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Hailsmom 09-08-2014 12:09 PM

So I have started charting in July 2014 and I am new to this whole experience as I had already had two pregnancies that came by surprise and were normal. I had one miscarriage . I just want to write my experience so far to get some feedback I guess and also to support anyone who may be going through the same experience as myself. My LMP was July 30th and lasted 6 days. On cd10 I began having sex and had sex every night during the week I was suppose to ovulate according to online calenders. I did try to do temps and cp and cm and had the ovulation cramps on Aug 12 and had sex before and after up until Aug 16. Shortly after 4dpo or what I thought might have been ovulation I began to have frequency of urination which lasted a week. Also I was having tons of mucus discharge when I wiped (TMI). 11dpo I wiped and say a pink spot on the toilet paper and thought that AF was about to happen. Cp was high soft and wet all week. 13dpo I had increased mucus, tired, period cramps, lower back pain, constipation and sore boobs. 14dpo cramps, hot, tired, tender breasts and backache. 15dpo hot, nausea, negative test. 16dpo I found out I had a UTI and began taking antibiotics. 17dpo I started to spot pink discharge. 18dpo diarrhea side effect from antibiotics and stain of red blood on pad, test again negative. 19dpo bleeding stopped, cramps, tired, and some bits of bloody mucus, soft high cervix. 20dpo cramping, hot, cervix high and soft, diarrhea, bright red blood and pink discharge, lower back pain. 21dpo pink spotting. 22dpo cervix mid high and still soft, hungry, tired, headache, bloating!. I have no idea why I am still having pregnancy like symptoms when all tests say negative. Currently I had blood work done to check for diabetes, thyroid and any other possible causes. I have heard that some women don't test positive for hcg until much later in their pregnancies but I am begining to think that something else might be wrong with me. Since I am suppose to be ovulating if I am not pregnant I have been keeping track of my cp and cm. Currently my cervix is still high and soft and very wet! It has been the same for weeks! That is what confuses me. Also doctor took my blood pressure and says its low. He cannot understand why I am having all of these pregnancy like symptoms and yet have a negative test. So I guess time will tell but it is driving me crazy waiting to find out! Has anyone else gone through this before? Am I going crazy???

Hailsmom 09-09-2014 05:44 AM

So update it is a new cycle and cd12 I had a positive ovulation test. I am cramping on my left side so I am assuming then I am not pregnant since I am ovulating. My cervix is high and soft and wet. I am going to DTD the next couple of nights and I will keep you updated on symptoms. I am still experiencing frequency of urination, lower back pain in my tailbone which has not gone away since my last ovulation week. So I have no clue what my body is doing right now. Checking your cervix has not been an indicator for me and cervical mucus either. Unless I am new and this is confusing stuff lol. This will be my second month charting I am also using pre seed. I will update in a few days or as symtoms change. Best luck to everyone else who is trying to conceive as I am ! :) Oh also I am 35 and have been getting really hot lately as well. Feels like when I was pregnant with my second child.

Hailsmom 09-10-2014 08:40 AM

update : CD 13, last night it was so hard to sleep and couldn't get comfortable, my belly is so hard and uncomfortable and bloated, and i have back tail bone pain that throbs. If I move to much I have to use the washroom. So last night was the worst! DTD with boyfriend and woke up took an ovulation test which I shouldn't take the first morning urine because not as accurate. It showed positive??? Had a ton of EWCM when wiped(TMI). Super hot, breast tender, I am having period like cramps. Went to the walk in clinic and doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat what he thinks is a bladder infection. So here we go another round of antibiotics and hopefully this time is much better and gets rid of these nasty symptoms. Took HPT and is negative. Have some new symptoms though which are strange but maybe related to bladder infection or bloating. I have acid reflex and a burning feeling in my esophagus ( not sure if that is how you spell it). My blood pressure is still lower than it should be and well feeling dizzy and alittle out of it sometimes. I have no idea what my body is trying to tell me. What upsets me about this whole thing is that I just wanted to try and have a baby. One week of doing the deed came with all these nasty symptoms and unfortunately no pregnancy. I am kind of upset but will still continue to try unless of course my timing is up and I am no longer able to have anymore. :( Feeling a bit down today.

