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The 23 week scan showed our baby to have a duplex kidney with ureterocele. I have been told that at best the baby will need to be on anitbiotics from birth and do not feel comfortable with this. I was wondering if anyone-else has had/is having a child with this problem and if anyone had looked into the alternatives. Someone suggested homeopathy and I am waiting to hear from a homeopath over the next few days. It would be great to hear from anyone who has had a similiar experience or who has knowledge of this from an alternative perspective. I am due to attend the renal clinic at the hospital on December 7 and would like to be armed with as much information as possible.

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My brother's daughter had this, diagnosed at the same point. He was unable to find an alternative treatment after months of searching. When she was six months old she had surgery to repair the anomaly and ended antibiotics then.

My brother was very reluctant to follow this course of treatment as his first daughter died due to medical malpractice. He really researched the topic thoroughly and spoke to many specialists who all said it was the only way to go. In the end he followed their advice and my neice is healthy now at 18 months. I know that isn't very encouraging news, and I hope you will continue your search -- perhaps in Britian you will have better luck than here in the states.

I do recommend Dr. Mercola's website, it has a wealth of natural health information and I believe my brother's story is in the achieves there: http://www.mercola.com/index.htm

Good Luck!
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I had a similar condition from birth. I didn't have the duplex kidney (as far as I know) but I did have the ureterocele, as well as a duplex ureter. A friend of mine had the exact same condition. I was diagnosed with this condition when I was 19 years old. She was diagnosed at age 5. I ended up having the part of my kidney with the ureterocele removed after recurrant UTI's as a young adult. Surprisingly, I never had any problems as a child. I don't know how different those two conditions are, but it seems as though duplex kidney is quite common, so I'm sure there are alternative treatments out there.

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oh oh i've got 4 kidneys. they found out at birth somehow? apparently i have the 2 normal kidneys and then 2 more smaller ones joined on. so i can't sell them on ebay :-(

some say you can drink more and not get pissed - but its not true. I'm a student, I should know ;-) I think maybe alcohol goes through me a lot quicker, I find my self takin a slash quite often, saying that I know people with weaker bladders.

I don't know much about the 'condition' I'd like to know more - whether there are any other things I should be aware of, long term affects, how they actually work etc...

cos apparently I wasn't 'wired up properly' when I was born so they sorted that out. thanks whoever they are.

according to my doctor i should drink lots of water. but i never do. I've started recently but for other reasons. I'm never thirsty. strangely.

its wierd how the scar is on my lower belly. I would have thought you get to kidneys from the other side ~ stupid comment?

To be honest I seriously doubt homeopathy is going to help.

geez I've got so many questions, never really talked about it.
Is it rare to have 4 kidneys?? I think maybe it is; google's not returning much.

oh well, I'm sure your baby will be fine - If they could sort it out 20 years ago for me - I'm sure they are better at it now!!!
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Not sure if this is the same thing, but maybe our experience will be of some help.

My 2nd child, Sarah, was born w/ some funky kidneys

She has a hypoplastic left kidney and an duplicated insufficient right kidney. She is doing well now, but we had a bit of a rough go there for a while.

She also has bilaterally duplicated ureters, and has kidney reflux (repaired at age 3.) Before her repair, we struggled quite a bit w/ recurrent infections, one of which led to sepsis. We were uncomfortable w/ long term antibiotics & chose the surgical repair. After her surgeon was in there, he said that due to her unique anatomy she would likely not have corrected on her own.

Her creatinine & BUN remained stable for years & then started to slowly rise. She has less than 5% function of that hypoplastic kidney & about 50% function of the duplicated right kidney. She is stable & doing well right now.

I hope your child has an easy road & is able to recover well.
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