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iowaorganic 11-01-2011 01:08 PM

Lets bump everything back a couple of days and see if we get some more mamas!  



Welcome to the Holiday 2011 Craft Swap!


First the Dates!  

11/11- sign up and list packages deadline

11/13- deadline for sending me your choices

12/2- deadline for mailing your packages


We all understand that life happens- but if you can't mail by 12/2- keep in mind that MDC mamas are counting on your package for a gift!  You will need to upgrade shipping to accommodate if you are late!


Speaking of shipping- all packages must have proof of postage (Deliver Confirmation, UPS tracking, customs form, etc).  


And if you don't send out a package and aren't actively resolving the issue- we will report you and suspend your trading post access!  


But when you send out a package and your MDC mama receives your wonderful swap- she will need to give you excellent feedback and you in return!  Yay for feedback!


No member can be in more than 3 swaps at a time (which is fine because I think we are the only swap) and you should probably check the swap rules on the trading post.  New mac here and haven't figured out copy/paste...  or I would have posted them.


Now that the sucky stuff is over- have fun putting together your packages!  They should be valued at $20, you can check on Etsy for a value and add fillers  to round it up if you need to!  Of course we all are cool with double and triple packages as well.


Since this is a craft swap- your packages should be mama, papa, or grandparent made or a crafty kit.  


I would love it if you would make your first post something like this:



I am in the US

I can ship in the US

I would like to swap ? packages


MDCcraftymama #1  Wooly mittens


and then of course post your ISO!  Someone might make just what you have in mind!  Don't be afraid to add a link!

iowaorganic 11-01-2011 01:09 PM

Hope I did this right :)  


1.  Iowaorganic


Sarasprings # 6

Rajahkat Bowls

MMNN #3 vinegars



#3 to Sarasprings

#1 to Lapoli

#7 to MMNN


2.  Sarasprings  



IO #3



#6 to IO

#1 to Sweet Tea


3.  MissMommyNiceNice


Sweet Tea #1

IO #7

Cristeen #5

Lapoli #1



#13 to Rajahkat

#9 to Sarasprings

#8 to Cristeen

#3 to IO


4.  Sweet Tea


Rajahkat Longies

Cristeen #2

Sarasprings #1



Cristeen #1


Rajahkat #6


5.  Lapoli  


#2 Lovebug

#1 IO



#5 Cristeen



6.  lovebug


Cristeen #3

Cristeen #4



#1 to Cristeen

#2 to Lapoli


7.  rajahkat


Sweet T #6

MMNN #13



longies to Sweet T

bowls to IO


8.  cristeen 


Lovebug #1

Sweet Tea #1

Lapoli #5




#5 to MMNN

#3 to Lovebug

#4 to Lovebug

#2 to Sweet Tea


iowaorganic 11-01-2011 01:10 PM


I am in the US

I would like to ship in the US

I can swap as many packages as I match!


Iowaorganic #1  Wooly mittens

2 pairs of mittens made of wool felted sweaters.  Adult or child.  These have set in thumbs- so they are NOT hot pad style.  Your choice of colors from what I have available.


Iowaorganic #2  Knit cupcakes

set of 4 knit cupcakes.  Stuffed with wool.  Variety of frosting colors.  I can even add novelty yarn for a sprinkle effect!


Iowaorganic #3  Ragamuffin hat

Any size available and since I am making the yarn- you can choose a color theme.[email protected]/5096771932/in/photostream


Iowaorganic #4  Diaper bag (triple swap)

This is a huge diaper bag that I myself use for all my children.  Any larger and you might need wheels!  I will make it out of black canvas and your choice of my available lining/accent colors.  straps of your choice.  


Iowaorganic #5  Tote bag- you tell me your color scheme and I will make the bag.  


Iowaorganic #6  Buttercup bag[email protected]/3405118592/in/photostream



Iowaorganic #7  Baby/toddler soft shoes   made of wool  with a flannel lining and a leather bottom.  These are robeez style.[email protected]/4298076351/in/photostream  these are lined with rabbit fur- yours will be flannel lined.


Iowaorganic #8  needle roll


you choice of colors and tell me what needles you use and I will make you one.[email protected]/4298820366/in/photostream


I have been playing with leather handbag making...  Is anyone interested?  


I am iso some dr sues fabric... that is random isn't it?  Owl fabric as well.  Oh.  darn.  there was something else too.



sarasprings 11-01-2011 01:31 PM


I'm in the US.

I'll ship to the US and Canada.  

