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He was born in our home (1st homebirth!!) at 5:44am Sunday, October 23rd.
8lbs 8oz. 21.5in long
He's beautiful , nursing a lot (as though he was born starving) and I will write up a birth story was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

Peace and

Noah’s Birth Story

We decided to have a homebirth after 8½ months of care with UCSD. They were afraid that the baby was going to be too big and have shoulder dystocia (the shoulders get stuck because the trunk of the baby is larger than the head). They recommended another ultrasound which is known not to be a reliable test for this. They also spoke about possibly inducing labor early so the baby didn’t get any larger and then a cesarean section would be necessary if the baby was too large. Large they say was 9lbs. (Personally I know a lot of other people, smaller than me, who have had larger than 10lb babies.)

We searched for a midwife and found one who was willing to take us on at such a late date. Barbara is wonderful! Throughout the pregnancy my blood pressure was up and down and as we switched to a homebirth, my BP decided to become high again. Since UCSD hadn’t been concerned throughout the pregnancy, I hadn’t been either.

However, on Thursday, October 20th Barbara had me check my BP a couple of times at home and she was becoming concerned with it being so high. At 10:45pm, we headed to the hospital for some lab work and to check on the baby to rule out pre-eclampsia and other concerns. We were told of what could possibly happen that night and just to pray that my BP went down while at the hospital and that nothing would be found in the lab work. Nothing was found in the lab work and my BP went to an all time low. At 3:30am we got discharged from UCSD with list of things to watch for.

Friday, I decided that I wanted to try to help things get going faster, so I called around and got an appointment with an acupuncturist. She did a moxibustion treatment. I was so energized that night and went wild cleaning the house. Was I nesting? We got the kids to sleep around 10pm. I soon fell asleep too and was awoken by some small contractions at exactly midnight. They were 6 minutes apart and I thought I needed to get up and walk around. So I walked around the house for a while, rested for a while and actually fell asleep for a bit. It was my turn to be in prodromal labor. Corey woke up to find me on the couch and I told him that I didn’t want to wake anyone and that he should sleep until I felt that they were getting stronger. They never got any stronger, just six minutes apart all night until Saturday morning. I did manage to get some sleep too. They seemed to get farther apart as the morning went along. We went for a walk around the neighborhood to see if that helped them get going…nothing. I got home and took a nap. The kids were taken to a birthday party my Corey’s mom and my sister and were brought home while I was napping. That afternoon we went for another walk but the contractions weren’t as strong and getting further apart.

That night (Saturday night) I was awoken at 11:18pm with a strong contraction. I tried to stay in bed to rest (thinking that it was more prodromal labor) but the next contraction was hard so I got up to go in the other room. I didn’t want to wake anyone. I started to time them and found that they were all over the place, 6 minutes then 10 minutes apart, then back to 2 minutes apart. I thought that I was going through another episode of prodromal labor which could last weeks. I could rest between most of the contractions, they weren’t evenly spaced and getting closer together so I hunkered down for another night like the night before. At 3am I woke Corey and told him that I needed him to time the contractions so that we could know if they were getting closer. He decided that he should call the midwife at 3:30am because my contractions seemed to him to be getting stronger. He decided to take care of the pool. We bought a pool to hopefully do a waterbirth, so he started to pump it up (yes, something that should have already been done and waiting to be filled with water).

Benjamin woke up at 4am and was awake for the rest of the morning. He loved being in the midst of it. Corey then called my Mom because we needed someone to watch Ben while we were all busy with other things. The midwives showed up around 4:00 and got busy prepping their stuff. My contractions were regularly coming and I was still in disbelief that this was the real thing. My Mom got here around 4:45 and the midwives sent her to the kitchen to make me some eggs and toast (I was hungry and who knows how long this would last?). Meanwhile, I am contracting and trying to concentrate on them, but happy that there was a little bit of distraction with all of the people in my house.

My Mom finished the eggs and toast and I sat down at the table to eat. I had a contraction that sounded to my midwife like I was pushing. She told us to call anyone we wanted to be here for the birth because it wasn’t too far off. I was still in disbelief that this is the real thing, and that it wasn’t far off because I was eating food. I was hot and cold, legs were shaking. My Mom knew the signs of transition and knew that that is where I was. We joked about how I would probably be vomiting the food up pretty soon and Barbara asked me if I had a history of vomiting in transition. I said yes and that is what the bowl on the table was for. Then I heaved. She put the bowl in front of me just in time. I was in transition for about 3 minutes.

Barbara checked my cervix and the baby’s heart rate. The heart rate was low and Barbara said that we needed the baby out now. I heard urgency in her voice so I got busy with the contractions. The midwives took turns stimulating the baby and cervix to come down. They gave me an oxygen mask to take in to get oxygen to the baby, this helped a lot. I was standing at the table and was really not comfortable standing there. I did a quick squat to see if that would help with my comfort level and this was much more comfortable. So, I squatted down against a wall behind me, as I did this the baby rotated. This was much more comfortable. The baby’s head was almost crowning and I reached down and felt it. Another push or two and the baby was out. I had a second stage of about 10 or 12 minutes. He slipped out so smoothly (no shoulder dystocia!) and into my arms. This birth was not comparable to any of my previous births. Noah was born at 5:44am. He was still in his bag of waters (called “born in the caul”). The placenta was delivered 2 minutes after he was born and Corey cut the cord when it stopped pulsating. He weighed 8lbs. 8oz. and was 21 inches long.

Benjamin (almost 4 years old) was so sweet during labor. He heard my moans and grunts and kept telling me that “it’s OK” and stroking me. He asked me if I was singing the baby song. That got a giggle out of me. It was the baby song. He watched the entire birth on my Mom’s lap and was so happy to see that the baby did come out! Hannah (2½ years old) slept through the whole thing. She woke up to a full house of people and a new baby brother! She was so excited!
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congrats momma! have a beautiful babymoon

Once in while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.... mama of 4 lovelies, an angel, and one on the way.

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congrats Jen!
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Congratulations, mama and welcome, baby Noah!

Happy babymoon!
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Congratz! Happy babymoon to you, and I love the name


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heartbeat.gif heartbeat.gif heartbeat.gif

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woo hoo!!! congrats
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Congratulations and welcome, baby Noah!!!
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I added my birth story...thought I'd share! It's taken me a while to get it together...sorry it's long!
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What a beautiful birth story! Congrats on your little Noah!

lurking from December EDDs.

Spark and her four firecrackers.
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