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RyleenColinsMom 07-25-2004 01:50 AM

Do BF babies take to pacifiers more or less than bottle fed? Neither of my kids took one and we are TTC #3 and I am going to breastfeed this time and I'm wondering if I should even bother getting pacifiers??

Tiacsophno 07-25-2004 02:00 AM

Avoid pacifiers if you can, as their use can interfere with breastfeeding. Baby could develop nipple confusion from the different type of sucking, or spend time sucking on the pacifier when he would be better off spending time at the breast getting nutrients and building up mom's milk supply. If you've already been through kids who don't use pacifiers, you probably have a toolbox full of skills to help you live without one.

On the other hand, some kids have a really strong need to suck all the time. Most can be satisfied at the breast if mom is willing, but some mothers find limited use of a pacifier helps a lot. Some babies freak out in the car when you CAN'T be nearby. You'll know it if you get one of these babies, and then you can go from there. ;-)

As for whether breast- or bottle-fed kids are more likely to accept a pacifier, I don't know the answer. Both my kids were exclusively breastfed and the first rejected a pacifier and I never offered one to the second.

Gidget 07-25-2004 02:38 AM

My baby takes a paci, but he only started at 4 months, after bf was already well established. He took it often at first, but now he never does. I always made sure that he absolitely did not want to nurse before I gave it to him. He still takes it mainly in the van or at the sitters, but not at home anymore. It can compromise supply if introduced too early or used incorrectly(trying to hold hungry baby off with it often). Just be sure to feed on demand and read all you can on bf now. Breastmilk is digested much faster than formula, so a bf baby will eat ALOT in the first couple of months. Eating as often as every 30 minutes is normal as is going as much as 3 hours(longer than that is generally not recommended). Good luck with your bf journey.

shelbean91 07-25-2004 03:44 AM

None of my kids liked them- they preferred sucking on my finger.

Mrs Dimples 07-25-2004 08:23 AM

FWIW, my son was always bottlefed EBM and he never took a paci. He sucked on my finger alot in the car at the beginning, lol!

Parker'smommy 07-25-2004 07:24 PM

My LC and pretty much all of my BF books told me to not give a pacifier for at least the first month. She told me that if the baby wanted to suck, to put them to the breast as we are built in pacifiers. She then said, if baby didn't want to nurse but still wanted to suck to give him my clean finger, nail down, and let him suck on that.

Around 5 weeks he was having those super fussy evenings ( but not colic) and didn't want to nurse and didnt want my finger so I gave him a pacifier. I used it only when nothing else helped and he gave it up entirely by 3 1/2 months when he finally got that darn thumb in his mouth ( he'd been trying forever to get it in...we have the cutest picture of him with his thumb in his mouth, using his other hand to hold his hand and he is asleep...very cute!). Then he stopped sucking his thumb on his own at 9 months old. I have tried during times of frustration to give him a pacifier but he will either chew on it, or throw it!!!

I think, that you should try to avoid pacifiers in the beginning to avoid nipple confusion/preference, but if your babe seems to have a higher need to suck, then you might need one. You won't know until your babe gets here really. Good luck!

Momtwice 07-25-2004 08:57 PM

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against them for bf moms. "Supplements and pacifiers should be avoided whenever possible and, if used at all, only after breastfeeding is well established" according to their bf recommendations.

Information about pacifiers and how they impact bf

RyleenColinsMom 07-25-2004 09:03 PM

Thank you SO much all of you! I only wish I knew all of this before, maybe then I'd be BF my 3rd child not BF my 3rd baby!

littleteapot 07-25-2004 10:15 PM

Pacifiers in general are bad news. I'm very anti-pacifier and it makes me sad to see babies (especially new ones) with giant plastic gaudy things covering half their faces. That said, pacifiers do have a use. In bottle-fed babies, they provide the comfort sucking that babies desperately need.

