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But if anyone has any car pumping experience, I’d love to hear about it.)
Honestly -- I found the car to be relaxing and reasonably private. I had either a blanket or my coat to put over my chest and only once did someone really check me out.

I had my favorite cds or the radio, a nice cupholder and personally found it helpful to have an adjustable seat. Plus then I could leave the pump in my car and not have to haul it and 8000 other things around.

I too was previously a little weired out at the sight of breastmilk. (i tried nursing only bc it was free and I was broke. and am still nursing at 2 yrs). I'm not sure that someone in my face about their nursing/pumping would have helped. I might have thought they were a complete nut. But I'm a midwestern, try not to be too in your face and still make a point kinda person. Probably I would have preferred that the person be discreet and I would have adapted -- making a scene for an entire year is just hard to do.

Anyhow, just my two cents worth. And as I said, I figure that by not making a big deal out of it people will likely come around. It has worked thus far for my inlaws.

Kristin -- mom of Erin (11/5/02) and Leah (9/29/05)
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Hi, I did the car pump thing for awhile as at first I only had the bathroom option as well. I just did one side at a time and could cover up with shirt or jacket. Then I could eat and read with the other hand. I also left the milk and pump in the car so it was even less of a hassle.

I would say your co-workers are not too excited about learning anything new about BF so I would suggest just letting it lie. Continue to do your thing but just matter of factly. Sadly, they might become more resentful of the time it takes, etc if they keep hearing more about it. Since you already have the new cooler, no problem there. They may seem more interested later after this becomes more familiar. They will also probably notice the benefits of BF by you not having to take any time off for a sick baby!

Good for you for pumping for your babe - beautiful pic!


Normee, married to DH since 1997, mama to DD born 1999 and DD2 born 2001
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I also pump in the bathroom. Well, I am a nurse and have the option of going to the big hospital pumping room which is very nice but it is no where near my unit. As I am an ICU nurse, I am torn. I need to pump for my baby - but I also have very sick patients I take care of and if one of them is dying I find it hard to say to my coworkers "gotta go pump" in the middle of a crisis. At least this way I am close by if things get really hairy. They have been very supportive, but I still get comments from a few. My third day back (my dd is 13 days older than your William) a coworker said to me "you're still pumping???!!!??? I would have thought you would have given that up by now!" Like it was a fad or something. She then proceeds to tell me that she just hadn't been able to do it. There were too many other things going on in her life to deal with the inconvenience. I just gaped at her.

Can't comment on the car thing - but the pp's sound like that is a good idea for you, especially if you are getting that much flak from others. I can't understand why other women, of all people, would be so negative and nasty. I guess as mother's they feel quite inferior!
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I was a consultant before I got my current job so I was relegated to pumping in a variety of locations - bathrooms included! Blech. The car is probably most comfortable and private (I covered up too and sat in the back where the windows are tinted and we have the kid shades) So it's not all bad. Remember that you're doing what's best for your baby and it is no one else's business what you're doing on your breaks. People take time during the work day to go to lunch, go to the restroom, get coffee, chat with coworkers... in my experience moms who pump are more mindful of the time that they might waste at work with those sorts of activities and tend to keep them to a minimum.

Now I work at a large company that has a "mother's room" on every floor in every building. They are extremely popular. Three other women share my room, and there are six women sharing the one upstairs. The company gets a tax credit for maintaining each room (it has a fridge and a sink - both very useful in this case) You might try contacting HR to see if there's anything that can be done in terms of setting aside space. You can remind them that aside from the tax credit, you are minimizing the amount of time you might be out with a sick baby because you are providing your antibodies and immunities to the baby!

In terms of convenience, I bought two sets of flanges when I was working as a consultant so I never had to worry if I couldn't wash my pump parts in between uses. They are fairly cheap so if you need three, no biggie. This was also very useful for creepy male coworkers that wanted to know what I was washing in the communal sink :LOL
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Oh and Marmet works really well for me too... I get a good 2 oz extra doing that.
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I agree with some of the other comments above. If they are that worked up about it, just let it lie for now. I think bringing in the AAP/WHO recommendations won't help much as they seem to have their minds made up. Just try going about it matter of factly and I bet the novelty of it will wear off for them.

I work with mostly men in my job and at first I always got asked what the black bag was. After a week or so, they moved on to new subjects. The few women that do work here don't say a whole lot, but they have been the first to ask me when I was going to stop BF & pumping. Actually the men have been more supportive

I fortunately have my own office & fridge, so I can shut the door and keep everything right here with me. I use a hands free bustier so that allows me to keep working, therefore my boss doesn't mind all the closed door time (I pump every 2 hours).

I would just not let these women upset you. Stress can affect your milk supply and simply they just aren't worth getting upset about. You ARE doing the best thing for your baby and if they don't agree, that's there problem.
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William's Mom,

I'm also Mom to a William (we call him Will), who turns 1 on Saturday. I BF exclusively 'til 6 months, then went back to work full-time. I've been pumping ever since, and am just making the switch during the day from EBM to organic cow's milk. My dh has never had formula. I'll continue to BF at night for as long as we want.

I have been fortunate to mostly have supportive women arround me. There have been a few not-so-supportive women, including our secretary who kind of giggles every time I pass her cube with my pump. I actually "disguise" my pump in a gym bag, so people think I'm going to work out. Early on, our VP, who is unmarried in her 50s and has been known to make some inconsiderate remarks to nursing mothers, asked me what was in the blue bag. I said "MY BREAST PUMP!" Somehow, that made me feel really good. Since I'm in HR in Benefits, I also told her I would be helping control my comapny's medical costs by BFing, she kind of shut up.

We're able to pump in our nurse's office--I work for a medium-sized employer at the home-office, so we really have it pretty good.

My advice--find supportive people who understand what you're doing and will support you. I have Singer Mom--I work with her and she turned me on to MDC. You are doing a wondeful thing for your baby. It gets more difficult to pump as time goes on, but stick to your resolve! Kisses to baby William!
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Thanks, SmileyWill! Now I guess I have to reply, right??

William's Mom, I'm so sorry you had to go through this on what I'm sure was a really emotional day as it is...but I do agree with the other posters that the women you describe sound as though they have already made up their minds and are not exactly convinceable, so I would just let it go.

I pumped for a year for both kids, and was really lucky that I never got guff about it. My boss, who is a gay man, was actually really cool about it. Like Smileywill said, we have a lactation room at our company, which is located in the health center--the staff is great, and it is clean and private (it was almost, though not quite, enough to make me miss pumping! ). I also was able to go over to the dcc for dd#2 and nurse her on my lunch hour until she was about 8 months old. The only problem with that was if I had a meeting that went through lunch, but those were pretty rare.

I agree that having a community of people to support you is a God-send. So if you can't find such a group at work, you are better off coming here, or finding it IRL. Especially during those times when pumping is proving difficult and you need someone to vent to.

Good luck, and take care! It is a great thing that you are doing, and just remember who it is all for!

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