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I have been hearing plenty of reasons that I should wean my now 3.5 year old DD pretty much since she was a few months old. There have been countless dire predictions "she will never sleep through the night" "she will never be comfortable without you present" "she won't want to eat if you let her nurse that much" "blah blah blah". As we pass each one another pops up. The latest is "kids will tease her at school." We are planning to homeschool anyway, so this won't be an issue, but I am curious - has ANYONE's DC been teased by peers for continuing to nurse? I just can't see kids caring, but am I sticking my head in the sand? I am far more concerned about the adults in her life saying something critical to her than a peer.

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DS was "still" nursing when in pre-school, and the topic never came up.

DD was "still" nursing through First Grade; topic never came up.

Next time someone says that, ask them why they think that any child teasing another child is okay. Just who is or has the problem in this hypotheticaly situation? Seems to me that the harasser is and has the problem, not the nursing child.

Ask them why they think the victim has to change when it's the bully/teaser who is creating a problem.

"What will you do once you know?"
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I'm still nursing my 4.5 yo, and it's never been an issue. Of course, it's been years since she's NIP. And quite honestly, very few people know that she's still nursing. It just doesn't come up in conversation. I've never heard her talk about nursing with her friends. In fact, she's rather shy/modest about the topic of breastfeeding. She'll pretend to nurse her dolls in front of her siblings, but never in front of a friend.

So, no, teasing has never been an issue for us.

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My 2.5 yo still nurses and goes to preschool. It doesn't come up. I don't think they would tease though.
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Another "it just doesn't come up" vote here. DD nursed through preschool (actually, while she had weaned, I guess she nursed multiple times while in "kinder") and DS is nursing still--- he will go to kinder in the fall. Their friends who did know never made fun of them.



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Ds is three and a half and will be in a preschool environment this fall. I'm not at all worried about it. I just think it's so darn unlikely that it will even come up. It's something so normal, it's just not interesting enough to be a topic of conversation that he would bring up. Besides, that's just not the level of conversation between three and four year olds. What do people think, that kids sit around at school discussing their nutritional habits LOL that would crack me up. "So, how's your diet been so far this life? Your mom nurse you? You weaned yet?"
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DS still nurses and goes to preschool. Not an issue at all. I don't think any of the kids or teachers even know that he nurses. The only way they would know is if he told them and I really doubt it would come up.
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i've had one nursling make it through kindergarten and another starting this fall. it's never been a problem and it doesn't come up in converstation. the only time i've seen it mentioned would be on "my favorite things" list or a "what i'm grateful for" list, but my boys call nursing "ninners", so i assume the teachers think that "Ninners" is a name of a pet.

i remember one afternoon, when my oldest got off the bus, he yelled across the yard as i was walking toward him, "mom, can i have ninners now". my neighbor looked over at me and grinned, but she didn't know what he was talking about. the kids on the bus i assume didn't know either, they just waved.

from my experience with nursing and from reading other mom's experience's, the nurslings are usually the ones that make the most well adjusted students!
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dd nursed into K and it was never talked about. For the past year it was more a quick thing before bed.

mom to 14yr dd and 4yr dd
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I'm homeschooling DD, but ds...who knows? He's better suited to a school environment, but that doesn't make me like that environment any better! Anyway, he's 2.75, and my mom just asked me today, "What're you gonna do if he still wants to nurse when he's ready for school?" I answered, "Well, nurse him, of course." She shrugged and kept drinking her tea. I really don't see why people think it's an issue...it's really not in our home. And ds DOES still NIP, often, actually. But it's such a normal thing for us that I really don't even notice whether people stare or grimace or etc.

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I"m currently nursing a 31 month old, and it usually doesn't come up. Her daycare is very breastfeeding friendly, so I often nurse her when picking her up, but she's not nursing much in public now.
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I do not think there will be a problem. I nursed Korbyn through pre-K, and it never even came up. He was old enough that he knew when to ask to nurse and when not. He is now almost 7 (weaned at 4yrs 7 mths, I was 20 weeks pregnant with #2) and he tell me, Mommy you have to nurse my brother until he is at least 4....lol. Funny thing is his best buddy nursed until 5, so those boys thought everyone nursed that long.

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It never came up. At that point she was only nursing once or twice a day, or a few times a week, depending on her mood.

She's a preteen now, (she weaned years ago! )eats plenty, sleeps like a log, and is very independent.

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It never comes up at my DS's daycare or preschool. However he started daycare at 18 months and would want to nurse as soon as I got there to pick him up. Iremember the first time sitting at one of those litle tables full of kids at snack time and starting to nurse and looking up to see like 12 kids frozen (litterally scack halfway to mouth FROZEN) just staring at me. And all I could think to say was "Um hi, I'm Rohans mom." no duh! LOL. The staff thought it was hilarious.
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I nursed dd up until 2nd grade and she was never teased. Even though one of her friends knew because dd told her (her reply was "I used to breastfeed too! ), the topic never came up again. Breastfeeding just isn't something most kids talk about. Especially since they have such a short time to play in school, they are simply busy playing. Not a big deal at all.

eta: forgot she weaned just before 2nd grade started.
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My son started preschool a little before his 3rd birthday, and weaned a little after his 4th birthday. That means he was in school for about a year and a half before weaning. It was never once an issue with any of his peers.

Ruth, single mommy to 3 quasi-adults
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My 3 1/2 year old nursed in preschool last year. Literally in the preschool. It's a parent participation coop, so I was frequently working in the classroom, and if she felt like she needed to nurse.... None of the other preschool age kids were still nursing, but 3 had younger siblings who nursed in the classroom.

The other kids could tell what my daughter was doing, mostly. One girl started trying to suck on her mom's tummy, then started advocating to be allowed to nurse. It was funny to listen to. (Drink milk mom so you'll have milk. No, it doesn't work that way. You used to drink my milk but it's all gone now...) Any kid who cared clearly thought my daughter had a good thing going.

Children at this age are loving and accepting. The parents may think it's screwy, but the kids just accept each other.
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