I'll swap as many packages as I'm matched for.  


ss1.  Hand Stamped Necklace

A sterling disc hand stamped with a design (coming soon) or initial and hung on a sterling ball chain.  Designs include sports, om, infinity, horse head, tutu, heart, peace, autism puzzle piece, dog paw and more.


ss2.  Scrabble Tile Necklace

3 scrabble tile pendants and a sterling box chain.


ss3:  Hand Wrapped Quartz Necklace.  don't have a pic


ss4:  Luna Necklace
Like this, but with a different chain


ss5:  Hand Stamped Necklace on Leather

Designs include sports, om, infinity, horse head, tutu, heart, peace, autism puzzle piece, dog paw and more.


ss6:  Posie Earrings

I have a few different color glass beads for these


ss7:  Thick Initial Disc on Stretchy Brown Ribbon

sweet tea 11-02-2011 08:30 AM

sweet tea

in US/US shipping

as many times as I get picked- but see specific pkgs for avail quantities


I will get more pics up here=


sweet tea 1- Mama cloth- (4 pkgs avail)

3 cloth mama pads, all in one style with snaps and serged edges. Individually packaged/giftable. I choose prints. 


sweet tea 2- Crayon rolls- (2 pkgs avail)

Two crayon rolls. Perfect stocking stuffers! Great to keep in your purse/car/diaper bag, kids love to put their crayons away in this cute little roll. Each roll includes at least 12 crayons. I choose prints. Most likely a black background with primary colors crayon print, gender neutral.


sweet tea 3- Baby/toddler bib flannel (3 pkgs avail)

3 handmade bibs. Closes with a snap. I choose assorted flannel prints. Specify boy/girl/gn


sweet tea 4- Baby/toddler bib PUL (1 pkg avail)

2 handmade bibs. Closes with snap. Gender neutral PUL print with turtles & frogs.


sweet tea 5- Nursing pads (2 pkgs avail)

set of 6 nursing pads (12 pads total) made from flannel. Turned and top stitched, edged with pinking shears. (Some pics show serged edges, but those are not avail this swap) I choose prints. Individually packaged/giftable.


sweet tea 6- Baby owl hat (1 pkg avail)

Choose sleeping eyes or wide open. Specify newborn size- 24 months


sweet tea 7- Pom Pom Hat (2 pkgs avail)

Choose boy/girl/gn. Specify newborn size-24 months


sweet tea 8- fingerless gloves and cup cozy (1 pkg avail)

gloves- one size fits most, simple and warm. Lets you text, drive or type with your fingers free (hopefully your not doing it all at once!)

cozy- fits over to go type coffee cups, wine bottles and most water bottles


sweet tea 9- flannel from my stash to be crafty with

Since I found out I'm having a boy, I need to get rid of some girly flannel. I have some super cute retro prints...

would be good for quilts, nursing pads, diapers, soakers, patchy stuff, jammy pants, pillows… :)

2 yards Care Bears (green background)

1 yard Strawberry Shortcake (pink background)

8x8 squares of a pretty lotus print (8 squares)

6x6 squares of a monkey print flannel (18 squares) and 2 longer pieces of the same monkey print approx 6 1/2" x 42"



ISO- would love to swap for some earrings, nursing necklaces, teething toys, screen printed tees/onesies, diaper bags/purses/clutches, hair flowers or gifts for older kids, hand dyed bulky yarn



eta- updated for side swaps 11/19






MissMommyNiceNice 11-02-2011 10:44 AM

Well, howdy!  I was just coming back after a long hiatus to sniff around for some new swapping!  Missed you gals!


My quick update...I moved out of my farmers' market & opened a storefront!  Holy cow, can you beleive it?  Going well, but it keeps me super busy.  YOu can see my facebook page w/ pics of the store here, if you're curious:!/pages/Growing-Up-Green/176371552419879


I'm down for some sweet swapping!


MMNN aka missmommynicenice

I'm in the USA - PA

I'll swap as many as I'm matched for!


MMNN#1 Acorn Children 8 pack (2 available)

These little peg people with their jaunty scarves & acorn hats make great stocking stuffers!  8 people with my choice of scarf color.


MMNN #2 Needle Felting Kit (2 available)

Kit to make several birds nests.  I will include foam to bring it up to value.  Sorry, no needles at this time.


MMNN #3 Handcrafted Vinegars Set of 3 in Holiday Flavors (2 available)

Set of 3 hand brewed vinegars.  1 each of blueberry thai basil, orange cranberry, & italian.


MMNN #4 Gift & Treasure Boxes (1 available)

set of 2 small handpainted reusable gift & treasure boxes.  Choose from my current stock - similar to this, one small & one large


MMNN #5 Cashmere Cowl Double (1 available)


will toss in an extra to bring it to double value


MMNN #6 Snowbaby Felted Snowman ornament set of 2 (1 available)

simlar to this, but probably not that exact one


MMNN #7 Felted Nesting Bowls (1 avail)

Set of 3


MMNN #8 Relaxation Pillow (1 avail)

Similar to this, pattern can be chosen from current stash.


