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*mama moose* 10-21-2007 02:12 AM

My DD is 14 months and nursing strong as expected, but I just found out I'm pregnant (due in june) and she has started doing something odd....

During the night she nurses fine (3-4 times, we co-sleep, she'll roll over, nurse, fall back asleep) but during the day she has been nursing less and asking for water right after (in baby signs, she can't actually say water yet). I am still feeling let downs, and if shes nursing for a nap or something she'll happily fall asleep with her little gulps :
Do you think the taste has changed? She still nurses A LOT so I'm not too worried, but if she does a quick nurse like if we are at a playgroup or something she will unlatch after a few sucks and sign "water" until I hand her her cup of water.
Shes just so young and I really want her to keep nursing through this pregnancy. She doesn't drink anything other than water and breastmilk (from me only, no bottles). Her water is in a sippy but she's never been affected by it before. And like I said she nurses great at night or when shes falling asleep.....

thanks mamas!

Da WIC Lady 10-21-2007 02:22 AM

Your supply could be going down a little and cause your milk to taste more salty. It could also be that if it's a quick nurse that she's not getting the volume to satisfy her thirst as quickly as she wants. I would just go with the flow and not refuse nursing. Things will change in your nursing relationship over time and as your pregnancy progresses.

I could pop any day now and my DD's nursing habits have just changed dramaticly in the past few days. She's never been so clingy, and hasn't wanted to nurse this much in months! Kinda makes me wonder if my time is sooner than expected.


menomena 10-21-2007 11:16 AM

When I saw the thread title, I thought: "I bet she's pregnant..." It's fairly common for your milk supply to dip and for the remaining milk to get extra salty. DD1 really upped her intake of fluids when I was pregnant with DD2, despite also increasing her nursing as well.

I see that you are worried about her weaning because of this. Some children do self-wean in pregnancy due to the change in supply/change in taste. Others do not. Some moms have found it helpful to go back to the "early & often" strategy of offering nursing to your child. Continue to offer nursing prior to other beverages. She make give up day-time nursing and only nurse to sleep/at night. She may give up all nursing. She may decide it's okay to just check in with you by nursing really quickly and then getting her thirst quenched by water. Just keep offering!

Adventures in Tandem Nursing was a nice book to read early in my pregnancy, just so I could read all the different Moms' experiences. I really didn't want my DD to wean (she didn't, FWIW), but I wanted to prepare myself for the possibility that she might.

Good luck.

NatureMama3 10-21-2007 07:45 PM

My nurseling has been asking for water after nursing for several years now. I think it's just his "style". He certainly shows no interest in weaning!

I'm PG too and he tells me the taste IS different, but not yucky.

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