you expect them to get down). Use carrier covers over the kids, or get a cheapie jumbo sized jacket to wear over all of you. I saw a diy trick on where a regular jacket was altered in the back yoke seam to allow dc's head to come out.
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I was desperate to get outside last winter but many of the sidewalks were poorly shoveled. My BOB Dualie was able to go over hard packed snow banks and messy sidewalks. I have been singing its praises ever since. If you can manage one, it is worth it. I have seen the 2006 models on sale for about $425.

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I love my Mountain Buggy for just about everything but it would drive me nuts if it was my only means of transportation through gobs of snow. The Chariot sounds like a great option and you could get the ski kit! I'm not sure if you can attach the skis and the fold up/down stroller wheels at the same time or not but if so, that would be a fantastic solution. The only thing I'd check is the width. I *think* but am way way not certain, that it's bigger than 30" which, depending on where you spend your time, could be a big problem. Good luck!

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My frustration is with the car.

Say we are going to an outdoor birthday party like we did yesterday. Babies in their buckets with blankets/bundle mes. They fall asleep on the way but I need to wake them to get snow suits on. Suits on and into the strollers. Off to the party. Inside for 15 minutes near the fire. Undress them a bit. Back outside. Dress them up. 20 min later outside one needs to eat. UGh. Through my layers and hers we can barely connect. Moving on. Back inside for cake. Fully undress again. The unfed baby falls asleep. Need to go to the car to go home. Snow suits on again. At the car. Snow suits off to get in the car seats. Oops, Unfed baby awake now and hungry. Everyone has to wait 20 min while I feed her. And on it goes.

Don't even get me started on diaper changes. I think I'm going to use disposables for all outdoor sledding, caroling, playing, etc otherwise they'll end up with chapped bums from being changed in the cold.

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ohhhh...I am so sorry! I hear you! I am a year ahead of you (In my opinion it gets Way easier!) and am trying to think back what the boys were like then. Well, we do have a car; but live very close to town, so walking is a better option most of the time. So we ended up with a Chariot. It is really an amazing stroller and bike trailer (the ski option is amazing too; but a bit much if you are like me and not in shape!) I think the Chariot is even better when you have two; because they keep each other warm in there. Many times I have reached in to deal with a snack or mitten and am amazed at how cozy it feels inside. Good Luck!

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We've got the best of a few worlds...lots of carriers, a Chariot (w/stroller and ski attachments) and a BOB duallie--any one of those are great options for getting around. We travel to a lot of ski races for my husband and I spend much of my time with a baby on my back in a carrier and my other two in the Chariot (either with wheels or skis, depending on the type of snow/ice).

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