Hailsmom 09-20-2014 06:25 PM

I am going to write all the symptoms I have been having for since the last update. Which have continued straight through the last one with frequent urination and a uti that I had to take antibiotics for twice and it would still not completely go away!

So first day after light flow last cycle - CD7: Cervix mid
CD8- Hungry, cervix high and soft, tired, nausea, bloating, backache and diareha.
CD9- Cervix high, egg white cm DBD
CD10 - Low soft cervix, backache, tired, hungry, nausea
CD 11 - Cervix high ewcm, white lotion cm, emotional
CD 12 - High soft cervix, wet watery, back pain, sore nipples, itchy skin on breasts, cramps on left side of ovary, DBD
CD 13- EWCM LOTS on Toliet paper!!! Bladder infection taking antibiotics, HOT
CD 14 - CP- mid high, soft, cm is creamy, sticky tacky, breasts tender, engorged nipples are BIG!
CD 15- Breast tenderness, very high cervix, wet creamy leaking on panties, cramps, frequent urination, constipation, bloated
CD 16 - Nausea, lower back ache, sore breasts, sore body and tired
CD 17 - Cp low, hard, open, yellow ewcm, tired cramps and nipples sensitive
CD 18 - Pulling sensation, cervix mid, wet, constipation, nipples sensitive, crampy left side, tired, stretchy cm, milky yellowy tinge, wet, mid high, firmer os closed and is towards bum.
CD 19- Crampy right side, low soft cervix, creamy cm
CD 20- Headache, moody, emotional, tired, bloated, cramps, breast tenderness, annoyed!!!!
CD 21- Sore breasts, high soft and closed, ewcm, tightness in abdominal area
CD 22 - Pulling feeling in lower abdominal area, stuffy nose, breast tenderness, bloating and feeling in a better in the morning.
CD 23 - Wet leaking discharge or pee? wearing a panty liner, cp high firm and closed, cm is stretchy , cramps

So so far that is all the symptoms it is Sept 20th 2014 today and currently I am so tired and moody. I feel like I am taking everything people say the wrong way. I am going to take a hpt tomorrow with FMU if I remember to and it might be too soon but I need to get my mind off this. Hopefully if I am it will show a faint line. I realize that it might be too early and therefore I could get a negative and have to retest. The reason I am going to take it also is because since last month my symptoms have been on going! I have not been able to sleep and am having very vivid dreams every night. I am dizzy, I feel like I am in a fog and I just need some answers to why I am feeling like this all the sudden. Google has not helped with this because my symptoms could be anything from cancer to several other things. I am worried if I am not pregnant what might be causing these symptoms but hopefully there is a baby in there that is causing all these things and not a growth of some sort. :( I will update as soon as I can. I think I am 10dpo today not sure exactly when I ovulated but I think it was Sept 9th? I do not temp yet but if I am not pregnant this month then I will temp next month because I really want to get to know my body better and be more in tune with it. Wishing baby dust to all of you who are trying to conceive!!! :)

