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AndreaOlson 08-24-2011 07:33 PM


Elimination Communication Simplified



Elimination Communication is the natural alternative to full-time diapering and conventional toilet training. I've created EC Simplified to help you learn how to do Elimination Communication, aka infant potty training, with your 0-20 month old a visual, straight-forward manner (that pregnant mamas & new parents can especially appreciate). : )


The Statistics:

Over the half the world's babies are potty trained by 1 year old (Pediatrics Magazine).

Yet, in the US, the average age is now over 3 years old! (webMD)

There is another way...


What kind of parents use Elimination Communication?

Well, the spectrum is huge! You don't have to be crunchy or a stay-at-home mom to do EC. You don't have to do it full-time. You can do it with diapers as a back-up. Or you can do it all the time completely diaper-free! Whether you’ve got 3 kids or one on the way, a full time job or 2 hired nannies, you live in an apartment in NYC or on a homestead in Iowa…EC can work for you and I will show you exactly how to do it.

Do you want the natural & gentle alternative to 3 years of diaper dependence and potty training struggles?


Or have you already heard about Elimination Communication and want to start doing it, but don’t know how to start? Then, please read on…


What is Elimination Communication?
Elimination Communication is a non-coercive, gentle way to potty an infant from birth, following a baby’s natural awareness of its elimination and its desire to keep itself, its caregivers, and its bed dry. Variations of it are practiced by over half the world’s population (and have been for over 200,000 years). EC has been adapted to fit modern lifestyle. It can be done with or without a diaper back-up, full-time or part-time, by anyone, anywhere...and can be started at any age from 0-20 months...babies are born ready!


(If your child is 20-30+ months, do not waste your time with EC! Drop everything and go do my Mama friend, Jamie's, 3 day non-coercive potty training program and be done w/in 3-14 days.)


About the Book & Audiobook
Elimination Communication Simplified is more than just a book…it is a multimedia experience of exactly how to start, what to expect, and how to troubleshoot challenges along the way. Endorsed by DiaperFreeBaby, the EC Simplified package will help you learn EC hands-on, how it’s meant to be learned! By seeing, doing, and experiencing…

It's a 160+ page digital book with easy internal navigation, featuring 100's of full-color photos, an optional audiobook version for parents-on-the-go, and an exclusive 25+ video collection of how-to's and examples of EC in action. It covers all ages with special sections on: EC for Working Parents & Other Part-timers; Nighttime EC; EC for Late Starters (5-12 mos) & Early Start Potty Training (12+ mos); Potty Pauses; Praise; and multiple Unique Potty Situation How-to's (while breastfeeding, in nature, in the city, or traveling).'ll get lifetime access to my Book Owners Webpage that is stuffed full of printable forms, signs, guides (for caregivers, Dads, daycares, etc.), and the private 25 Video Library. private support Forum, where you can personally get my help.


You can get the book, audiobook, or both as an instant download. No shipping costs, no waiting, zero carbon footprint, and everything you need to get started. Instant Gratification :) Members: get a limited time 20% off coupon by entering the code MotheringSpecial at checkout!


Redeem your coupon here.


About the Author

My name is Andrea Olson, MA. I have my Master's degree in Psychology and have ECed my son from birth. I am a stay-at-home mom to my son, an author, and in my last life I was a counselor and performing artist. I am also a DiaperFreeBaby Mentor residing in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves traveling, ecstatic dance, cooking, Ultimate Frisbee, and gardening.


Thanks so much for your support, Mothering Community!!! You are helping us to remain stay-at-home parents through supporting my book & website. : ) We, as parents, are here to help each other grow. I hope that I may contribute to many new parents' & babies' happiness, health, and growth, too.



Andrea Olson

Owner |:| EC Simplified: Infant Potty Training Made Easy

A Guide to Starting Elimination Communication | Infant Potty Training

[I teach parents of 0-20 month old babies how to stop diapering

full-time and how to avoid conventional toilet training...and poop.]



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