Third Time "Flu-Like" During Preg and Only 15 Weeks. Concern? - Mothering Forums
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Before my first pregnancy, I rarely got sick, usually just the cold/sinus thing at Christmas once a year from being run down. But I just never got sick. I literally had not barfed since grade school.

With my first pregnancy, I literally NEVER got sick. Not once. No colds, (even when DH and all coworkers were sick), even when run down, etc. Heard you have a strong immune system during pregnancy.

During my two year old's first 1 1/2 yrs at daycare, I got sick 3 times alongside him - 2x with a cold, once with Rotavirus.

I am now 15 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and I've been sick 3 times since getting pregnant. The first time was at about 6 weeks, sudden severe vomiting (more than just morning sickness) plus concurrant diarreah, chills, aches, tired, etc. It lasted a day.

Second illness was at about 10 weeks, chills, achey, fever (101.6), extreme fatigue, could barely get out of bed, swollen glands in throat, sore throat. Lasted about a day and a half. (Note: my son had this 3 days before and recovered nicely).

Third is now, 15 weeks. Fatigue, swollen glands in throat, sore throat, aches, chills, mild cough, (had a stuffy nose overnight that has since gone away). (Note: my son has had a cough/cold for the past week).

At both my 8 week and 12 week midwife visits, they said not to worry, probably a virus, etc.. If I look up these symptoms, it appears it could be anything from the Flu to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Mono to Mumps to Rubella to cancer to HIV! You name it. These symptoms pretty much appear to be signs of every disease, virus or ailment known to man.

The part that worries me is could I have Listeria? I have eaten lunch meats twice in my pregnancy, and feta cheese once, (I was told feta was ok). However the illnesses didn't coincide with eating these things. Also, my son started in a new Preschool room in August so maybe it's new kids, new germs?

But why am I getting sick so much if you are supposed to be super-immune during pregnancy (like I was with #1)? Should I worry? Could the baby end up with complications? Sorry if these sound like dumb questions of a paranoid mamma!! It is just so weird for me to be sick 3 times in 2 months - it is very unusual so it makes me worry.

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I got a cold during my first pregnancy and I have one now. I know many women have encoutered these viruses throughout pregancy and everything was fine. I even know one lady who had pneumonia during pregnancy.

Since your ds just started in a new preschool, it is possible that your dc and yourself is getting the viruses. My dh is a 4th grade school teacher and the first couple of years, it seemed like he had a cold all the time. However, now I have a cold and he seems to have missed it. I think his immune system has adjusted and maybe that is what yours is doing. I'm just guessing. I hope you feel better soon. It is hard dealing with the first tri yuckies and then a virus or cold on top of that. I know you are in the 2nd tri now, but I am sure it was hard dealing with that during the first.
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Honestly, to me, it doesn't sound right. HUGE DISCLAIMER - I am not a member of the medical profession.

So many viruses can cause your symptoms. The one that would worry me the most personally is 5ths disease.

Bring your concerns up to your mw. If she still poo-poos you, and you're still concerned, find someone else. In so many matters we tell each other to "trust our gut". I don't think this should be any different. If you don't feel something is right, it probably isn't.

Here's to getting some answers soon!
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I'm 5 wks pregnant, and I'm recovering from a cold (bad cough, etc.). Like you, I didn't get sick at all with my first pregnancy, and I was shocked that I got sick this time around (I also read about our immune systems being heightened during pregnancy). My 20-mo-old dd (not in daycare) hasn't gotten sick (she does bf, though), and dh has only had some very mild sniffles that didn't linger. Just wanted you to know you're not alone.
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