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June Check-In

There hasn't been much activity on here lately so I thought I'd give a shout-out to everyone to see how we are all doing. I know some of us are coming into the homestretch (as you are due at the beginning of July) and some of us are still trying to get our ducks in a row (like me! lol) In any case I thought maybe we could share where we are at right now.

I've finally ordered a bunch of stuff for baby and anxiously await the amazon boxes. Not that I have anywhere to put anything yet. We are waiting for school to be out for the summer (and for my husband to run his marathon - in case he should pull anything by moving furniture and such) to move the kids rooms around. I still need to get some clothes and diaper bag but I thought I would rather pick that out in the store. I have all my hb supplies ready and hopefully one of these days I'll post some craft pics somewhere.

I feel pretty good at about 33 weeks. The mood swings have pretty much leveled off except for the occasional meltdown. :P Carpel tunnel is staying about the same but I'm starting to get a little puffy as the weather here has suddenly become hot and humid.

I hope you are all doing well too!
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I have put most of the old clothes in the dresser and I have somewhat of idea where everything is so I am not stressed about that. We do need to buy a carseat but we have had so many other expenses that I haven't gotten around to do that yet. I do know which one and which webshop to use though so it is just a matter of having money and making the order. I also want to order some things from Amazon but these are more things I want rather than need so that might have to wait until me getting next month's salary and I hope that the baby hasn't come before the things arrive. I am due July 18 so hopefully I will be able to arrange everything on time. I will be on maternity leave from June 20 so then I will have a lot of time to arrange things (hopefully).
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I have gone through a bunch of baby stuff that I had in the attic and was passed on from friends and put them in a bin on the changing table with a bin of diapers. Everything still needs to be washed, and I could still use a few sleepers (I like the gowns with no feet for easy diaper access). I still need to track down our wipes and set up a functional diaper/dressing area....but my three year old makes this near impossible. I'm sure it won't get easier before or after baby comes for some time though, lol! She is still trying to fit into the newborn clothes and pretend that she is a baby.
We have a car seat (we did end up going with an infant rather than the convertible), but still need to install the missing seatbelt in the truck before we can put all the seats in.
I am nearing the point where I need to gather everything for my birth kit, and luckily am able to borrow a pool from friends.
As for me, I am feeling pretty decent, but am easily exhausted from the humidity...I am nervous about how I am going to keep my kids entertained as summer kicks into full gear. Braxton hicks contractions are gearing up too. I am 33 weeks tomorrow, so still have a ways to go....although a friend just had her baby at 36 and 5, after two births that went over 40 weeks...So that was a reality check that you just never know when they will come!
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Finally have sorted through all of the baby clothes we had from my son, and the ones friends have given me. My sister's baby is still wearing 0-3 months, but she says she may have some onesies to pass to us. Trying to decide just how much this summer baby will need. We still need a new (to us) dresser or some sort of plan to house her clothes.

I was a part of the audience for an all-pregnant audience television talk show "Baby Shower Hour" taping in my city, so we have a new carseat, a new high chair, a new fancy vacuum that I am so excited about, and a bunch of other fancy baby stuff that they gifted the audience. A lot of it was a bit too posh for me, or maybe I am too much of a minimalist, so I gave away some of the gifts I knew I wouldn't use to families in my neighborhood.

My DH just finished his grad school research project and has the summer off from classes, so this past weekend was one of the first where he could really help with house projects. Lots of cleaning and organizing to do still before our homebirth...but I am feeling more confident we will get everything done.

I am 35 weeks, still feeling pretty good. My schedule has not slowed down much, just did a college visit in Colorado with my teen, and the toddler experienced his first time away from me. He did well, and has cut down on night nursing since I have been back, but has not stopped completely, (which is fine with me, I do think it will ease the transition into being a big brother.) I have my 35 week appt today, and I think our home visit for our midwives next appt, and then I am on an every week schedule. I am finding the busier I am, the faster this is going by, so I am not really finding the need to slow down yet. Hoping this next 5 weeks goes as quickly as the last have!
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Clothes are washed and folded. I don't have much at all, but I'm not worried. I always had way too many 0-3 in the past and I found they just didn't go through that many clothes.
We got a changing table from a resale shop for $6. We were there when it was brought in and asked about it. It needed some heavy cleaning, so I think they let us have it so cheap just so they wouldn't have to scrub it. I want to put some contact paper on the shelves since they are still rather beat up looking. I've never had one before but I already like it.
I still want to rewash all my newborn diapers, just because.
I need to pick up some PP supplies for myself, put together the birth center bag and have a stash of towels and trash bags in my car, just in case.
I have braxton hicks contractions quite often, but no signs of impending labor. I still have 5 weeks so that's a good thing right now.
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Hi mamas!

we have been busy on our little farm with baby rabbits and ducklings and chicks and gardens...
i'm feeling pretty set up for baby now. We were given a nice wood crib (ive never used one and don't plan for the baby to sleep in it, but for a safe napping spot with so many siblings and critters seems like a good idea) bought a car seat, got our car repaired. I have I think everything else we need though I will wash it all again and hang it in the sun before baby comes.

ive been having weekly visits with my one midwife (unregistered) she comes and gives me amazing massages. and every 2 weeks with my other midwife. all is well except baby is always measuring 3-5 weeks ahead :P i feel very very big and uncomfortable a lot of the time.

we had some amazing summer days last week and i dug a hole in the sand on the beach (we live on a huge beautiful pristine mountain lake) and got to sun bathe laying on my belly and swim in the lake. heaven. now its rainy (amazing for the garden and forest) so im missing the swimming and sun, but generally other than sacrum pain and heartburn i can't really complain.

most of my mama friends expecting have had their babies now, a few are after me, so im getting excited and slightly impatient now, especially after cuddling tiny babies. but i still have at least a month to go ..more likely 7 or 8 weeks (i tend to grow 42 week babies) ive been crafting and nesting though so that feels good. There is always so much to do with a big family and homestead type life. Oh and im still working till mid july (if baby doesn't come before)

nice to read all of your updates
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Hi Everyone,

Nice to see the updates. My last ddc was super active and I have missed that! We are a quiet group.

Spent the weekend cleaning out our summer rental for the season - oof. That was not fun 37 weeks pregnant. Then the car threatened to break down on the way home, so we stopped for the night and spent father's day traveling. Oh well. My full time work schedule is ended, I have one week of half time work left, and then I have a couple of days of loose ends the week of the 27th. Then I'll be 39 weeks and I would like very much to go into labor that week kthx. Last time I went to 42 weeks, but I've been having looots of BH and I am sending out 39 week vibes to the universe. Baby is measuring 1-2 weeks ahead and already by their estimates (which I know can be very very wrong), she already weighs as much as my 42 weeker did at birth.

I still need to clean and organize the nursery. I sort of did it once, but it has amassed crap in the meantime. Feeling a need to cull some pink, too. And I need a nursing pillow. I know they are not necessary, but I borrowed one last time and it really helped during the postpartum period.

Off to the OB this morning for an old lady ultrasound - hoping she'll check my cervix but probably not. I need a massage in the worst way, so I'm trying to see if I can work that out over the next couple of weeks. And going to make a huge pitcher of raspberry leaf tea.
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