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4GreenBabies 03-16-2015 11:43 AM

swap for wool covers, soakers, longies, etc
I have a unique proposal =) I am terrible at sewing, knitting, all that crafty stuff (i can sew a button on, or mend a rip, but thats about it) and i have 3 boys in diapers who are allergic to polyester. all of our prefolds are shredded, and my oldest complains that the diapers hurt him, and im sure its the same for the 2 boys who cant talk yet.... i live in a unique part of the world where i have access to some stuff that you gals in the states might not have access to, like middle eastern olive oil, or dead sea mud, local herbs and spices, etc... Is there someone out there who can knit/sew (or already has wool to trade) and would like to trade with me? I dont have many material possions of my own, just the clothing that i wear, my kitchen stuff, and a few pieces of furniture, but like I said before I have access to stuff over here that you gals in the states might not have access to, so if there is anyone who would like to trade, please PM me =)


4GreenBabies 04-16-2015 06:54 AM

.... i know i posted this a while ago, but im still having diapering problems and need to solve it. I tried making my own cover..... lets just say that i should have left it as a sweater. i live in the middle east and trying to find 2nd hand wool sweaters in the desert is almost impossible. there are no stores that carry cloth diapers, and even if they did, i would have to pay 50% sales tax plus the stores mark up, and thats just rediculous. the boys are soaking all the time, i cant get a cover to hold in the pee longer than 20 minutes to half an hour, and washing our 30-something shredded prefolds every night is making them deterriorate even faster. if someone would like to trade it would be more than awesome, it would save me sooooo much frustration and they boys would be eternally grateful for not having to sleep in wet beds. my big twin has developed sores down there and my tiny twin is so wiry he wont let me put a diaper on him. we have 1 wool cover, and it no matter who i put it on, they poop in it minutes later and then i have to wait 2 days till this thing dries to use it again. seriously, my day revolves around getting dipers in the wash on time or delaying bed time because i dont have anything dry to put on them. all i can say is thank goodness the warmer weather is here and i can let them crawl around naked, which relieves me of diaper duty, but then im on floor clean up duty..... i feel like since i started CD 6 years ago, its been one struggle after the other and i know disposables would relieve me of a lot of this stress, but there are no 'safe' 'sposies here and i will not wrap toxins around the boys. i just wish i could make this easier somehow and it seems to me that with my heavy wetters that wool is the only way to go.....
oh right! im pretty positive that no one wants to get involved with international shipping, and i have a solution. my brother is coming over in a few weeks to help me out, ive developed some problems with my heart and he's coming over to help with the kids and stuff, maybe give me some time so i can actually go get some work. if someone is ok with shipping to pittsburgh, he will be flying over sometime at the end of this month or the beginning of next month (still not sure since he lost his passport and is waiting for a replacement)
i have no problems shipping internationally and will gladly send u whatever u want!
thanks for reading =)

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