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AllisonR 01-16-2009 10:16 AM

Anyone else lost their colleagues due to the economy? I am in shock. Shock. I have known L, H and LMT for 12 years! Wonderful people. So now my department is me, myself and I. And I don't know why I am left and they are gone. We all had special, unique skills, so it isn't that I was better than them, just different.

So now I get to sit in this big office, all alone. No one to ask questions if I need help, no one to bounce ideas off of or just to talk about the weekend. OK, there are other people in other departments in this office, and I am grateful to even have the job, considering the lack of other jobs, bu can't I also morn the loss of my friends?

Anyone else out there? How did you cope? How long does it take to get over the hurt and get back to the grind?

beebalmmama 01-16-2009 03:52 PM

I am not in your position but wanted to offer some support. I think it is perfectly normal and probably healthy to morn for the loss of your colleagues. It will probably take some time to find a routine and comfort level in your new situation. Keep at your work and try to make an effort to reach out to other people in the other departments to build new work relationships with. I know how it is though to work alone though and if your not used to it, it takes time to adjust. Good luck.

CanidFL 01-19-2009 12:24 PM

Yes, we have had 3 cuts over the past year and another one coming in Feb from what I hear. Our department has gone from 12 people to 5. It’s so hard. One of my friends got laid off in the last cut and her DH died 2 days later.

It’s just such a horrible economy. I’m so worried and my heart breaks for those that are out of work. The last 2 people to get laid off were close to me and 1 of them lost her house and moved in with her mom and the other went into foreclosure/bankrupt and still hasn’t found work 4 months later.

I don’t have much advice. I still chat through e-mail with them but it’s lonely here and I miss them.

I hate this economy and I hope it bounces back soon.

To make matters worse, one of my coworkers is a new parent and all he does is talk about how they are CIO, going to spank her starting at 1, etc. It's so hard to listen to and I want my old friends back

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