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BlessedOne 08-06-2014 12:48 PM

Birth Proceedure
I wanted to get some other people's birth procedure plans (either what you have used (and if you liked it) or plan to use).
I have done things various ways with my 3 UCs, but I think I am going to do it differently this time. With my first birth, which was a hospital birth, they of course told me when to push. With my next, which was a birthing center birth, my body decided it was time to get things done and started pushing on its own. With my third, my first UC, I waited for the same experience as my last....but as time ticked along and that birth length surpassed my previous birth (which I was always told they would get shorter until you get to 5) and I was in pain, I decided to start pushing on my own. I pushed until my water broke. I then continued to push as I had strength. I found that instead of like how the hospital told me (pushing with the contrax), that I pushed between contrax...because I was in so much pain during contrax that I couldn't focus on pushing. With my next, I decided to go back to the idea of pushing during contrax. At the time it seemed to make sense. With my next, I felt as if I wasn't doing something that I was just prolonging the process. So I wore myself out trying to push...probably before I was ready. In retrospect, I should have just continued to enjoy not having hard contrax and rest in bed until I knew it was in time. But instead, I got in the pool....which just like with my first UC made it hard to tell if my water had broke or not. With this one, I don't care to wear myself out like I did last time. I think I am going to revamp my approach. First off, I don't think I am going to get into the pool until my water has broken. I am going to rest as much as possible before the pushing stage. I am going to try my best to be patient and see if my body does like it did with my second birth as that was my easiest birth by far.
I don't do the whole cervical check thing for multiple reasons. 1. It seems impossible for me to do it myself. 2. I don't think my husband would have a clue what he was doing and I don't think I want to try to teach him.

So what worked for you?

Jewel5811 08-07-2014 04:16 AM

I expected birth number three to go like my super easy second birth. It was technically our first UC. However, that birth was my hardest. Nothing went like I expected or planned.
So, my "plan" for next time is just to stay in tune with what I am feeling or wanting, listening to my body and my baby. We don't do any checking of anything, routinely. (If there were a concern about something we would check it, of course.)

Basically, I learned I should let each birth unfold as it needs to and not over-think things or have expectations of it going a certain way. We do have a birth pool and I would have that set up in case I wanted it. I would definitely try to get in the pool to push the baby out just to minimize the difficulty of that transition for baby and to make clean up easier. Other than that, I guess I don't "plan."

BlessedOne 08-08-2014 01:02 PM

I understand! It is just my nature to want a We are in the process of moving, so things are going to be way different than my previous plans. For one, this one will be occurring in a triangle Jacuzzi or a stand up shower with a built in seat....both great options if comfortable enough. I have had the desire to get my birth box (the place I keep all birthing supplies) around, but I am not due until mid Nov....and with moving, I am trying to put my energy in moving instead of that! lol
But back to the birth plan, I just feel that if I let my body do what it knows to do instead of being dominated by the clock, that it would be better.

Caledvwlch 08-08-2014 02:08 PM

My recent birth was a UC, although unplanned. My first birth was extremely precipitous, though, so I had joked from the beginning about doing the "baby juggle" and had mentally prepared for the possibility that I might be birthing without my midwife or doula present. (Another extremely precipitous birth and my husband happened to be home, and we had already agreed that he wouldn't leave until the midwife arrived - he did not want to be present for the birth itself, and I supported that).

I honestly didn't plan anything ahead of time. My first baby was OP and I was so focused on THE WATER WILL HELP! and THIS IS HOW LABOR GOES! that what ended up happening took my understanding of labor and birth and completely flipped it. First babies aren't usually OP with active labor in the range of 20 minutes. ;) I hit a point where intuition took over and I did what felt right, and I let other people worry about the details.

This recent birth was between 60-90 minutes of active labor (as in, water literally popped and I went from lounging in bed and being lazy to OKAY I GUESS BABY IS COMING TODAY). I was focused initially on calling my midwife and doula, calling my mom (she wasn't going to be present for the birth, but I told her I'd call when I was in labor, and she could help distract me), and having my husband do some of the prep work (making Labor Aid, brewing hot water and herbs for various medicinal teas, etc). I didn't realize that this labor would be quick, and it took me by surprise when instinct kicked in and I told my husband to fill the tub while I sorted through my birth kit and tossed things in a laundry basket that I thought I might need in the bathtub. I still don't think I expected labor to go as quickly as it did until I had literally the same thoughts as I'd had with my first birth (and during my first, my midwife checked me during those thoughts and said I could get out and push if I wanted because yay transition).