MMNN #9 Pixie Hat for Momma (1 avail)

Hand crocheted pixie hat for momma (or teen) in your choice of colors from my stash of Lion's Brand Woolease Quick & Thick.  Red is my best seller.


MMNN #11 Holiday Tags (1 avail)

One each of these handmade gift tags:



MMNN #12 Herb Stocking Stuffer (1 avail)

Set of 6 - .5 oz glass hex jars with a variety of specialty herbs.  Including but not limited to: roasted garlic, poultry seasoning, coriander, cumin, smoked spanish paprika, ground chipotle, etc.  Some room for customization.  :) 


MMNN #13 Felted Stocking Stuffer (1 avail)

6 felted egg shakers, perfect for the music loving child or old hippy in your life. 


MMNN #14 Felted Animal Gifts (1 avail)

4 felted magical catnip jingle balls & one felted dog tug.



I'm final. 

lapoli 11-02-2011 11:04 AM


US/US Shipping Please!

I'm happy to swap as many times as I'm matched.




Lapoli #1 - Set of 5 11" x 11" Rainbow Waldorf Inspired Playsilks


(Here's a set as an example here:  Your set will vary slightly, as they're hand dyed in small batches.)



Lapoli #2 - One 35" x 35" Waldorf Inspired Playsilk / Silk Scarf


(color choices coming)



Lapoli #3 - Wooden Hand Painted Mushroom Matching Game -



Lapoli #4 - Wooden People Matching Game - Other colors available, but general idea here:



Lapoli #5 - Wooden Lacing Game - Again, other colors available, general example here:


Moe ideas coming soon!


sarasprings 11-03-2011 03:43 PM

Ooh, mittens and hats!


Sweet Tea, what kind of earrings are you thinking of?

iowaorganic 11-05-2011 10:31 AM

MMNN- any chance of some herbs?  such as savory?


MissMommyNiceNice 11-06-2011 08:59 AM

Probably not this time, I don't carry herbs anymore.  I only buy in bulk for my personal use...

MissMommyNiceNice 11-06-2011 01:39 PM

Oh, okay!  You talked me into it!  :lol

sweet tea 11-07-2011 11:28 AM

Originally Posted by sarasprings View Post

Ooh, mittens and hats!


Sweet Tea, what kind of earrings are you thinking of?

Sorry! Just saw this! I love dangle type earring with beads in fall or earthy colors or simple silver charms...snowflakes, leaves. Would love to see pics tho if you have something else.


MissMommyNiceNice 11-08-2011 07:41 PM

is this going to really happen?  How can we drum up some of the oldies & goodies?






dare I say it?  avengingophelia?


Where's my girls at?

sarasprings 11-09-2011 03:44 AM

Originally Posted by sweet tea View Post

Sorry! Just saw this! I love dangle type earring with beads in fall or earthy colors or simple silver charms...snowflakes, leaves. Would love to see pics tho if you have something else.


I'll take some pics on Sat of things I have right now.  Earrings aren't selling as well as necklaces, so I have fewer earrings around.  

iowaorganic 11-10-2011 08:21 AM

Ok ladies- we need some more swappers-  send out invites to whomever you can think of!


maself 11-11-2011 11:22 AM

I am in the US and can ship in the US.  I haven't done this before and don't have a long list, but hopefully that is ok.  Thanks.


maself #1 Handmade Fabric Flowers.  can be viewed here:  These are all attached to a clip and can be put in hair, on your clothes or purse.  A headband can be included if interested.


maself #2   2 re-usable sandwich bags made like the old style baggies where the top folds down, misc fabric design, no waterproof layer, muslin inside. 


maself #3  Neck ties for boys or matching father/son.   They are real ties that you have to tie, not clip-ons.  Here is an example- a pic of my boys. :) My baby was only a week old and yes, he is wearing a tie. ;)

Easter 2010 013.JPG


ISO: mama cloth, purse like diaper bag, stocking stuffers, jewelry.  Thanks! :)

love bug 11-11-2011 10:57 PM

I hope I'm not too late! I all of a sudden realized that its 11-11-11 and I hadn't listed anything yet!


Love bug


I am in Canada

I can ship Canada/ US

I will swap as many as I am matched for


love bug #1 (2 available)

Set of three Beeswax Wraps - as seen here

They are a reuseable alternative to plastic wrap made of natural fibers and beeswax.