Hailsmom 09-22-2014 07:39 AM

So I since I last posted I have taken two hpt tests that were negative. CD 24 Symptoms were bitchy , tired, increase cm, and period like cramps, backache and just feel like I am getting my period. Today is CD 25 I have been waking up in the middle of the night to go pee which is a new symptom. I still have to urinate frequently. Had some gas pains but am constipated so I have been eating prunes. Today I have been having period like cramps but increase cm, its gooey yellow snotty like. (TMI). I feel more cramping in my lower abdominal area lately and feels like a flow is about to start any min. I am not due for AF until Friday so I have 4 days until she arrives. I will keep updating when I can. I have been charting as many symptoms as I can because I know that if I do get a positive this could be encouraging to someone. Although I am having promising signs and symptoms I am doubtful because my boyfriend has low sperm count and mobility. So I am doing the baby dance when its ovulation time and hoping one sicks. We shall see. Oh also today cervix is high soft and closed. I thought it was suppose to be firmer?? I have no clue but I will keep posting updates this week over the next couple of days up till my flow arrives or doesn't??? Weird thing was that my last cycle was lighter than normal and went from pink to bright red and really I thought it might have been implantation after reading some other comments online. Although I did ovulate this month so I am guessing that I am not pregnant and also tested neg on hpt. Cramping alot today!!! Just an overall achey feeling in my body and blah!

Hailsmom 09-23-2014 11:41 AM

Well today is a couple days away from AF and I am very emotional and down. I don't think I am pregnant! I am very upset because I think it is really starting to sink in that it just wont happen. I am getting older now and as much as I want to have another baby I can't keep trying unless my I save money and get help through fertility treatments. I have had sex during ovulation, been tracking and everything I just feel very doubtful that we will have a successful pregnancy without extra outside help which neither of us can afford. So unless by a miracle my flow doesn't show up this will be my last post. I wish everyone the best and baby dust to all :) I think I am going to take a break from charting and thinking about babies for awhile because it makes me to sad :(. Both my other children were not planned and I would have liked to have one planned but maybe that doesn't work for me, maybe they all have to be unplanned for my body to allow the pregnancy? Funny how these things work. Well that is all for now on my symptoms as I am nearing a flow in a couple days. Breasts are still tender, very bloated, constipated, emotional, have to pee alot and waking to pee at 3am. Which could still be from uti and need another antibiotic, also yeasty down there. Well that is all. Take care everyone!

Hailsmom 09-25-2014 04:03 AM

Well I started using monistat 7 yesterday night and woke up to pink spotting, again this morning I woke up to more spotting with cramps. I have googled monistat 7 and bleeding and it does seem common but I think I am going to stop seeing as I am not sure if this is my period starting or from the monistat or something else. The bleeding only happend in the morning and has now stopped. I will update later. Could be period? Not sure at this point. Lots of cramping right now.

Hailsmom 09-25-2014 12:09 PM

I am pretty sure that this is my flow, I am cramping alot and although its not heavy it's here and not going anywhere so all those symptoms and nothing :( Oh well.. Guess my time having babies is up.

Hailsmom 09-27-2014 04:16 PM

So update was that on 13dpo I had cramps and light flow that was bright red in color, than the next day it was followed by heavy bleeding and big clots and cramps that hurt so bad I had to take tylenol for them. This would be day three of my cycle and it has stopped. The bleeding has just stopped as if someone has turned off a tap??? Weird? So it could be just a new thing my body is doing or maybe premenopause? I am 35 had two children already. I am considered overweight and I have very regular periods or have had until lately. Last month my period was off and on with pink and bright red blood, some clots and not many cramps. This time it was so painful and now it seems to be gone after a couple days. So to me this is not normal?? My breasts don't hurt, my stomach is so swollen and looks pregnant because of bloating and constipation which is weird too because I have been eating prunes and probiotic yogurt to try and move things along. I have a cold or mostly nasal congestion, I feel like i can't smell or breathe very well out my nose. Very sinusy! I am still feeling a pulling in my lower abdomen when I try and have a bowel movement?? So thats what is new. I thought I was done writing my symptoms but because my period just stopped suddenly I thought I would share this in case others have gone through this as well. Expected period was a day early this cycle but other than that, I am still having to use the washroom tons to go pee, and I will be having a pap done in a week and an ultrasound as well. My body has been off in the last couple of months since I started trying to conceive which may just be a coincidence but who knows. I have had a m/c before and the bleeding lasted for a couple weeks. I have never had short periods that only lasted a couple of days so I will try and update when I can.

