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I think more covers also. I ended up using Bummis Super Whisper wraps alot. They come out of the washer just about dry enough to use, which I love! I also used a couple of pocket diapers like happy heinies or fuzzibunz (which there are alot of on ebay right now).

Good luck! It's fun!
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I can't overstate how important fitteds (or pinning/snappi'ing your prefolds) will be. It is VERY hard to contain breastfed baby poop, and fitteds were a lifesaver for me. (Kissaluvs or MotherEase Sandy's). You can always resell them after they're outgrown. Definitely worth the expense to not have to do that much laundry, IMO.

I agree - more covers. Try Proraps ( I think)
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I wasn't prepared for how fast my dd grew! Her nb covers were *way* too small and I was too dumb to know it. I'd recommend nb, small and one medium cover to prevent any frustration over the first several weeks! Them bf babes sure grow like weeds!
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Yes, more covers!!

Litewrap covers run really big - we used the newborn size until DD was about 12-13 lbs.

Proraps are good too - the newborn size has the umbilical cord dip, if I remember right.

For diapers, I loved Kissaluvs size 0. Umbilical cord snap-down thingie, easy to put on, stretchy so they fit for longer than 2 weeks.

good luck!
ps. the SOS store is stocked only on Fridays. That's all I will say and I may be in danger just from telling you that...I hear hyenas in the distance....

A writer/runner/thinker/wife with two daughters (11/02 and 8/05), one dog, three cats, seven fish, and a partridge in a pear tree... in Vermont.
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I've heard tons of great things about Kissaluvs 0 for those first few weeks and very few regrets about them. I have 13 of them for my future babe...
They hold in the BF poop, they stay put and they are just so cute!
I'd try to get my hands on some used-the resale value is very good so you can make much of your $ back wen they grow out of them.
I've also heard that Proraps covers-nb and small are great-I didn't start until my DD was 11 mos old but have alwys liked my proraps best of all the PUL covers for the value and performance-never a leak!
If you want to splurge on an has a great diaper-the snap in soaker is gusseted too so it really holds in the blowouts. I love this diaper!
Good luck!

Full-time homeschooling mama : of a 15yo "teenager" , 12yo DIVA, 9yo builder, & 4yo treasure.
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I just wanted to add that the Polar Babies covers run really really small. I had a newborn one that was only big enough till about 9 pounds, and that was pushing it to the limit. Inside, I only had room to lay in a Joey Bunz. I can't imagine being able to fit a prefold in that size.

I did like the softness of the cover, and we used it often during those first weeks, but she outgrew it very fast for such an expensive cover. So, get a bigger size than you think you will need. :-)

Don't be scared of prefolds! They worked great for us -- even with breastfed newborn poops. I had a few Kissaluvs, which I liked a lot for the cuteness factor, but I could have done without them. (I actually preferred my XS Sandys over the Kissaluvs because my baby was long and skinny. The Sandys have a higher rise and fit her better.)
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I'll agree that prefolds are wonderful. Just a little note on that though.. if you have a small baby, they'll seem huge. (difficult for me to say since they look SO tiny no that I have a toddler *LOL*)..Baylee was 5lbs at birth and we ended up using disposables for the first few weeks until she hit about 7lbs and then they fit much better with a small size cover (nb covers never worked well for us) Every now and again, i'd use a washcloth in a wrap since the prefolds seemed so big. The infant 4x6x4 are really nice for a small newborn and we really loved our kissaluvs 0
s. If you have any play money, I highly recommend them.. especailly for under the aristocrate. While wool is easy to care fore as long as poop doesn't get on it.. when you have a cover that has to be hand washed every time poop gets on it and then takes 2 full days to dry enough to use, you'll not feel like you get enough use from it if you have a breastfed baby. It's not that poop shoots out everywhere *LOL*.. gross.. it's just that it seems to get on the cover about half the time when using prefolds. Just a thought. There are lots of nice newborn fitteds out there.. so check around. Diaperbabies probably has really great ones. Also, I recommend you have a set of pins on hand. You might think pinning is just not going to happen, but it never hurts to have them on hand in case you get up the nerve to try one day. I LOVE pinning eventhough I didn't think i would.
A few other things I suggest

Get NICE wipes. I started out with baby washcloths from handme downs, gifts, and the thrift shop. They got the job done and some are still in service, but now I wish I'd just gotten really nice ones to begin with. It's a small thing that makes cloth diapering really feel like a luxury. many wahms sell these.. velour, sherpa, knit terr, flannel, etc etc.. Get 30-40 of them.. you won't regret it.

A wet bag .. you can get a really expensive one or a really cheap one.. it doesn't matter. The expensive ones are prettier, but both will get the job done. I didn't have one of these until my baby was much older and wish I'd have had one. Now, we not only ue ours for diapers, but for bibs, clothing, etc etc.. when out and about. Very useful.

Liners. Microfleece liners are a pesonal choice. I use to have a hang-up about putting sythetics against my baby's bum, but once I saw how well they kept rashes at bay (we had lots of rash problems).. I was sold. Just get a handful to try out.

Wool wash- you can get free samples if you go to

I want to say skip the AIO's at this stage, but I'm not going to because I think that it's important that you try a variety of items. A fuzzy bunz, happy hieny, or apron strings in a size small along with a hemp stuffer will very much be a great comodity when you need to fit your baby's cloth diapered bum into that outfit that aunt sally bought but must coth diapers won't allow your baby to wear. It's also simple and easy for on the go changes.. only one piece to worry about.

Okay, that sounds like a lot I kno, but you shoudl have fun with this and make it as luxurious as you can. has a wonderful newborn package to try different things. It's like $50 and so awsome get a kissaluv, a couple of covers, couple of prefolds, AIO, etc..

Prefolds are a great way to go, but I'd suggest more along the lines of 2 dozen and get a dozen of something else.. either fitteds, or pocket diapers or a combo of both just for fun.

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I like Bummis Super Whisper wraps, I like the way they are made to fit on the diaper, on my prowraps the leg gussetts always get poop on them, with Bummis I don't have this problem. This is with use of a PF, I'm sure you would be fine with a fitted. Bummis also have the little pocket thing at the top to slide the diaper in.

Mom of 3 sons and one daughter
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Amber, those are excellent ideas!

I used two dozen *preemie* prefolds on my 6-pound baby for the first month or so.

And, I've also now remembered that the AIOs with velcro (even though I didn't like them much) were a huge hit with my husband and my mom, who were both against cloth diapering at first. Having those on hand for them was worth the expense because it opened their minds enough that they are now convinced that cloth is the way to go. DH even tried to convince one of the ladies he works with to give it a go recently.

Gosh, six months went by fast...
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