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Need some advice 03-10-2019 11:29 PM

A parent on the 'team' is bullying me
“be respectful to me”

“refrain from going behind my back while at camp- about procedures, tasks etc. I don’t want it to appear we have issues while at camp.”

"do not continue to drag people into this by double checking what I say"

“You spent more words on telling me you were working rather than answering my question with a yes. Pointless comments.”

I questioned a few of the answers I received from the "Adult in Charge" on an upcoming Boy Scout campout. Since I am the second chaperone, and the BSA has two-deep leadership, I checked up on the information and found the answers to be absolutely incorrect. That's when the other parent started bulling me. I am really concerned with her telling me not to speak to or ask questions of others, diminishing the fact that I work and trying to isolate me through her aggressive, demanding behavior.

The Chairman of my son's Scout Troop has full knowledge of these emails and personal harassment within the Troop and she could care less. Bullying is accepted, this woman is still the Troop's "Adult in Charge" and she continues to treat me and others terribly. Another parent approached me today, concerned at this woman's abruptness and the sudden bouts of anger they had experienced with her. I am only attending this trip because me and other parents are afraid this woman will try to take out her anger on the boys of the parents she does not care for. I have to spend a week at camp with her, possibly in the same tent - any tips for making it through the week?

ancoda 03-19-2019 01:01 PM

Take it higher. The chairman is not even close to the top of the chain of command in the BS structure. Take it to the COR, and if they don't listen to the your district people. Bulling in BS at any level is not to be tolerated that is true among the boys, adults to boys, boys to adults or adults to other adults.

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