Basically, mine was a lot of instinct. Having my husband be my "go-fer" was amazingly helpful because I could have him do whatever needed to be done (lots of Labor Aid refills - I get very hot and shaky in labor, apparently, and that helped) and I could just focus on labor and birth. I also ended up birthing on my hands and knees, and pushed when I felt ready - I was so focused that I couldn't catch my baby, or feel his head or watch him crown with a hand mirror, which is something that I had really wanted to do. My husband caught the baby and gave some loose direction (mild shoulder dystocia) which helped because I literally couldn't feel anything but pain and pressure until baby was born.

I don't know if any of that helps. I would just say go with instinct, and bonus points if you have someone there to mind all of the details. You COULD draw up a birth plan in case of transfer (one less thing to deal with should you transfer for whatever reason, even if you UC but have to go to a facility for postpartum or neonatal care) or a "labor list" for whoever might be present during your birth, things to prepare, people to call, etc. Handing my husband a paper I'd prepared was extremely helpful for both of us.

rachie 08-09-2014 04:39 PM

I plan to do what I did last time with my 4th birth: when contractions get intense - like REALLY intense - I'll get into the pool for relief. I try to wait quite a bit because the pool stalled labor with my 2nd and sped it up with my 3rd and 4th. With my 3rd I started pushing because there was so much pressure and that baby was coming! With my last/4th one I pushed again because the baby was there in the canal and ready to come and I wanted her OUT ;) I will note that my last two I was on my knees in the birth pool and baby descended quickly. With my 2nd I was laying back/sitting up in the pool and it took for-ev-er it seemed to get my baby out. I absolutely plan to, again, be up on my knees and leaning forwards over the rim of the birth pool for comfort and to help that process along.

My 3rd birth really taught me that relaxing during labor can really help and that each one can be different. My contractions were 10 min apart all night, dilating me to 4cm and only on one side... until I took a hot shower - within 5 minutes my contractions began doubling back to back and became intense before I could get myself out! An hour later the baby was born! It just made me realize things could progress slowly and over a long time or start slow then speed up or start fast then slow down... just go with it, as long as you and baby are doing well :)

JamieCatheryn 08-12-2014 12:09 PM

My involuntary pushing gets very intense very early (pushing at 7-9cm), my policy had to be hold back until I was sure it was time. When baby really starts moving down after dilation's done it's no challenge to feel the head. If it didn't start to push yet I knew I was complete, I might savor the break for a while then try getting more upright and pushing a bit on purpose, maybe put full effort into it if it felt right and productive. A gentle second stage can take a while but still be fine. Labor times vary, the births getting shorter with each is a trend not a rule.

3lilchunklins 08-12-2014 01:22 PM

In reference to the OP, you stated that labors tend to get shorter until #5 .... I've never heard that. Would you mind to give details??

BlessedOne 08-13-2014 06:26 PM

I don't really know...that is just want my midwife with number 2 said....I never knew if it was true or not. It happened to be true for me...but I don't know if it was just in the back of my head and caused it to be that way =S

MsMamaDFox 02-28-2015 11:45 AM

I'm right at the beginning and haven't given much thought to birth plan yet. I believe I will have a land birth. I would really like to be outdoors or in a national forest, somewhere warmer than it will be here in my home area. So hoping that we will have an RV and just happen to start driving south when mama feels like it's time. :) I will be prepared with remedies for slow to expel placenta, JIC too much bleeding, etc. I know I want papa to be the first one to welcome baby into the world. I know I want my oldest daughter there to witness the birth. I know I will be take a *real* babymoon this time and probably not even disclose that baby is born until after the fifth day. We will be staying IN afterward for quite a while also. Planning for and will be prepared for another lotus birth. I will be taking hypnobabies and so I'm sure the techniques will be employed during our birthing time.

amberskyfire 03-22-2015 03:19 AM

My plan is basically always just to hold on tight and wait until my body starts pushing. You can push earlier, but without knowing if you are dilated, you risk tearing your cervix which can cause scarring that can prevent your cervix from dilating with subsequent births.

cottonwood 05-09-2015 08:17 AM

I had a 32-hour labor after a 13-hour one, and the 32-hour labor was my first UC. There may be a tendency statistically for subsequent labors to be shorter, but it's not a given.

As you discovered, pushing before the body is ready is just going to wear you out. I'd also be concerned that it could cause injury. The problem is that it's not just a matter of applying force; other things need to happen for the baby to be able move through the vagina. The uterine muscles, the action of the cervix, the position of the baby, the complex release of hormones that orchestrates all this activity -- voluntary pushing is irrelevant to that, and it can be confusing, prolonging the process. That said, bearing down in the right position at the right time can help stimulate the cervix. You'd know that, though, because the fetal ejection reflex would quickly take over. If it doesn't, the body isn't ready and bearing down isn't going to help and might hurt.

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