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MamaFern 10-31-2006 02:56 PM

im a bit scared!

both my dp and i have all of a sudden gotten jobs (not by looking either!) offered to us and we accepted. my job will be doing full time child care for 2 girls.. one 3 and one school aged and my dp will be installing high end appliances, kind of acting as an assistant/apprentice.. im going to be working 10 hour days (at home with my 2 kids as well) and he is going to be gone sometimes till 8 or 9 at night!the little one will be with us from 6:30-5:00 amnd i will be taking the older one to school and picking her up again afterwards..and 2 days a week i also do childcare for another momma in my neighbourhood..

im so used to being relaxed..sleeping in.. goin g out whenever we feel like it.. ive been a sahm since i was pregnant with my son who is almost 4! and my dp has only worked odd jobs when we have needed the $
the last few months i have been working in and out of the house doing a bit of childcare for a few families, but nothing like this.

im scared that im going to get crazy exhusted..that i wont have the energy to be the mom that i want to be.. but i also really want this opportunity to put some money in the bank. we have been poor for so long, but happy poor!

anyways.. i guess i just wanted to put it out there so its not in me.. im sure it will all work out and i really like the kids and my dp is at his first day today and maybe he wont like it, or the guy wont like him.. so we will see..

any advice on organisation and coping?

FillingMyQuiver 11-02-2006 01:59 PM

Fern, I don't have any advice as I've only done childcare in a daycare setting (I was a head teacher for an onfant room w/ 12 infants, but I also had other teachers working under me) and it was before I had my children.

I just wanted to say congrats on the oppurtunity to work AND have your babes w/ you and that I believe you will be just fine You are a strong woman and you are committed to children. I'm confident you will find a way to balance your childcare w/ your "mommy duties"

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