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February Chat!

How is everyone and their babies doing?
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This forum is so quiet now!
I was also a member of the December DDC and everyone there also disappeared once their baby was born. Understandable.

Baby and I are doing pretty good. My milk came in with a vengeance and she is back at her birth weight. DH and I are figuring out how to read her cues, the better we get at it, the more we sleep at night. These days she sleeps three hours in a row! That is a major improvement over the first two nights when all I wanted was one solid hour of sleep. I need to find a way to sneak a nap with her during the day, that would help.
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Everything is going well here. I feel like i'm finally understanding some of how he works, lol. He is still a wonderful sleeper. If he has a 40+ minute feed he will go down for a 4+hour nap! At night he almost does 5 hours, so not sure he understands the difference between the two, but nice to think he does He had a bad day yesterday, just a lot of tummy pain. Which means he will just scream at you, the only thing we have found to help is pressure on his tummy.Most of the time we just have to put him on our chest and let him cry through it, which is quite hard. Been starting tummy time now. He doesn't seem to mind it, and loves looking at himself in the mirror. Also, he seems to spit up a lot, which according to our best friend (google) is normal, just really annoying. Still doesn't like sleeping on his back. Would rather sleep in his swing or the fisher price rock and play. So most of the time I end up putting him in the rock and play at night. And keep trying the cradle for naps during the day. Some nights he is just fine with the cradle, others the moment you put him down, he wake up screaming. He still gets put to sleep in our arms, so I'm thinking the rock and play makes it feel like he is still being held. As well as he just does not like sleeping flat on his back. If he is bed with us (which I got some horrified looks from friends for saying he sleeps with us sometimes) He will sleep on his side and it seems like the best sleep he has...anyway he is awake, until next time...

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Bittersweet here. Gwennel is a sweetheart and we all adore her. She gives us BIG smiles already and is super fun to talk to when she stares right into your eyes. She can hold her head up on her tummy (which she only is on her tummy when on my chest in bed). BUT...I'm not getting enough sleep. She sleeps a lot, but prefers being held. Many times she will wake up like 5 minutes after I put her down in bed next to me, right as I"m getting comfy and ready for a nap. ugh. I am getting like 4-5 hours of sleep in chunks at night. That will be even less once these snow days stop and my husband goes back to work. I won't have the extra hour doze in the morning.

Breastfeeding is great. This is my first kid with no latch issue. She had gained back her birth weight plus 4 oz before she was a week old. Doing well there. She now has a cold, which is hard. A stuffy, snotty newborn who needs to nurse but can't breathe is miserable. So far, it isn't so bad.

One of the hardest parts is how much my toddler needs me right now. Today he had a total meltdown because I couldn't nurse him to sleep at nap time. Tandeming has been trying for me. The toddler always wants to nurse when he sees Gwen nursing. And he is so BIG! He is a big kid, nearly two but bulky, and muscular. He just pushes he way in and over and on top of and through anything, even the baby--I've been trying to designate special nursing times just for him every morning, noon and night. But sometimes, I don't want anyone else suckling me after the newborn all day and night.

Gwen sleeps on her side best right next to me. I feel fine about it although I was concerned at first about her ONLY sleeping on her side, now Pppssshhh. I can't worry about every tiny thing and I wake up if she sighs or breathes too heavy. I wake up over everything.

I am getting nightly headaches though which really suck. I thin they are exhaustion and hormonally related, as well as maybe a bit of dehydration although I'm drinking like 7-10 cups a day...I totally need more I think.

Wife to my Sweetness and Light, DH (03), WAHM to DS('01), DS('11), and DS('13) and our first, beloved DD('15). Encouraging mothers everywhere to write for their lives. Expecting our last rainbow baby January 2018. MMC Saorise Mar at 13 weeks will always be in our hearts. <3
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Eternity, I am jealous of those 5 hour stretches My guy does pretty good, but I don't think he's slept longer than 3 or 4 at a time. He just came out of a growth spurt, whereas he wanted to eat nonstop, then spit up, cry, scream, repeat...the midwife weighed him today-- he's 11 lbs at 3 weeks old (he was 8.8 when born)! Good little eater

Writermama, I almost feel like I could have written your post. My toddler is also a big strong kid and it's hard to wrangle him off the baby at times. It's nerve wracking. I'm so tired and depleted I sometimes lose my patience with him. And then I feel so guilty because i know he is going through such a huge transition and he just misses his mom and wants to love the new baby.

