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long winded version of Connor Julian's birth

We finally named him, under 48 hours after his birth! I was hoping to manage it in under 24, but dh and I needed to hash it out after the kids were asleep and not buggin us, and I passed out before they did that first night Wrote the story after the first pp visit so the mw could fill in some details.

I was hoping labor would start Monday night, because I had a
chiropractor appointment in the afternoon and I'd be nice and
symmetrical for an easier birth. In the morning I lost some mucus
plug, and then later had a friend over and there was some more plug
with a little streak of blood in it and I pretty much danced out of
the bathroom announcing that I'd be having the baby that night! I was
a little jittery the rest of the day. The anticipation had me a
little in knots! I think a combination of remembering too well what
birth feels like plus not knowing what it would be like this time.
Shorter, longer? Easier, harder? Smooth and safe, or with
complications? I knew nothing was promised. I was excited to meet my
baby but, I knew it would be hard work and wasn't sure I wanted that
hard work! Previous babies took at least 2 hours of pushing each and
I hated that and just wished I could be one of those women who pushed
babies out in 10 minutes.

On the way home from the chiro I stopped and picked up some rescue
remedy because I needed to chill the heck out and not be stressed! I
took several doses. I had occasional sporadic crampy contractions
throughout the afternoon/evening. I was eager to put the boys to bed
because I knew that things were likely to pick up once the house was
quiet. And as predicted, not long after Evan was asleep things
started picking up a little. I started timing them and what was weird
was, they ranged from 4-8 minutes apart for awhile (though still
clearly early labor, they weren't all that intense) then spaced out
to 10-15 minutes apart. I was like, huh? But whatever, laid down in
bed and decided to nap between them, getting up on hands and knees to
rock/sway through each one. Close to 2am they suddenly shifted to
around 2min apart and by then, I was UP! I called the midwife around
2:15. Then started feeling like a bath would feel nice, so I filled
that up. It did feel pretty awesome, for awhile. midwife arrived
around 2:50.

A little after she asked if I was wanting to birth in the tub,
commenting that the water was a bit cold. Oddly, I hadn't noticed,
and I hate sitting in lukewarm bath water! I had been starting to
feel like I couldn't get in a comfortable position in the tub and was
ready to get out anyway. I really didn't care about water vs land
birth. I was starting to feel a little bit of pressure that made
pushing down the slightest bit with the end of contractions feel
good. I asked to be checked and was at 8. I got up on the futon with
the birth ball and hung out there kneeling with my upper body draped
on the ball, and Eric pushing on my back. (you know counter pressure
is done right when your back is sore from it the next day) It was
probably around 4ish that I asked to be checked again since I was
feeling somewhat like pushing and wanted to know if I was being
"faked out". I had a little bit of a lip left, and I groaned a
sarcastic, "ugh, my favorite!" because I was remembering pushing past
a lip with Evan and his nuchal arm! She assured me it was a very
stretchy lip, which was somewhat reassuring, because Evan's midwife
described the lip more like "a stretched out rubberband around his
head" or something like that (I'm probably butchering that
description because it was near 3 years ago when I wasn't in a very
clear headed state when it was described) and "a stretchy lip"
sounded more like something that would go away on its own..quickly!

After a bit things seemed to shift and pushing with one of those
contractions made me go, "holy crap that was insane" after a couple
more of those I was trying to catch my breath enough to complain that
it felt like none of those pushes were moving him down any lower!
Before I managed to get it out though, I felt a part of the bag bulge
out of me, and took that as evidence enough that apparently he was,
indeed, moving down. Apparently that was when my water broke, but it
broke up high causing that part to come down but no fluid to come
out. Once his head came down a little lower, my mw could see the tear
in the bag and gave a little tug to pour out some of it (I never
noticed her doing this) I supported his head myself through a good
part of crowning and briefly considered maybe catching him myself,
but as more of his head emerged I realized I really needed to hold
onto that ball and just let the mw catch! It was interesting because
this was actually my first time birthing in an upright position. With
River and Evan I was so exhausted I just couldn't stand to stay
upright and just naturally ended up laying on my back, by choice.

Once his head was out his shoulders were taking their time rotating
and my mw asked me to get up onto one foot so I'm in a bit of a
lunge. Pretty simple position change from my knees. I feel her
"messing around" a bit and I'm just like, "ugh, is this shoulder
dystocia again?" not scared or worried, I'd btdt with River and was
more annoyed because I knew it could take 4 or 5 minutes to free him
and I wasn't in the mood to have a head sticking out of me for that
long. It was like, ugh, come on!! SO close to done, lets finish this!
His shoulders managed to turn and Eric told me she helped one of his
arms out and then the rest of him came. I asked if it was SD and she
said no, but that it might have been an "almost" but we prevented it
by me being upright and getting into that lunge, since that creates
like 30% more space. He had a cord around his neck but I don't think
that was causing any problems. He's just big!

He wasn't breathing and they gave him some help with oxygen. I patted
his feet and rubbed his chest and head and talked to him, encouraging
him to breathe. I was never worried, I knew he'd perk up. I said,
"you're being just like River! Its time to wake up and start
breathing now" I could feel a nice strong heartbeat in his chest and
leaned down and kissed his forehead. He started breathing shortly
after that and I picked him up and snuggled him. He screamed his head
off for over 30 minutes. His time of birth was 4:31am, 10lbs 3oz.
Only 10-15 minutes of the "serious" pushing, but since the
grunty/mild pushing blended into that it felt much longer to me! But,
apparently, even when pushing is short its still hard work and not
all that much fun! haha. No tearing.. I never have. And I'm 2 for 3
of my home birth babies needing some help, and I'm just so glad
they've been at home where its gentle, non-traumatic, and between my
legs with the cord attached

dd (9) ds (7), ds (4) & ds (1)
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Wonderful story!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it out. I really like his name, great combo. I appreciate you giving us insight into your emotions through the whole thing, I'm hoping I'll go into labor someday, and reading birth stories (rather than watching videos) really does help with more memory of emotions that come with giving birth. And whoo hoo for no tearing! I looked high and low for stories of big babies and no tearing when I was pregnant with Malcolm and couldn't find them. I didn't tear with him, either Great job, mama! And welcome Connor.

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absolutely in love with boy
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and our DD
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(5yrs) and DS2
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Congrats! Glad everything went well for you and you decide on a sturdy name. Can't wait to see him sporting that cute onsie you made.

Love to hear experienced moms tell their stories and hear the comparisons of prior births. That you knew he was just fine even though he wasn't breathing- that's some motherly intuition! Almost like the moms that knew exactly what day their babes were going to be born!
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Great name! And awesome story--I love how calm you were about everything! Congrats on your sweet little guy!

She's here!
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And so are the boys!
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Congratulations! A wonderful birth, and calm mommy.
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What a beautiful and peaceful birth. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I am so happy for you...and impressed with not tearing at his size...there were many similarities with Mavis's birth, but I assure you I was not intact in the end. Well done Mama. I hope you are all enjoying him.

Mama to 4yo dd Piper, loving wife to Dave and preggo for the second time...due in Early July!  Hurray!
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