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The last week or so I've been getting this pain and ache around my pubic bone - did a Google search and found out it can be a common preg. affliction. Chiropractors and Cranial Sacral Therapy might help with this. Thankfully it is not severe, but I am worried it may become much worse.

I have no experience here and was hoping that someone knew something or had some experience with this before! Any exp. with Chiropractors or Cranial Sacral Therapy? I know a lot of people don't put a lot of faith into this stuff.
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My midwife highly recommends visiting a chiropractor for adjustments during pregnancy. I just had my first appointment yesterday, so I don't have a lot of experience yet.

If you have a midwife, ask her to recommend a chiropractor. Otherwise you'll have to call around. You'll want one who is experienced with pregnancy. It is a good idea to see one.

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I know chiropractic scares a lot of people- but it can help immensely.

On the other hand, cranio-sacral work is VERY gentle- the touch is so light, and the work is amazing. Many chiros do CST too.

Your pubis symphysis could be separating (ouch), but you also could just be out of balance and it might not take to much to get your pelvis back in shape.

i second the PP opinion that you find someone who works with pregnant mamas and is gentle.

Good luck!
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I have pelvic bone pain and have found some relief from prenatal yoga. You might want to try it.


* Expecting baby #2 in August 2017
* Homeschooling mom to a tween daughter
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BTDT. and it sucks!!!!! The only help I can offer in addition to the other mamas is get a padded bar stool and do your cooking from there. MUCH easier!!!

Solo Mum to 4 and loving every minute of it!!!!
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If you have PSD, I strongly suggest you get treated by a chiropractor to prevent it getting worse.
Even if it`s not what you have, a chiropractor may rule it out and give you heads up on what it is.
You`ll also be able to get excersise advice and do`s and dont`s in you daily life routine.

I know that it is not common for PSD not to be accepted by many dr`s world wide and also in the US, hopefully the laggers will catch up soon.
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I really hope your's doesn't get worse, too! Mine started at 10 weeks and has gradually gotten worse. I just had my first chiropractor appt. last week and I may be the first to say, I'm going to try taking another route. Only because I went to "the best" in our area and he didn't seem to know much about what I was talking about. We did agree that the pubic pain was the cause of my hip and lower back problems that have started recently. I'm not walking naturally and it's affecting those places. I'm going to try massage therapy and prenatal yoga and swimming. I'll let ya know how it goes!
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Remember that there`s a difference between a locked pubic dysfuntion and a loose one!
They feel almost the same, but if your pelvis "only" is locked, it`s easily treatable.

I thought I got PSD last pregnancy, but found out it was my sciatic nerves causing the same sympthoms. I say a pshysiotherapis, massaging my bum for a few weeks and it got sorted.
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I have PSD - Pubic Symphosis Dysfunction - and it's pain in pubic bone where the ligaments hold the pelvis together. The pain started about 6 months and I'm just a week from due date now so I've been living with this a long time. The pain has been terrible at times (especially during the night and first thing in the morning) but it has been much more manageable since I've seen a chiropractor. It is important that you see one who knows about this condition. One that is Webster Certified would be the way to go. Also, I saw mention of prenatal yoga and if you truely have this condition, then your activities should limit anything that spreads your legs because of the stress and strain on those ligaments. That would include sitting indian style, lifting your legs, frequent stairs, etc.

You can search for a Webster Certified Chiro on this site:
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I'm not in your DDC but I saw this in New Posts and wanted to chime in with my experience. I had a separated pubic bone (SPD) that started around 21 weeks. The pain got gradually worse until it leveled off somewhere around 30ish weeks and then it was pretty bad but not awful. It was always worse when DS seemed to be down farther - one exercise that really helped was something like downward facing dog - get on your hands and knees and put your bum in the air and rest your head on your hands. Stay that way for a bit and rock back and forth. It really helped to move DS when he was putting pressure on my pubic bone.

Chiro didn't do much for me. I saw a Webster certified doc, and she did a few adjustments but it would only help for maybe an hour at a time. Of course right after each adjustment I was going back to work and sitting at my desk for several hours - not the best way to treat SPD!

Oh the "belly belt" thingy also helped a little bit - it seemed to keep my pubic bone from moving around too much. Also sometimes when I'd get up from sitting or lying down, I'd put my hands on my hips and press inward towards my spine, which seemed to realign things a little bit.

