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My son acts like the world is going to end and it goes on for days.... I try to be sympathetic but sometimes it is just too much. He broke his femur when he was 3 and I think this has something to do with it.  He has to have whatever is injured wrapped up in guaze and ace bandage.  Right now he has a slight burn on his hand and I have re   wrapped it probably fifteen times tonight.  I feel like this is something we have to get a handle on- he also wants to stay home from school for every minor ache or pain.


Anyone with similar experiences?  He is 8 but has been this way his whole life. I can remember him cutting himself at about 2 yo and carrying around a wet towel with it for days till his dad made him give it up.




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If dd is actually hurt she tries to hide it. She doesn't want to be looked at or touched. She acts afraid of us finding out.  I don't know why. She has never had a serious injury or illness to be traumatized by receiving medical care.


If dd is not really hurt she carries on much more about it. She very much exaggerates minor things. She will want a band-aid for a very minor scratch or make a sling for a bumped arm.

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mine hide it because it's always caused by something we told them they couldn't do.  You know like riding your bike without a helmet or protective gear barefoot on the road... and somehow fly off and face plant busting your chin open kind of stuff. 


Oh and the ever awesome sword play with metal stakes meant for holding up fencing...  yeah that left a huge swollen knot on big sisters head. 


Hold up not done, deciding shoes are for wimps when told repeatedly by us and the old grouchy neighbor guy to watch out since there had been construction recently and landing on a nail and board... then trapsing to the sweet old ladies house next door to ask if she'll remove the board and nail that is now protuding out the top of the foot... talk about heart attack inducing.


I swear to sweet backstabbing Judas that one of these kids is going to really hurt themselves and it will be doing exactly what we warned them not to do.


So... mine pretend it's nothing as they do not want to admit I was right I guess.  I would like to point out that I was the same way.  And my mother was a Hawk!  I sprang into action when she turned her head.

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Originally Posted by Imakcerka View Post
I sprang into action when she turned her head.

Hahahaha I can totally picture this! 

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Both my brothers and I tend to get really, really calm and quiet as soon as we're very very sick or hurt fairly badly.  This makes me really nervous.  Littlest brother is 13 years younger than me, and one day I'd left him with other little brother and headed for work...  he was about 4, maybe 5, and he fell and broke his arm.  Not a really bad break, but older little brother called and left a message for me at work.  So I get to work and call home, and I'm told he found littlest brother is sitting very quietly on the couch, grey and sweating and shaking.  Sheesh.  You'd think he'd have the sense to at least go find help, but nope... he just sat down and waited for the intense pain to stop.

I truly hope my little girl is a little bit more dramatic, because if you're not paying very, very close attention, and there isn't any blood, you can really miss something bad with brothers and I. 

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It's all about how the adults around react.. thats the case for my kids anyways.  


Example.  DD1 was riding her bike yesterday (she finally figured out pedaling! Yay!) and my MIL irked.gif let her go off into the grass, where she fell (just tumbled down, not a big fall).  MIL flips out at everything.  Where I would have said "Oh my, let's dust you off" (she fell in the dirt) MIL screamed at the top of her lungs, "YOU'RE OKAY! YOU'RE OKAY! YOU'RE OKAY!" in a panicked tone.  So of course DD flipped out. 


When we react appropriately and calmly to the situation, DD assesses her injury with is and realizes that it's okay.  If it's something more serious, she tunes into her body and doesn't flip out.  It hurts more when you cry- really.  You get a cut, your blood pressure goes up because you're freaking out, and it's going to throb like heck.  She's figured this out, I think.  


My DD2 doesn't care.  I think we switched her with a sideshow baby at birth.  This kid does NOT cry when hurt.  Rarely she does.

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My daughter acts like the world is ending, and I don't get it because we have ALWAYS reacted with a cool head when she gets hurt. The worst is when we have to clean a wound or pull a splinter. We explain calmly and logically that it NEEDS to be done, it will be quick and over with soon. She screams and thrashes and yowls so loud you'd think we were killing her. Occasionally we've had to pull a splinter in a public place. THAT was embarrassing! We got some dirty looks, let me tell ya.
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There have been times ds has acted like he couldn't walk for 24 hours because he has skinned his knee but other times he just sort of withdraws like he wants to be alone and assess the situation before he comes to me.

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Well, dd had a fever on Mon-Tues and she spent all the time she wasn't sleep moaning, and wanted us to sit next to her and listen to her moan. Whenever she's hurt, it's high drama.


Ds on the other hand is pretty low key. He always has been. He'll shed a few tears, accept a little ice and move on.

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