AND... we used one.
Don't jump all over me yet! Let me at least give my reason!
I had a big problem with oversupply. My baby was crying all the time, I nursed on demand, and I could not figure out what was wrong. Now, we did have about three billion other problems (and half of those breastfeeding) going on, so the stress certainly didn't help.
I was seeing a lactation consultant, a breastfeeding-friendly nurse/birth assistant was coming to my house daily, and my midwife was my 24-hour helpline. Eventually it was determined that part of the problem was my baby was suckling constantly, and I do mean constantly and I was having letdowns several times a minute. She would gag, choke, and get upset because she wanted to comfort suck, but kept getting milk. My milk kept letting down and letting down, and she'd eventually eat so much she'd get sick and throw up everywhere. Then she'd be upset, try to comfort suck, get more letdowns, more spraying milk, throw up, get upset... repeat repeat repeat all day long, all night long. My LC told me that this particular type of nursing problem was the only kind she ever reccomended careful pacifier use with.
So, we got one. After she was done eating and that cycle started, I would slip the soother over my nipple so she could suckle it as though it was my breast, and her cheek was still resting against me. As my milk supply evened out over a course of months, the pacifier use dwindled to less and less, and eventually weaned off it completely by 5-6 months old. This became a lot easier after I had surgery on my right breast and the milk ducts were severed and supply dropped to zip. That breast became the "comfort breast" - although more than 75% of the time she refused to nurse on that side.

And I STILL hate them. With a passion. With my next baby, I don't even want one in my house. (I didn't have one in my house this time, either. My mother ran out and got one for me after the LC gave me that advice). We were very fortunate that it didn't effect my daughter's latch (we introduced at around 3 weeks old). And I will never say that I "Needed it" because I don't know for sure what would have happened if I'd ignored the LC and just not used it.

amyandelle 07-25-2004 10:40 PM

My dd has taken a pacifier since birth. She does not use it all the time just sometimes when we are out shopping or driving in the car and very rarly when she is really tired at night she will take it after nursing. For us it has never caused a problem. The only suggestion that I have for you is that (if you will ever pump and feed expressed bm) that you figure out what bottle system you will use and find a pacifier that has the same shape nipple. We made the mistake of using the pacifier that the hospital provided and had a few problems getting Elle to take a bottle because she did not like the shape of the nipple. This is just our experiance. I know a lot of other mom's have had problems with nipple confusion because of pacifier use.

Evergreen 07-25-2004 11:31 PM

Originally Posted by littleteapot
Pacifiers in general are bad news. I'm very anti-pacifier and it makes me sad to see babies (especially new ones) with giant plastic gaudy things covering half their faces. need.

AND... we used one.

And I STILL hate them. With a passion. With my next baby, I don't even want one in my house. (I didn't have one in my house this time, either. .

This is me!!!! I wasn't going to give Dylan one EVER, and if anyone tried I was going to shove it down their throat! I did wait till the breastfeeding relationship was well established, though. When she was 3 months we drove through the mountains, and I gave it to her so her ears wouldn't pop. Well, she was hooked.

The next one will not get one, I have already told dh we will not even have one in the house!

My mother says breastfed babier want a paci more, but she is no expert (although, she does think she is )

Firemom 07-26-2004 12:36 AM

Never used them here and I'm a working mom. I didn't like the fact that my babies had to have a bottle when I was gone. So I didn't want a pacifier introduced. I wasn't opposed to a finger or thumb

hunnybumm 07-26-2004 02:23 AM

My DS used a paci from birth and I don't mind it one bit. I wish I had gotten a different kind of paci, a more BFing friendly one, but he wouldn't take the Gerber ones so I gave him the orthodontic one and he took it. The only problem I have had was in the begining we had problems BFing, I was stressed thinking that it was because he was taking the paci instead of the breast. But it turned out he was tongue tied and the paci didn't have anything to do with it, but I was a wreck trying to not give my week old his paci.

The LC told me to stop using it but it turned out that he was a high suck needs baby and the paci really helped him to relax so he could nurse. There were so many times I would try and nurse him (even after his tongue had been clipped) but he would pop off and cry. Finaly I would give him the paci and he would such for about 5 min then he would nurse.

Now at almost 8 months he uses it when he is tired but doesn't want to eat. If he is tired and hungry, he will nurse to sleep then once he is asleep he usually rolls over and is fine. Some times I have to give him the paci or breast to get him to stay asleep.

My advice is to wait at least a week or two, but it seems 1 month is reccomended, till you two get the hang of it. That way you aren't stressed wondering if something is wrong or if it is nipple confusing.

Lucky Charm 07-26-2004 06:04 PM

My daughter never took one, she hated it. My other two kids had one, loved it, and all three were breastfed.

No problems noted in latch or nipple confusion.

luv2*b*mom 07-26-2004 10:03 PM

My son has one and he never confused it with nursing. We didnt start until 3 or 4 months though...

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