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Sponsored Contest


How Did You Tell the Most Important Person in Your Life You Are Expecting?  Share Your Story & Win!

Congratulations ThreeLittleBirds, mama kk and mindydwyer!  Look for a PM in your inbox and thank you to EVERYONE who wrote in - we LOVED reading all of your stories!


Sasquatch Books is giving away three copies of Embrace: A Pregnancy Journal from papercut artist Nikki McClure.  Use this beautiful journal to record and reflect on the precious journey as you dream, transform and prepare for your little one.  


Sharing the good news is one of the most exciting moments an expecting parent has, and we want to know the tale of how you told the most important person in your life that you were expecting.  The three winning stories will receive a copy ofEmbrace: A Pregnancy Journal from Nikki McClure, as well as her best-selling The First 1000 Days: A Baby Journal to help you document all the important moments before and after your special delivery. 


Journals are shown below:





How To Enter:


  1. Reply to this post with your story of how you told the most important person in your life that you are expecting. 
  2. Follow Sasquatch Books on Twitter 
  3. Tweet the Following Message: "@Sasquatchbooks check out my entry on @MotheringMag {Enter link to your entry}"


Contest Terms & Conditions 


We are looking forward to reading your stories and sharing the joy with you on!


- Jenni

Mothering Staff


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I was already thinking and feeling that I was pregnant, so I told my husband that my feelings were right and that we were going to have another baby!!!  :)

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The story of how I told 3 of the most important people, in my life (my mom, aunt, and granny) is the one that always makes me laugh with joy and get teary when I tell it. I was about 6 weeks pregnant and we were at a family gathering that we call decoration. It's an annual gathering in the spring where we get together and decorate the graves of my great-grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, etc. It's a special time for my family. When my mom, her sister, my granny, and I were all in the same room alone I decided to break the news. I told my mom I had an early mother's day present, "You're going to me a grandma" Well, my mom must have been so shocked that it didn't register, but my aunt and granny heard it and started screaming (with delight) My granny was clapping and singing "granny wants a baby, granny wants a baby" For about 15 seconds my mom still didn't understand what was going on and looked totally confused. She said, "What?" and her sister said "She's going to have a baby!" The women in my family absolutely LOVE all babies, especially my granny. It was so glad to have told them all together. It's a great memory.

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My oldest daughter was 2 when I got pregnant with #2, so I made her a shirt that said "Big Sister" on it and she wore it on Father's Day.


And when we told our parents about #3, we sent a picture of #1 and #2 holding a sign saying that #2 was going to be a big sister.


I love all the fun, creative ways people announce their pregnancies!!!

Rachel, married to Andy, mama to Aubrey, Lauren, Sasha, and *surprise* Baby #4, due November, 2011
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I sent my mom and sister a text with a picture of the positive test saying "OMG OMG OMG OMG" so my mom picked me up and we bought 2 more tests. Positively positive! I bought a gender neutral baby frame and framed a picture of the pg test, wrapped it, and gave it to my husband that night. smile.gif
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My husband and I had been talking all winter about the home-improvements we would like to make - so off to Lowe’s I went to find some paint color swatches (blue, pink, green and yellow) for him to approve when he came home from work. 

I arrive at home, start working on dinner, and of course he was running late getting home.  So I slowed down my cooking efforts to hopefully have things about ready when he got home.  Finally, he’s home!  I couldn’t hardly stand it!  So I grab the carefully chosen color swatches, and say something like, “I got out of work a little early today, and was thinking that we should pick some paint colors for the spare room upstairs.  So, I stopped by Lowes, just for fun, to look at some paint colors.”  I handed them to him and rushed back to the stove to stir my concoction.

I look over my shoulder, and was looking at the swatches in a very confused manner.  He looks at me and says, “What’s up with the pink and yellow?  Those are kids’ colors.  We don’t have any kids.”  I started to smile, and looked at him as he was still stumbling across what to say.  “You’re not pregnant…..are you?”  I nodded my head ‘yes.’ =)

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We taped the pregnancy test to the fridge during our superbowl party. It took 2 hours for anyone to recognize it~ but when she did it was really fun. :)
Thank you for this, I love her work!

Kelcey... in love with DH, and DD born 10/13/07, and a little DS born 2/23/10!
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I was discouraged that we were never going to get pregnant - when I took the test I just stood there without saying anything..and just handed him the test.  He was super happy...