The link shows the large size but the 3 pack will be a variety of sizes . The wraps can be used in endless ways for keeping food in the fridge (either wraped or as a cover for bowls and containers) or for packed lunches. Quick and easy to clean and totally reusable.


love bug #2 (1 available)

star baby -  Waldorf style doll

pink cotton body with pink hat.

pictured here (with a few others that have found homes)

love bug #3 (1 available)
Silly Snowman Forest -  cooperative game
can also be seen at above facebook link
A cooperative game made of wood and fabric. take turns rolling the colored wooden dice and moving the snowmen through the forest. See if you can get them all to the other side or maybe back too!
love bug #4 (1 available)
Apple cosy
Sorry I don't have a picture handy but its a knitted apple cosy in either red or green cotton with a bee button for closing. Keeps your apple from getting bruised in you bag or lunch. So cute and useful too!
guess thats it for now:)

iowaorganic 11-13-2011 05:47 PM

Well- do we want to try with only 7 of us?  The alternative is to arrange your own swaps I guess or we can it for now... What do you all think?

cristeen 11-14-2011 12:01 PM

I realize it's past the 11th.  But I haven't been around much, and IO mentioned something about a swap, so figured I'd look.


If you want to try with 8, I can add a box of home-canned/dried goodies (not sure what I have in there).  And I'm headed to Dharma tomorrow, was gonna pick up silk blanks for playsilks.  I also have some hand-dyed superwash wool I could make a pkg out of.  I don't have a whole lot of time to make something, but I'm sure I have other random stuff lying around. 


Or if the consensus is not to bother with so few, I'm open to private swaps. 


Ok, just got back from Dharma, and this is what I have available:


Cris1 - Handyes: 1 skein superwash worsted wool (pink/orange/yellow), 1 skein regular worsted wool (multi blues and black).

Cris2 - Handyes: 2 skeins superwash wool. (Can do 2, both in GN/boyish colors.) 1 still available

Cris3 - Play silks: 3 - 35" square playsilks (Can do 2.) 1 still available

Cris4 - Play silk: 1 - 35"x84" playsilk

Cris5 - Silk wand: 2 wands with long playsilks attached for ribbon dancing type play

Cris6 - Wool felt: We'll start with 2 - 5" squares each in red, orange, yellow, green, navy and purple.  Then I also have flesh, mint, raspberry, mustard and 2 different LWI (one olive/brown and one purplish grey with splashes of color), I'll cut squares of 4 more colors, so that's 20 squares total.  Perfect for making felt food/toys without needing to buy a bunch of any one color. 

Cris7 -  Homemade goodies: Box of various home-prepared yummies.  Maybe some homemade pickles, spice mixes, canned tomatoes, dried fruit, even traditional mincemeat.  These will not be the big boxes I've done in the past, but something more in line with the stated value of the swap.  (Can do 2.)



Unless anyone wants UFOs or acrylic/synthetic yarns, I think that's gonna be it. 


Oh, and I can ship any but box #7 to Canada. 


As for my ISO - we've got another little one on the way, so baby toys.  Anybody doing wooden or felt animals?  Not sure what else my 2 yo might enjoy, but I'm open to suggestions.  :)


Oh, anybody doing handmade stockings?  As in Christmas stockings hung by the chimney with care...

rajahkat 11-14-2011 05:14 PM

Sorry ladies!  I just saw this,  I haven't been spending much time around MDC.  If you want a last minute addition, I could do up to 2 sets of 3 felted bowls like these:






And I could do one pair of newborn striped longies in your choice of colors like these:




Yours will have two legs. :)



MissMommyNiceNice 11-14-2011 06:39 PM

yeah!  Old friends!

rajahkat 11-15-2011 09:59 AM

Even with a small group, there are a lot of great packages!  IO, have you decided how to go ahead?  Are you going to do matches, or just have people do private swaps?

MissMommyNiceNice 11-15-2011 01:24 PM

Let's do matches, please!  love.gif

cristeen 11-15-2011 02:58 PM

I updated with finalized packages, just in case.

iowaorganic 11-16-2011 01:58 PM

Yes!  Send in matches!

cristeen 11-16-2011 04:46 PM

My picks are in. 

sarasprings 11-16-2011 04:56 PM

Yikes, my weekend was busy with ticks and croup, so I only have a little to put up right now.  I'm adding a couple of pics.

sarasprings 11-16-2011 05:03 PM

I just added pics and a few more packages (sorry!).  I'm post #4.  

MissMommyNiceNice 11-17-2011 06:38 AM

sent my picks!


I'm also going to start a fairy ornament swap, be sure to join!

iowaorganic 11-17-2011 07:18 AM

Everyone has been picked- so as soon as we get the rest of the picks I will make the matches!

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