Hailsmom 09-28-2014 07:41 PM

So update today. I am sick with a cold, so tired and could sleep all day, coughing, head ache and body aches. I am spotting and have been ever since I passed a huge clot. It started out pink and mucusy and stopped, than bright red with major cramps, passed a large clot and bleeding stopped for a couple of hours and now its only when i wipe kinda light pinkish blood on toilet paper. I am so bloated, constipated even though I am eating a ton of prunes and probiotic yogurt! I feel huge! I have no idea what is happening and everything I google says maybe early menopause because I am only 35 years old. Hormone imbalance, polyps, cancer, pregnancy, and fibroids. I guess time will tell since I have an appointment with my doctor soon. Until then I feel confused about my body and what is going on, I am sad if I truly am done ovulating and if it is a fertility issue? I am scared if its worse case cancer or something like a growth. I checked my cervix today out of curiosity and it was high, soft and open which is weird because it is suppose to be firm, lower and closed according to what I have read online. Last months cycle was also the same though, I had a very light cycle with a soft high and open cervix so this may be what my body does? I have taken home preg test and they are negative so I am thinking this is not pregnancy although I really wish it was. I will update after I hear from the doctors about what is really going on with my body. Ever since I had my second child I have started having changes with my hormones. I had postpartum pretty bad and I had decreased sex drive, no lubrication down there, menstrual cycles were shorter in duration. My youngest is now 3 and since I turned 35 my cycles have seemed to change dramatically :( So I am trying to remain positive and hope that it is nothing that can't be fixed. I will fill you all in as soon as I know what the issues are. This has been the longest couple of months though. I will say that my frequency of urination isn't as bad as it was although I still have to go quite frequently I think the infection may have gone? I just now feel like when I push for a bowel movement that my whole stomach tightens up and pulls which is similar to when I was pregnant. Anyways I am rambling on ..I will update soon.

Hailsmom 09-29-2014 05:11 PM

Update I am on day 5 of my period and wearing a panty liner. I am having discharge when i wipe that is pink or mucusy with streaks of blood in it. I have been having off and on menstrual like cramps and also a sharp shooting pain up my groin today out of no where. I have to pee frequently and have been having head aches, belching and really cranky could be due to tired and sick though. I feel like my period is just about to start and get heavier and right now it is more like ovulation time feeling. My cervix position is similar to last month which was high soft and wet although today it was tilted towards my back so I couldn't quite feel whether it was open or not but I am assuming it is slightly open due to the spotting. I am going to stop checking my cervix position just because I think I may be irritating it and then causing it to bleed or cramp. I took a home pregnancy test today and it was negative although I didn't use my first morning urine. I have read stories where women have gone on to be pregnant after this type of thing but I am sceptical because I don't want to get my hopes up. I will however be going to the doctor next week for a pap and also an ultrasound due to the constant urination. I hope to find out why I have been having all these weird symptoms. I am worried that it could be premenopause because I am only 35. My periods have been quite regular and always start off heavy and taper off after day 4 or 5. This last two have been so weird, starting off pink and mucusy, than bright red with a blood clot, suddenly stop and now only blood when i wipe for day 3, 4, 5. I shouldn't complain because really it's been an awesome period, but it worries me because it isn't normal and they always say to get it checked out. Also the fact that my lower abdomen is quiet bloated out, I am having constipation and frequent urination for over a month now so I know something is not right. One thing I must say though is that my skin is the best it has ever been on my face. I am itchy and dry and have a rash on my chest but my face is clear? Usually I break out in pimples or something with a hormone change. Oh my hair is another thing, it is so blah right now, there is no body to it or anything, it seems limp and lifeless. I guess I have to wait to find out what is wrong or not wrong with me and until then deal with these symptoms. I totally understand the 2WW and how it would drive anyone insane! Its nerve wrecking waiting to find out what is going on in your body. If anyone has been through anything similar to this I would love to hear your story. I will keep writing updates for all who are following my story.

