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I hope this is the right place to post this, I'm new to this, but I am looking for any help,support or advice with a nursing 3yo who leaves deep teeth indentions on the areola, just beside the base of my nipple. It's not so painful as it is irritating. I believe in CLW, but have really hit a rough patch and nursing is not so enjoyable for me as it used to be. Now dd has yet another cold, so on top of the teeth digging in, she can't breathe in thru her nose and latches on and off constantly. I'm finding myself gritting my teeth, watching the clock, wishing she would fall asleep, my neck and shoulders get tense, aaagh this is not how I want my experience of nursing to be. I try to explain to dd but all she wants is her nahnah's, and if she's tired, it is the only way she'll go to sleep. I wonder if it's just a poor latch situation or dwindling milk supply that cause her to clamp down so hard on me? I just don't know where else to go for help or what to do... Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions or input. This MDC is great, but so far all I've ever done is read it.

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I have that problem when my son is being lazy or has fallen asleep.
I would suggest finding a good book, magazine or watch a tv show when she is nursing if you are having problems feeling tense or just wanting it to be over with. I know I have days like that with my son. I dont think it has anythig to do with nursing but more so daily stresses or just having a bad day in general.
I hope that helps!
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I am also having quite prominent indentions at the areola just at the base of my nipples. I had them with the first two babies, both of them have been pressing the nipples there with their gums, and later with the teeth (perhaps for hold) while applying suction by closing lips over the areaola. The indents are more on the upper side. Perhaps they can't be helped whosoever gets them.
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I have this too with my older dd and notice it happens when I am not drinking enough water and am a bit dehydrated. I have been adding more Mother's Milk tea to my diet and oatmeal as well and it is a bit better. I also second the pp's suggestions about being a bit distracted so you don't notice the scrapping as much; nursing my 2yo at the keyboard when my baby is sleeping is how I catch up on MDC!:

I also notice dd does this more in certain positions; I used to be able to nurse her lying downin bed and now that is when it is the worst so I sit up. Try experimenting with different positions; the best one for us lately is my toddler sitting stradling my leg and latching herself on looking at me. I also remind her to say, "Ah!" and she giggles and opens wide before latching...hth and good luck!
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No advice mama...just s Nothing worse than a kiddo popping on and off with a cold. FWIW my eldest two always left teeth indents. I didnt realize that it doesnt happen to everyone all the time
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in my experience, if your kiddo is leaving teeth indents, they aren't nursing properly. My dd does this a fair amount. The lc's missed the fact that she wasn't nursing properly. Instead of using her tongue to bring down the milk she simply gummed my breast hard enough to get the milk to flow. It isn't pleasant unfortunately. :?

I have a 4 month old now and he DOES nurse properly. It is much more enjoyable. I've tried to teach my 5 1/2 year old how to nurse properly and it is hard for her to change such ingrained habits. I wish that I could have taught her how to nurse properly sooner, but it is hard to help a child nurse properly when you've never done it before and the "experts" tell you that there isn't a problem! :

I would try to remind your child that they need to use their tongue underneath your nipple to bring the milk out. And that they should hold the nipple with their lips, not their teeth! When dd starts to clamp down I gently remind her "teeth." At least I try to. Sometimes I end up yelping in pain when she really gets me. :
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Dd does this when she gets lazy with her latch. This usually happens when she's drank all the milk (not much there, these days... she's almost 3 yo also) and is just comfort nursing. I remind her to open her mouth and take more of the "milk" (as she calls my breast) into her mouth, and she does. She knows that it hurts me when she bites down, and I generally just have to ask/remind her to ease up with her teeth, and she does. Sometimes she'll unlatch, kiss my breast, and look up and say, "I kissed the milk. Does it feel better now?"


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