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lrlewis 01-10-2006 07:15 PM

anybody have a UC birth recently (or in the past) in LA County and how difficult/complicated was it to get a birth certificate? i gather that i need proof of residency (utility bill), proof of pregnancy here in the state, a witness and lots of IDs to show we're from here and not smuggling babies across borders. is there anything else? does the process take long? can it be handled in local cities (i'm in the south bay) or will we have to go downtown?

thanks for any help/info.

miamommy 01-10-2006 09:19 PM

I'm afraid that this won't be very helpful, but I had a homebirth with a midwife not registered in LA county...I am not in the city of LA, but the county. It was really hard just to get the right phone number, then I was told that I had to have a ped see the baby within the first week, etc...I think that there were alternatives to needing paperwork from a m.w. Also, we are supposed to go downtown for it. Of course I have been putting it off like crazy!

ecurlycue 01-11-2006 01:21 AM

Im in San Diego County and I called the registrars office to find out how to get a birth certificate. I posed a what if I had the baby by myself and they gave me all the scenarios. You need proof of pregnancy, which I got at planned parent hood. Then you have to have proof of residency before and after the baby is born. I gathered all the information they required and then they said that I could not get a birth certificate from the registrars office as I had not gone to the hospital and had not taken the baby to see a doctor. I was referred to the courthouse. Once I did some calling around I found out that all I needed to do was take the paperwork I had down to the court house and file a petition for fact of birth. You deal with the probate department. It cost me $35 and they guided me through it. I am still waiting to actually receive the certificate but its been ordered by the judge. The judge signs off on this special form and then you have to mail it to sacramento. I never had to go before a judge as I had all my paper work in order. I had to sign a deposition stating that she was my child and I gave birth to her at home. I also had my friend sign one stating that she witnessed the birth. So I would call the registrars office but the chance are you may need to file for a petition of facts of birth.

Thmom 01-11-2006 05:27 AM

I was in San Berdo county and I *and* my dh needed proof of residency, we had to use our car insurance paperwork as that was the only thing with both of our names and address on it..
Proof of pregnancy with and EDD, so a + HCG wasn't enough I had to have a Md or licensed MW signature on letterhead with my EDD
We both had to have our ID's
We both had to go down to the county records
The baby had to be "presented" to the county clerk

I was able to call the county records office and tell them I was planning a homebirth and needed a birth cert. packet. They sent the forms I had to fill out along with a list of what I needed to bring and the laws associated with the bc form.

I choose to not fill out the personal identification information on my first, where they ask about prental care, and past pregnancies etc... This raised a ton of eyebrows and cost us another 30mins while the clerk checked on the legality of it, which of course I knew my rights and I had the right to refuse to give that info. (which I've found I *DON'T* have that right in OK) but with the second UC I just went ahead and filled it out to save the hassle... I figured it might actually help the UC movement as it would another birth recorded that had a good outcome that didn't recieve "adequate prenatal care" and was born to well educated higher income bracket white family

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