Hailsmom 09-30-2014 09:53 AM

Today and last night after spotting stopped I have been having period like cramps even into my lower back and front lower abdominal. Today I had discharge that was stringy and egg white consistency like fertile mucus. My breasts have started to feel tender which is so weird? I am wearing a panty liner just in case a flow decides to show up and start again since it was so light and short. So I am just really confused and probably wont chart anymore because my last two periods have been extremly light and weird so I think I will just go to doctor and see what they find because right now I am worried about to many possibilites and the only one that would make me happy would be if they said I was pregnant but that would be a complete miracle. I will update when I know more but just wanted to update my symptoms today. Since period cramps and fertile mucus. seems like I am ovulating very early? So weird, I had this last month as well. Lots of egg white mucus coming out when I wipe. Anyone have an experience similar to this please share.

Hailsmom 10-01-2014 04:46 AM

So I have been reading that it can be a chemical pregnancy? I still feel a full feeling in my pelvic area its weird. I feel heavy down there, two strange periods almost exactly the same. Heavy for one day and than spotting for two. I mean only when I wiped. Feeling foggy these days and in a daze. I hate waiting but I may take a pregnancy test again just to make sure because I have read that if it was pregnancy sometimes it can take awhile for hcg to show up on hpt? Although all my previous pregnancies showed up no problem. So I am just waiting now... :serious:

Hailsmom 10-01-2014 06:57 AM

ok So I went to the walk in clinic to get a urine sample and he was just about to say another bladder infection because it said infection and I began telling him about my unusual periods lately and symptoms. He said ok we need to do a vaginal sample and send to the lab because I think it has to do with an infection in the vagina. So now I am going to be taking a one time pill for yeast to see if that clears up these symptoms. I am cramping now since they did the swab and I feel like I want to puke. I am so tired today and I just want to start feeling better! It's been over a month since end of August :( What he did say that made me some what relieved was that he doesn't think it is early menopause :) So that makes me feel better but it's not completely ruled out yet. He said he thinks that yeast infections or vaginal infections can cause irregular bleeding. So I guess I will have to wait and see. Going to take the pill and see what happens and I will update on that as well. I hope my experience is helping someone who is going through the same experience. Being a women is not fun sometimes :(.

Hailsmom 10-02-2014 09:46 AM

So here is the update after taking the pill for yeast. I still feel the same feelings in uterus, still having constipation, my boobs are fuller, I have clear cm that is there when i wipe. My cervix position is higher today closed and tilted in towards back and soft and wet. I know cervix position isn't a good indication but it is just very strange that my body has not been following the guidelines. What I mean is that my cervix has not dropped down low for over a month in a half. I checked it every day at the same time each day. Unless it goes down at night and up in the morning, or changes throughout the day each day? I get very nauseous if I don't eat and when I eat I am starving! I feel so bloated all the time and the foggy brain. I am still urinating frequently and my urine as a different odor not foul or anything just different, kind smells like its mixed with cervical fluid. Saturday I get results from the swab the walk in took yesturday, Monday I go for a pap and phsysical and Wednesday I go for an ultrasound so I should know exactly whats going on next week fingers crossed!!!! Lets hope there is a baby in there making all these symptoms and not something else. Although if it is a baby I am worried about the bleed I dad. I will let you all know the updates as soon as anything changes!. I really am hoping that these symptoms are pregnancy symptoms and not something else. Oh the other feeling I am having quite often is sweating hot!!!! I am so hot all the time, especially after I eat(which was what happened to me when I was pregnant with my last child). There are some similar feelings between how I am feeling now and how I felt with my last pregnancy but I don't want to get my hopes up since my husband had low sperm count and low mobility. Possibly even zero sperm count we don't know because he never went to get it checked after vasectomy. I guess I am hoping for a miracle but obviously the chances are quiet slim the only reason I feel that it might be pregnancy is because of all my symptoms for the last month in a half now. If I had full normal periods i wouldn't even think this way.

