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Well we did it--Natural and Waterbirth!!!
Yakira Talia's Stats:
Born-July 31-8:18 pm
Weight-7 lbs 11 oz

Here's the Story:
I started prelabor 7/28--already painlessly 3 cm dilated. This continued until late Saturday night when contractions started coming closer. I went to sleep only to wake up around 1 am to 2 min apart contractions. As this is my 6th baby and the last labor only was under 3 hours we called our OB who was on call and he wanted us to get to the hospital shortly. My doula lives over an hour away so she got to my house at 3:30 am. We got to the hospital around 4:30--birth pool was ready and Dr already there. I was at 5 cm--painlessly and 70% effaced. I was totally empowered to have this birth natural and I refused the IV needle and hospital gown which made one of the nurses rather annoyed. I labored in my favorite shirt the entire time and it felt great! I walked and bounced around the birthing ball for a bit and then got into the tub for a while, all in all having a very easy time with the contractions. I had the best labor music on--(Loreena McKennit-The Book of Secrets, Enya--Watermark, Enya--Shepard Moons). About 10 am the OB said I was at 7 cm so everything looked like it was going pretty well. At 2 pm, Dr looked at me and said I was about 9-10. I have to say the labor was pretty painless and I was using lots of relaxation techniques with my doula. I got into the birth tub and felt absolutely no desire to push or any really strong contractions. I felt entirely relaxed and into the labor. My doula was the greatest support anyone could ever wish for. She was not rushed or anxious at all and was totally focused on me and what she could do to help. I noticed my tub felt a little cool so when they checked the temp--they find out it was never plugged in!!! The pool was sitting on top of the plug so now we have to empty the WHOLE thing out. I was not panicked and I just went into the shower and stayed there for the hour it took to empty and fill the tub again. So now everythings all set again and my baby's in NO hurry to come out. I was actually enjoying the labor--I was able to talk through my contractions and really felt no tremendous discomfort. I was using many of the techniques I learned from Ina Mae's birth book and the Birthing from Within Book. They really helped me so much to get through the labor. I had only one run in with a really lousy labor nurse. She refused to put her hand in the labor tub and everyone could see she was repulsed by the idea of water birth. She was insulting me and arguing with my OB. It took us-OB, doula and myself about 5 minutes to get her the heck out of there and get a new nurse. By 5 pm my labor hadn't changed, I was still at 10 with no desire to push and relatively painless contractions. All vital signs of baby and I were excellent so no intervention should have been mentioned. Well my dr--who is usually really great showed some new colors right about then. He had been at the hospital since 2:30 am and he was getting irritable and exhausted. He wants to break my water and even mentioned pitocin. My OB was never really in the room much, he showed up until 6 pm only once every 2 hours or so just to see how things were going. The labor nurses--I had 4 different shifts of nurses thru that day, also weren't around unless to check the fetal heartbeat monitor--which they did in the water. I unfortunately let my OB break the water, it didn't do anything since there was no gush until the last part of my pushing and it left 2 horrible scratches on Yakira's scalp. At 6 pm, my doula gave me a homopathic herb that she said would maybe get the contractions going stronger. We did aromatherapy and she gave me a ginger root drink that reenergized me since I was weak from hunger. I had been drinking Powerade all day but I was really starving for food. The ginger worked amazing--gave me energy and I still had an almost druglike feeling of relaxation at the end. My doula started reading something to me and she continued to rub a spot on my hands between the thumb and index finger. My contrax were getting stronger and I was welcoming them on and chanting to myself about wanting to meet my baby and telling myself out loud that these contrax felt "good". I had completely blocked out my OB--who I knew was behind me at the tub and the new labor nurse that had recently come in. My OB was trying to make up for his emotional outburst earlier by telling me that I was in a safe place. I definately felt my baby was coming out soon and I still didn't feel rushed or out of control like I remember from my other births. Everything with this labor was so gentle and serene at this point. At 7:45 pm the labor really started to move along and I knew I was getting close. I only had to push for 15 minutes or so, that was really the only intense part of my very, very long labor in the hospital. I only thought of the pain for 2 contractions and the pushing to get the baby out in the water was longer then I expected. After Yakira was pushed out at 8:18 pm, my OB pushed her between my legs and after a few moments I lifted her up in exhilaration. Words cannot adequately express the emotions I felt at that time. It was truly spiritual. Without my doula there, this birth could not have been so gentle and beautiful in a hospital setting. I was able to hold her in the water for at least 10 minutes or so while the cord finished pulsing. Yakira's agpars were 8 and 8. We got the hospital to do the newborn checks in my room, not in the nursery and I nursed Yakira for a while. It was all on my own terms, I have never felt so empowered in my entire life. What an experience!! She's nursing great and loving her sling. We are totally blessed!!
BTW--Yakira means "precious" in Hebrew and Talia means "Dew from G-d"
My 6 little blessings: Esther Rivkah Lena-13, Ethan--8, Amiel Asher--6, Calev Aryeh--4, Adina Bracha--2, and Yakira Talia--7/31
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Jeanine, what a beautiful story!! I'm so impressed that you had this kind of experience in a traditional L&D setting, and with an OB. Good for you for insisting that things go the way you wanted!

Congratulations, and welcome to Yakira!

Mama to M (7/05) and S (5/08) my surprise !!!
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What a beautiful birth story. I'm so happy for you and your family. Welcome Yakira Talia!
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A beautiful birth! Thanks for sharing. I love your daughter's name, btw.
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