I feel a lot of angst with my toddler actually. ..he just seems so big now, while at the same time needing so much. I miss our times when it was just the two of us. But then I am so in love with the new baby. I guess this is just one of those bittersweet things in parenting. The highs are so high, the lows so low...
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doing ok, Hanna had her first outing a couple of days ago, to the, um, pediatric dentists office, for big sissy River. well, not exactly the charming family moment we (ok, i) had been hoping for, but with 4 other kids around, she should count herself lucky i remembered to post about her lying in her carseat for half an hour in a place that smelled like latex gloves.
the BFing is doing great over here, luckily! she's been sleeping pretty well, in aprox 1/3 hour stretches, waking up to nurse or be changed and then going back to sleep. the one thing i'm worried about is not that Autumn will over-love her in the daytime, but at night, in bed, so our sleeping arrangements are pretty mixed up right now- DH and i are in the big bed, Autumn is in a crib sidecar next to our bed, which, since she is quite small for her age (which is 4) she can still lie comfortably in (it's a big crib as well) , Hanna is in bed between DH and i, although sometimes i get up and put her in her cradle downstairs and read hen i can't sleep, and sometime she's in the sidecar while Autumn sleeps with us. *sigh*.

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I'm finally getting the chance to say hi! Lol.
My newborn Gwendolyn is a pretty easy keeper most of the time. There have been a few time her long feeding stretch (off and on for 2+ hours) has been right after her big sister Acelyn finally falls asleep. So that puts me in bed around 3-6am. If I wasn't a sahm I'd be worried. The nice thing is that they both sleep good, and mostly threw the night. So I do actually get some real sleep in the wee hours of the morning until noonish.

Tandem nursing is going way better then I hoped for. My toddler is not a jealous nurser, and not jealous of her sister in any way at all, and I think I'm most thankful for that. We have had to learn how to share my lap without squishing baby. They only need to share about 1/3 of the time.

I was a bit worried about co-sleeping. But for now it has worked it's sleep out. DH works nights, so other then the weekend it's just us girls. I get Acelyn down first in the middle, then I climb in with Gwendolyn tucked in my arm on the outside, and I just snuggle her all night. We are going to use the crib as a side car at some point tho.

What has been rough is Acelyn having a cough and fever (it was just something mild) and me having bronchitis (for the first time in my life) and Gwendolyn is congested too. Acelyn and I are about cleared up. I've been sucking, and steaming Gwendolyn, and keeping her proped up as much as I can. I also keep the humidifier running 24/7. The days have been warm enough here that I can open a window and let some fresh air in, I think that is helping too.

Well everyone else is asleep, I'm going to do something on my feet before those girls pin me down again.
I wish everyone well
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Had some trouble logging in on mobile but that's finally resolved. Things are OK here. I can't believe River is over a month old already! The best part is that I've bonded with her in a way I never did with my first & I've kept the ppd away this time. She is adorable & I love watching & interacting with her. We've gone out a few times & even managed to nurse in public! Once in a ring sling & once under a muslin blanket. She's not really a calm nurser like my son was. She fuses getting on & doesn't always stay on so this was scary!

Less happy she has reflux & a bit of Colic. We are trying the Gerber Colic Drops (which are basically a probiotic) & chiropractic but I'm betting I'll have to give up dairy again. Somehow she's gaining perfectly though! She sleeps really well (when she isn't spitting up or working on spitting up) if she sleeps on someone. Otherwise she wakes frequently. Unfortunately I can't sit up in bed like that. Causes back problems, so she usually sleeps on DH.

We put some black white & red images on the wall next to the change table & she really likes those. Just big print out of stars & butterflies from online.

AFM, I've been getting chiropractic treatment for my SI joint. About a week after her birth it started to hurt & just kept getting worse until I could barely walk even with prescription strength ibuprofen. Much better now. I'm looking forward to going back to work but not to leaving her!

Loving mama to
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