Hailsmom 10-04-2014 12:27 PM

update today Saturday. So I went to walk in clinic for swab results of vaginal culture and they said normal. Go figure! Normal! no infection nothing! also urine normal no infection! so why do i still have all the symptoms. So doctor told me to lay down and he felt my stomach and said ok not a hernia, and he pushed on my ovary area and it felt tender and I said that is where i am feeling this dull pull feeling. He looked puzzled and said well maybe ovarian cyst? I have a pap and physical on Monday and an ultrasound on Wednesday. Wednesday is the day that I will get my results and finally know what is causing all these symtoms! He said it is definitely hormone related. Doesn't think it is fibroids due to my periods being lighter, doesn't think cancer, but when he thought about cyst he said he didn't think that would cause lighter bleeding either so I have no clue. Maybe there is a baby in there lol, confusing everyone. Anyways I will update in a few days.

Hailsmom 10-06-2014 10:43 AM

Ok so today was suppose to be my physical but my family doctor said that she wasn't going to do it because it was too soon since my last one hasn't been a full year. So anyways that was a waste of time and on top of that she was annoyed because I had been going to a walk in clinic instead of her for all my concerns, which is understandable. I had a brief chat with her about what I have been going through and she rushed me through my appointment and said well go for your ultrasound but sounds like intercystitis. She thinks that I am having bladder issues but that was her guess! Oh and also according to her my periods are normal since I bleed on the day I get them so she wasn't concerned by the length or how light they were. I am still having these tight feelings in above my pelvic bone which become increasingly bothersome. I feel like I have something inside me but the more I research about this and talk with doctors the more scared I get. I guess since my urine tests shows negative pregnancy I am giving up any hope that I have a baby in there which is definitely heartbreaking! I am trying to prepare myself for the ultrasound I have in two days. I won't be able to upate unfortunatily for another week after the ultrasound because the ultrasound people wont tell me anything so I have to keep waiting and in the meantime worry and deal with these awful symptoms. My cervix is extremely high today and I had some cramping and lots of watery cm. My cervix has been high for awhile now so i am not even sure why I check it since it hasn't helped me determine what is wrong. According to my symptoms I should have a baby in there but according to doctors there is no possible way. I am so emotional lately and feeling so tired with all these symptoms that honestly came from a week of sex. Now I have been suffering for over a month in a half. I will update as soon as I get a proper diagnosis, please pray for me if you are following these updates. I am extremely scared and worried because I know something is not right! I know my body and something just doesn't feel right. I am 35 years old and have two children and one miscarriage. My two healthy pregnancies were a surprise and weren't planned and came up instantly on hpt's. My miscarriage was a light faint line that came and I had to have blood work and my levels were not strong enough which then caused miscarrage. My last pregnancy was 3 years ago and is a miracle and the reason I am writing this is because I know doctors are not always correct. My boyfriend was told he was sterle and there was only a 1% chance that he would ever be able to have children. I now have a 3 year old and he had to have a dna test done to prove he was the father because he didn't believe me that she was his. It was hell! To this day he can't believe that he is a father because he never thought he was able to according to fertilty specialists. I was also told that a mans fertily can change ever 5 years and is affected by so many things. So don't give up hope for those who are trying, as for me I think once I find out that this is not a baby I will have to end my trying as it is too hard on me emotinally.