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I tested on a whim one morning and it was positive! It was our 5th month trying and I was so used to seeing - tests that I was shaking and immediately called Dh, who was at work and wasn't picking up the phone. So I took pictures and texted and emailed him the photo with the message "We did it!" He called me once he saw and was also in disbelief!

hola.gifAndaluza (36) & dh (39), married 11 years! babyboy.gif M 8/23/12.  One cat.gif

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14.2 miles from my house to the midwife. I measured it on my way into town the same way that we find ourselves idly counting the number of steps up or down the same staircase. It’s simply a way to focus, to occupy your mind with the white noise of mindless action. My right eye darted at the odometer in a nervous tick. A hard thing to know is the weight of a question. The load varies with its impact upon your life. Confetti or feathers, not heavy but hard to contain? A medicine ball, not impossible to carry but gets ridiculously heavy after awhile? Or a soft ball of fuzzy wool yarn that warms to your body the longer you hold it? You know it all depends on how ready you are for the answer. Am I or am I not pregnant? I had two children already, a boy and a girl, perfect. That was 6 years ago, I did not ask for any more. Have I been granted an unimagined gift yet to realize? These questions tossed and turned all the way down the mountain that day. I carried the feathers, the medicine ball and the yarn all day as they kept changing back and forth until finally yes, the answer was yes and I began the long road home with my answer. I pulled it behind me in a triple semi truckload behind my Subaru, one for each item. How do you break this news? Is news so fragile that it must be delivered gently or it could break? Panic churned my stomach not morning sickness yet and still more questions. Am I too old,  am I pushing my luck, who deserves to have yet another beautiful child, who would this child be to make three? Male or female to tip the scales of the balanced family?  I had no health insurance and only 14 miles to sort this out. The most important person I must break the news to was right there in the car with me. A total stranger. Who was she, driving my car, living my life, on the way home to deliver news to her husband and children that their lives were going to change irrevocably? Forever. The most important person to break this news to was me. I had to win over this stranger and bring her back home, this new mother person. Had time slowed down? How long had I been driving? How much time was left? Was I driving erratically? Was I driving 5 miles an hour on the freeway without realizing it? Thoughts raced through my head yet strangely I was calm as a speed skater going around and around the ice. It was winter in Alaska, the lines on the road long gone, my sense of direction reduced to the snow banks on either side, focused solely on what was directly in front of me. Then, as I rounded a bend, one of the snaking switch back turns leading up the mountain where my family waited for me, unaware, it happened. On this ordinary day of snow shoveling, meal making, dog feeding, living, breathing, working, playing kind of a day, on mile marker 12,  in some moment of centrifugal logic, my valley came into view. It was  an enormous bowl of tiny tree frosted flakes with snow illuminating every branch, and a sprinkling of raisin houses. With my home in crystal clear sugary light, all I needed was some milk. The stranger was me, she was not too old, just more mature, she was not asking for too much, she was worthy of receiving all gifts. I saw her, this new mother person with a baby bundle, strapped snugly on, confident, accomplished, adventuring on, so much better this time around and I told myself so on the last mile home.

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Gave a wipie box and a diaper box with pink towels to my mom and a blue towels to my dad.


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I am currently 15 weeks pregnant, due mid july. I was 12 weeks (3 months) around Christmas so we decided that Christmas morning was a perfect time to announce to our families. My husband family is in France and they all get together at his grandmothers home for a big dinner. We told them over Skype by putting a bow on my belly and having me go in front of the camera. It took a awhile, but once they figured it out the room was full of cheers.

For my parents, I worked very hard on creating a book with a Twas the Night before Christmas theme to it. When my parents opened it we had them sit on the couch and read the book to the kids. I pretended to take pics, but really i was video taping the entire thing. My father read the book out loud. In the video you can see my father figures out what its going on because he gets a bit teary eyed. Take my mom awhile, but then she looks at the camera and says " NO WAY! YOU'RE PREGNANT?!!" . I think my mom was just in shock that I kept it a secret from her that long! My parents are the two most important people in my lives. They are amazing parents and wonderful grandparents. It was very important to me that the announcement was special....and it was.

Here is the video from the announcement:


and photos of the book:

Hip Hippie Mamatreehugger.gif to Baylin & Evangélina hbac.gif and Wife to my sexy Frenchman Clément luxlove.gif living frugally green in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Expecting our newest French Fry July 2012!




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My husband and I bought a MAJOR fixer-upper about 3 years ago and have been remodeling it since. It's always a fun topic since we are learning as we go. When asked about plans at our family reunion we simply said: "we have big remodeling plans this year, we are expanding the house by 2 feet!" It was really fun to watch everyone's faces turn from utter confusion to excitement as they figured it out  :)

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My husband is the most important person in my life. With each of our 4 pregnancies, he has been right with me when I've taken the test, and we wait together for the result. With something as monumental as a new life being realized, I wouldn't want to be alone at that special time. We were able to be there for comfort and love for each other. This gift would be so special for future babies!

duquesalamers at gmail dot com

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