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This is a continuation of a conversation/thread in TAO. is your child an "old soul" or do you know an "old soul".

I posted in this thread #8, and then read a reply by VWChick #11.

It brought up something that I feel deeply, think about from time to time about my dd, and I wanted
to create a discussion/get some thoughts from other single parents.

I have looked back at my life several times to the point of dd's birth. A couple of weeks before dd
was conceived I was on a road trip with a friend and we started to talk about the state of our lives.
At one point I lifted my hands in the air and said "God give me something that will propel my life
into adulthood". I was not happy with the state of where I was. I didn't feel like the path I was
taking was healthy, and I was mourning the loss of my Grandfather days before.

So I'm blessed with dd, I had left her Dad while pregnant. My Mom got ill while I was pregnant and I
moved back in with my parents to help my Dad to care for her. Truthfully if I wasn't pregnant at the
same time I think I would have continued to drive to their home everyday to help, but while pregnant
I was too tired for that.

I don't want to make this a novel but there are many more choices that were forced because of the
fact that I was pregnant/then a single mom. Many of these choices I feel I would never have made in
the same manner if I hadn't been blessed with dd. These choices in the long run were exactly where
I needed to be, even if they were painful choices. These choices gave my life the path that I am so
blessed by.

My dd has words beyond her 6 years. She got up and spoke at both my Mother's and Grandmother's
funerals last Fall. Spontaneously she just got up and spoke, at the perfect moment, with beautiful
words beyond her years. She speaks so clearly and intelligently on death at such a young age. It's
really amazing. I'm also shocked at times how she can deal with the abandonment by her Father.
I'm not saying that it never bothers her, and she has many sad moments. But she's so comfortable
with the world around her and is so strong emotionally.

OKay so my long ramble, this is what I am trying to get at. I have at times felt as though my dd was
sent to me to teach me, allow me to grow, and force me to choose a stronger path in life. I also feel
that she could have chosen me on purpose, chosen a single parent on purpose.

Any thoughts on this? Does my post make any sense? Do you believe that our children could choose us?

-Janna, independent mother of dd, Ms. Mattie Sky born on my 25th birthday, 06*23*2000. My Mama Feb.21,1938-Sept.10,2006
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A bunch of co-workers and I got together a few months ago with a medium (I think that's the proper name). Anyway, afterwards we were talking about who had an older soul and who had a younger soul. She was able to pin-point some people in the room as having really old souls. I think what you are saying is very true. I know my life took a huge turn for the better when I got pregnant/had dd. I sometimes have said that my dd is so mature and responsible and that I can't believe I was so lucky to have such a good kid. And a response that I once got to that statement that I often think about (which I am sure you will appreciate) is.... "We are given the children we need in life." Thank goodness I needed dd cause I don't know what I would do without her.:

Kim, proud CPS mom to Marnie and my 4 legged kids, Jess, Zander, Oliver, Stumpy and Eddie.
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trinity6232000: My situation was very similar to yours, it sounds. I was continuing down a somewhat self-destructive path until I became pregnant. I lived 1600 miles away from my family and have since moved back. While the move that I had made cross-country may have been fun, it definitely wasn't productive. DS was exactly what I needed, as well, to propel my life forward into adulthood. I truly believe DS is an old soul and have felt that since his birth. Even though I have days when I wonder how in the world I could end up with such a challenging child as a single mother, I also feel like he has chosen me. I love him beyond belief and I am so thankful & so blessed to have him in my life. He is only 16mo but I can't wait to see what he is going to be like in the years to come. I have definitely been given the chid I need in life and he knows it, too.
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its interesting you bring this up when i have been just thinking of this lately. i have just started dating recently with the intention of just being good friends and that is changing fast.

its then i realised i have it all. my world is already here in my dd. anything else that comes - husband, more children, prosperity out of the poverty i live in now - will only be teh icing. my life is so perfect right now.

yes many people have told me my dd is an old soul. at 3 1/2 seeing me throw the dead sparrow in teh garbage asked me - mama after i die will you also throw my body in the garbage? at 3 she told ehr dad who was yelling at me 'daddy f**k you is not a nice word to use. mommy is not well and it hurts mommy's feelings.' and then seh turned to me adn said 'mommy just because daddy is yelling at you doesnt mean you yell back at daddy'.

my dd has helped me bring out the inner child within me. she always wanted my company. she showed me the path to joy. she didnt just wnat to jump into the puddle or dried leaves herself. she wanted me to join in. and doing that i lost myself and gleefully enjoyed the squelch of water nad crunchy leaves under my feet. seh is 4 1/2. her wisdom totally amazes me. how she truly picks up stuff around her. for instance B and i havent really had a chance to date. my dd has always been with us. we all have a great time together. we've known each other from church for 6 months but just recently started hanging out together. yet there is underlying emotions crackling underneath. suddenly one eveing my dd turns to me and asks if i have kissed B yet with a really goofy look (yeah thanks shrek and spiderman). gosh b adn i havent had time to figure what is going on and yet dd picks the emotions up.

her wonder at everything around her - the ants in the cracks of the sidewalk, the perfect stick, teh funny shaped clouds have brought back the magic of livingfor me. i truly believe she came to me to be my friend. but really to heal her dad who is a v. tormented soul. from how well we get along together i know we have had past lives together. she cant wait for me to find a new daddy adn have more chldren since she says she is waiting for her bros and sis to arrive. and she has point blankly told me i will give birth, not adopt since i am past 40.

the other day i had a v. surreal moment with her in my friends car. a song came on the radio. before we could react (dd was sitting in front with us) she goes oooh what a great song and turns up the volume. unknown to any of us - it was one of our fav. songs. so while friend adn i sang the words, dd sang the tune. adn we all head banged and rocked out on this short drive to her dc. its almost time, age, generation stood still. we all connected as women and totally shared a surreal moment together.

i cry everytime i hear this song. it is so true for me.

Artist/Band: Martina McBride
Lyrics for Song: In My Daughters Eyes
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs
In my daughter's eyes, I am a hero.
I am strong an' wise,
And I know no fear.
But the truth is plain to see:
She was sent to rescue me,
I see who I wanna be, in my daughter's eyes.

In my daughter's eyes, everyone is equal,
Darkness turns to light,
And the world is at peace.
This miracle God gave to me,
Gives me strength when I am weak.
I find reason to believe, in my daughter's eyes.

An' when she wraps her hand around my finger,
Oh, it puts a smile in my heart.
Everything becomes a little clearer.
I realise what life is all about.
It's hangin' on when your heart has had enough;
It's givin' more when you feel like givin' up.
I've seen the light: it's in my daughter's eyes.

In my daughter's eyes, I can see the future.
A reflection of who I am,
An' what will be.
An' though she'll grow an', some day, leave:
Maybe raise a family,
When I'm gone, I hope you'll see,
How happy she made me,
For I'll be there, in my daughter's eyes.

 treehugger.gif Co-parent, joy.gifcold.gifbrand new homeschooling middle schoolerjoy.gif, and an attackcat.gif 
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There are many books that talk about how many children are being born at this time that are advanced in ways beyond their years. They are here to help us propel forward and grow spiritually.
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