Hailsmom 10-08-2014 12:11 PM

quick update, went for ultrasound today and wont know results until next week. Possibly Tuesday. I am still having this weird feeling above pelvic area and also lately getting these phantom kicking feelings and flutters in my lower abdomen, very strange. I have been reading about prolapses and I am wondering if that could be it? They did not need to do a transvaginal ultrasound so I am assuming they saw what they needed to see. The ultrasound tech couldn't tell me anything so even if there was a baby or anything in there they couldn't tell me anything. Guess time will tell in the meantime I have to deal with these symptoms and I will update next week once I get back results of ultrasound.. I am very nervous to find out because it could be anything or it could be nothing and my mind is all over the place just wanting to know what it is so I can deal with it or get rid of this feeling if its something I can treat.

Hailsmom 10-14-2014 12:07 PM

ultrasound turned out normal, which is good news but still continuing to have these bothersome sy;mptoms. fatigue, nausea, sore breasts, emotional. I am going to ask for more testing, something is not right and I can't ignore it because it just doesn't go away.

Hailsmom 10-14-2014 05:14 PM

So I am feeling pretty emotional and tired. Symptoms this month that are noticeably different are that I have not had very much EWCM??? Only creamy white that shows up in my under ware. I have been extremely tired and have had dizziness. My ultrasound came back fine which is weird because of where I feel the discomfort. I figured they would be able to find something and now with it coming back as fine, and I still am having these feelings is really bothersome! So I am having this ache from just above my pelvic bone and also my tailbone area which I have had for weeks now. Breasts have more of those little achy things. Now I wait until I get my next monthly period to see what it will be like this month. I had so much cervical mucus last month and now this month I have none besides this creamy white that goes on my under ware. I woke up this morning and noticed it had a tinge of brown to it. Kinda looked like a light brown discharge. Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Could be nothing. I don't even think I ovulated this month. I had sex around the time that I think I would have ovulated but it was very uncomfortable to have sex with my pulling crampy feeling, plus my cervix felt kinda tender. I have not had an increased libido, infact the far from my mind because of how crappy I am feeling. Well that is all for now. I will update about my next period and after that I guess I am done my updates. Unless they can actually find out what is wrong with me and help me locate the issue and treat it. I will say though that I am on iron pills which do make me extremly constipated. I have had such a hard time taking a bowel movement, I have to pee frequently even to the point it wakes me up at night. My bladder feels full after drinking hardly anything. UGH I just wish I new what was the matter so I could start to feel normal again!

Hailsmom 10-19-2014 04:46 AM

So just a quick update. My period is due in a couple of days and I have been having really bad menstrual cramps. I also have felt the gush feeling thinking it was here and when I went to the washroom it turns out to just be discharge. I am bloated, breasts are extremely sore and I am so tired and emotional. My body is achy and I am thinking that because my periods were light for two months that this one is going to be a doozy! I have been feeling lower back pain and yesterday when I went to walk quickly I thought my hips were giving out. I am uncomfortable in my body! Tomorrow I am going to talk to my doctor about my symptoms and just explain to her how uncomfortable I am. I start to perspire when I am not doing anything, I am not extremely overweight but I do need to loose some weight as I am over my recommended weight. I have not been doing the baby dance because I have been feeling ill. I have to go to the bathroom frequently and even walk up in the night sometimes. Well if my period ends up doing something strange I will update and I may update after speaking with my doctor. I think I am entering pre-menopause, I am 35.