Mama to two crazy boys (8/05 & 9/07) and happy wife to one wonderful hubby.
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Re the above post -- I don't think a full downward dog is recommended in pregnancy. (The one described is a modified version.)

I had pubic pain and I seriously could not have continued walking without frequent chiro adjustments. I'm a massage therapist and I also have lots of experience with yoga, and I would recommend chiro way over other modalities for this particular condition. Cranio-sacral is good too. I've never had it for pubic issues but I love it.
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I had this to a point where I could barely walk and I couldn't drive. I got adjusted by a chiro and all was well. It still hurts sometimes, and I have to put a pillow between my knees sometimes when I'm sidelying nursing. I think I need to go in for another adjustment...

Kat - mama to Clara (9/29/03): & Iris (5/30/06)
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hi.. i also had psd during my pregnancy, but i gave birth 3 months ago and it still hasn't gotten any better. any suggestions on what to do?
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I had PSD with the last pregnancy, but we didn't figure out what was going on until after the baby was born. I really didn't talk about it much to my OB. I briefly mentioned the pain to him over the phone (on a weekend), and he assumed it was just ligament pain. I mentioned it again during a visit, and he replied with, "Well, having babies hurts. If you plan on having lots of kids, you better get used to it." I didn't feel like bringing it up again. I knew it wasn't "just ligament pain." But I'd never heard of PSD. I found out about it through a friend that Facebook reunited me with. I did some research, and I had every single symptom of PSD. Now the baby's 9 months, and I still have pain at times (much less frequently now, though). But I'm pretty sure we've got a new one on the way--still a little early to test, but I'm pretty sure of it. I'll be looking for a different OB, and will make sure that this one doesn't think PSD is fake.
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Hi ALL! Know this is kinda old- but just wanted to tell about me.

I have overseperated pelvic joints. ALL 6 of them. I have mine, after extensive research, and it's due to my over producing the hormone relaxin. I get my "sepreation" at the start of pregnancy- as I get bigger and more hormone filled the worse it gets. I also get this the whole time I'm pregnant, every time I'm pregnant, and until about a year after. Yes, a YEAR- that's how long your body produces relaxin. Otherwise all your joints would SLAM back together after childbirth. Not nice.

I have tried everything- physical therapy, water therapy, CST, chiropractic, ostieopathic, yoga, stretching, belts, wraps- nothing really helps. I get to the point that I cannot walk- have to have a wheel chair and need daily (or twice daily) pain medications injections. I also spend the whole pregnancy on pain pills- other wise I would be in so much pain I would die. It's seriously that bad.

If you have this condition, and your doctor is blowing you off- FIND A NEW DOCTOR. The old wisdom and education was that this is all in a womans head, and that we are being whiney. Please stand your ground- and tell your doctors/midwives what ever you have that there ARE safe medications to take while pregnant and nursing. They might not like it- but they have to treat your pain. Also, remember that when you are in SEVER pain that the chemicals in your brain - adrennalin (sp) and cortisol are NOT good for the baby in high doses! The more pain you are in the higher your blood pressure can be, and honestly the faster pre term labor can come. Don't put up with "there is nothing we can do" line.

While I have this condition- I have 4 children. Yes, it is horrible. It sucks and I hate it. Yes, it's painfull- but as bad as it hurts, my babies are SO worth it. I welcome ANYONE with this to pm me! If you have this, you are not alone! Also, there is a huge group of Midwives in London that are studying this situation- they found that too many mom's were in pain, and they want to know why- not "they are babies". Leave it to a midwife to realize that there is a Real CONDITION here!

Blessings to all who have read this far! Please PM me if you need support, information, or just a BTDT momma!

Married to Michael and Mother of Jake 14, Jillianne 11, Jensen 9, Jacen 8 & my dog Kota 3
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I have had agonizing pubic symphysis disorder with all three of my kids. I was wheelchair bound during the 2nd one, and found relief at 6 months by visiting my chiropractor. He was a godsend. The pain didn't go away completely, but it was so much more bearable. I think the trick is to find a chiropractor who is trained in pregnancy. My chiropractor has a good website about pelvic pain that he just started it is
I checked it out and it had some good tips. Best of luck all you sufferers, I feel your pain!
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