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oceanbaby 08-14-2008 04:15 AM

Our contractor is placing the paint order tomorrow, so I had to give him all our final decisions tonight. I have been obsessing about this for about a week now. We don't have furniture, we have no idea what color the kitchen will be yet (which is open the dining room which is open to the family room) . . .

So, we went with a sagey green in the living room (one main wall, which is a stairway, is a darker browney beige), a pretty (I hope) beige (yawn) in the dining room and family room, a beautiful darkish grey for our bedroom, cream for our bathroom, greyish blue for our office, and a bright almost neon blue for the kids' room (upon their request), with a yellow ceiling, of course.

There is a rec room downstairs, and I have no idea what to paint it. I wanted to do a bright, yet light, lime greenish yellow (Benjamin Moore Pale Vista in case you care), but there is an ugly drab carpet down there that we can't afford to replace, and that color seems weird with the carpet. We have no idea what color to paint it! Any ideas?

I also stumbled upon a type of paint called "Aura" by Benjamin Moore, that is highly chip resistant (you should see what my kids do to our baseboards) and is low VOC. It's also about $15/gallon more than the regular paint. I really don't know what to do!

I know everyone says you can always repaint, but really, painting is expensive and a lot of work. I'd really like to NOT have to repaint!

veganone 08-14-2008 04:21 AM

I would totally obsess over it too. We're so boring - our whole house is white, basically. Or light gray, or off white, or beige... It's actually very modern and clean-looking, but it's partly because I'm too lame to pick cool colors.

Good luck! I'm sure whatever you chose will be lovely.

Pancakes 08-14-2008 12:26 PM

I'm a paint addict. I love really intense colors, but too much can be over powering. What I've done is pretty much painted the entire house in a neutral color and then add my obnoxious colors to certain walls. So my house is boring suburban beige with a big bright orange soffit in my kitchen, a huge chocolate brown wall in my dining room, etc. The bedrooms are the only rooms where all four walls are the same color. I hate white and there isn't a stitch of it in my house, not even the ceilings.

All of the bold colors in my house take away from the fact that the majority of it is boring beige; you just don't see it through the other colors.

Don't be afraid of color, it's great and you can paint over it if you aren't happy. Yes it's expensive to repaint, but it's a worthwhile cost to be happy in your own home.

oceanbaby 08-14-2008 01:23 PM

I was really pushing for grey in the main living areas, but dh wasn't going for it.

Pancake - I am glad to hear you say that. We decided last night just to go with the beige in the Family Room/Dining Room (it's called Sea Urchin!) and then figure out an accent wall later on to give it some pizazz.

I was trying to figure out how to do a cool mustardy yellow, but I just am not very good at this.

Pancakes 08-14-2008 02:14 PM

Keep in mind that the walls aren't the only place to put color. With my example of the crazy orange in my kitchen, I never would have chosen that color on its own; I matched the color from some really cool pendent lights that are now in my kitchen. This orange is also echoed in a decorative arrangement that sits on my dining room table. Even though it's the only orange in my dining room, it works well with the brown AND the two rooms are pretty much connected.

If you paint one wall in your living room some wild color, you can buy or make throw pillows to match the color and pull it through the whole room that way. You can get candle holders, decorative plates, bottles of pasta, or what have you to match a small amount of wild color in your kitchen. This way you don't have overpowering color, but the appearance of said color. If you asked anyone what color my kitchen is everyone would say orange. There is only a small strip about 1 foot high and 6 foot long of orange paint in that room.

I wanted to ask this before, but didn't. What color is the carpet in the rec room? Could you dye it to something that would work better with teh color paint you want to use? Do you plan on replacing the flooring in there within the next couple of years? Can you put rugs over a good portion of it?

KnitLady 08-14-2008 02:22 PM

The colors you've picked out sound really lovely! I have two sage green rooms and am really happy with them.

What about a medium lavender in the rec room?

crl 08-14-2008 02:42 PM

I've used Aura in several rooms now and really like it! I do the painting around here and it is the easiest paint to work with that I've ever used. (Much easier than Benj. Moore's eco-spec which I used for a couple of ceilings because they couldn't do the color I wanted in Aura.)

It has fabulous coverage, which mitigates the cost a good bit. (For example, I went from a medium green in the dining room to a pale blue above the chair-rail and navy blue below in ONE COAT! It only took two coats to go from stark white to navy blue in the offfice.) So you may find you use so much less paint that it isn't really any more expensive.

I found it to be very low-odor. As you know it is low VOC.

Ours has been on the walls for less than a year and honestly my kid is pretty easy on walls (I'll totally jinx myself saying that). It's held up just fine, but I have pretty limited data at this point.

Good luck with choosing colors!


Leilalu 08-14-2008 03:05 PM

sounds nice!
One very important thing to consider is light. How do the colors look in shadow? In full sun? How much sun does the room get? Also, how many things do you plan to add to the room with color?

I would pick what you like, and also pick a few that are comparable that you could live with, in a few shades lighter than what you originally like. It's way easier to repaint darker than lighter!And you may find you like the lighter better. Also, when picking colors, match them up against things you love and plan to put in the room. Colors play out VERY differently when put next to others. I also rip my sample off the strip with other colors so I can get a clear look at the one color instead of confusing myself with all of them.

good luck. We are painting a house now, and I am only allowed to pick light off whites

Blucactus 08-14-2008 05:34 PM

What about a warm yellow, or a pale blue with a purple-ish hue?

We just moved into a house, and after years of apartments & stark white walls, I wanted COLOR. The whole house came in boring suburban beige & wood paneling (not the nice kind, the icky fake-wood brownish puke colored kind and the really dark ugly kind . So...

We painted our bedroom Grass Cloth (green) by Behr, DS1's room is a creamy yellow that reminds me of frosting (Gold Buttercup by Behr), the hallway upstairs is white, the only white in the house, LOL... the playroom is a purple-hued blue, sooo relaxing and peaceful!: Pacific Panorama by Behr, and our kitchen, <sigh> I love our kitchen. Even people who "don't like yellow" compliment the kitchen. It is a warm, cozy yellow that is bright without being obnoxious. It's called Warm Cacoon (also Behr). I it and I am not a 'yellow' person either. It is just right. Also, have you seen that type of painting that is big vertical stripes, with two colors of paint, one lighter one darker of the same/similar color? I always think that looks good too. You could do browns, or blues, or, ooh, reds? I would not do grey/purple etc down there, just because I'm assuming it would make it seem darker than it already is without windows. Hmm. I would go with something light reflecting like a yellow, IMO.

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