Hailsmom 10-20-2014 04:31 PM

Had my doctors appointment today and she told me that because all of my blood work was fine and ultrasound that I MUST have IB (Irritable Bladder). I told her that I am experiencing constant pain in my pelvic bones all the way to my tail bone and hips. It throbs all day and night, worse at night! I don't have to pee as much although when I do have to pee, I really have to go and it starts to hurt if I hold it too long. So her recommendation for me was to take an anti-inflammatory along with a prescription for a medication that helps with bladder spasms. I have to take both of those for a month and if it doesn't help than I have to go back again for more pills. She said there is NOTHING they can do to help me with this because it is not causing fever or major symptoms than I have to live with the pain and quite possibly use pain killers on a daily basis! :( This is very sad to me as I have no idea how it happened? My boyfriend thinks I pulled ligaments or pulled a groin muscle that is causing me all this discomfort but I really cannot tell you how it happened or when. All I know is that it started off as a UTI than after almost two months constant pain and throbbing in my public and tail bone! I thought maybe Pelvic Inflammatory but she said it would have to accompany other symptoms. I also mentioned that I think I maybe going through early menopause due to the random hot flashes and light periods. She said it is possibly but highly unlikely because of my age. All said and done I am feeling very tired and exhausted from it all and I have not gotten my period this month yet. It is due starting tomorrow, but could also come Wednesday or Thursday as well. Today is 11pdo and I have very sore boobs, cramps and constipation oh and GAS! I am also breaking out in acne and feeling emotional. My hormones have done a number on me these last two months and I am hoping that whatever it is that it will figure itself out and that I will begin to start feeling like myself again! I think I am also stressed out and I know stress can do things to your body. I wasn't originally stressed out about anything when all the symptoms started but through being sick and dealing with a wild and crazy 3 year old, an a hormonal 8 year old, along with online school and its demands, not being able to spend time with my partner due to being so exhausted from the day to day grind, and hearing all of the terrible news that is plaguing the world today! I worry too much about the things that could happen instead of focusing on today and I really need to just stop worrying about it because worrying doesn't solve anything. Well like I have said before this is probably going to be my last blog because I won't be trying to have any more babies after all my health issues. I am not sure what this months cycle will be like but all I do know is that my cramps in the last couple of days have been horrible! I feel like I am having deep menstrual type pains and no blood and it feels like if I go to the washroom at any moment that I will see blood and nothing. Today I have had more lower back pain and the pain and throbbing in the front pubic bones but that is all and sore breasts. So either my period is going to be horrible and heavy, or maybe it wont even come? If my period doesn't show I will post back a blog in a couple days. If you don't hear another blog, my period came normally and I am hopefully on the road to recovery!. Thanks for reading all my rants and blogs for those who have been following these. I wish all of you the best! BLOWING BABY DUST your way!!! I now know how emotionally hard it can be to try and have a baby, my heart goes out to all of the women out there who are trying to conceive. God bless you all on your journey to conceive. :smile:

Hailsmom 10-21-2014 06:53 PM

Just an update, I started to spot today 12pdo or could be 14dpo as I am not sure when I ovulated. It is 26 days in my cycle when normal 28 day cycle. I am thinking that my cycles have just changed and have become lighter which is fine with me but its definitely different from the usual heavy for 4 days and light for the last 2. Anyways Just wanted to let you all know that.

Muller21pfg 07-22-2020 05:50 AM

this is so bad...
I guess you're so stressed

Groov1r 07-22-2020 07:37 AM

2020 is a terrible year for us all

alyssa2020 07-22-2020 07:38 AM

Oh, it's just awful! I also had problems with drugs and it was the most terrible period of my life, but I'm glad I was able to get rid of this shit. I am proud of myself because it was very difficult. I first tried drugs at age 16 and after that I could not stop. Soon I realized that I could no longer ruin my life and decided to stop. I tried to immediately give up drugs, but it was almost impossible. Then I decided to try using a kratom products and it really changed my life because it made it much easier for me to give up hard drugs. Kratom is a great solution.

RenitMasi 07-22-2020 07:40 AM


Originally Posted by alyssa2020 (Post 19768855)
Oh, it's just awful! I also had problems with drugs and it was the most terrible period of my life, but I'm glad I was able to get rid of this shit. I am proud of myself because it was very difficult. I first tried drugs at age 16 and after that I could not stop. Soon I realized that I could no longer ruin my life and decided to stop. I tried to immediately give up drugs, but it was almost impossible. Then I decided to try using a kratom products and it really changed my life because it made it much easier for me to give up hard drugs. Kratom is a great solution.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this some months ago?!

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