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If anyone has thoughts, comments, advice....please share....

My son is 10 1/2 months old. He has had fairly severe eczema since 10 weeks, on his face. We are in the Childrens Hospital for our second night. He has been diagnosed with secondary herpes and impetigo infections.

It all started last Monday. He was clingy and needy. Looked like he may be getting a skin infection. By Tuesday he definitely had the look of a skin infection. He was also running a low grade fever and pulling at his ear. We headed to the ped, who offered Omnicef, for skin infection and ear infection. He vomited the first and second dose of Omnicef. Wednesday morning ped changed Rx to Cedax. We got one dose in. During this time fever fluctuates between 100 - 103, and he gets a more lethargic. Still nursing okay with wet and dirty dipes.

Wednesday night he goes to be d and we wake up a few hours later and he is burning up - about 104. He tries to nurse but vomits. His fontanel seems swollen and may be laboring to to ER we went.

At ER they start IV, give a bag of antibiotics. They do a chest x-ray, albuterol treatment, lumbar puncture, CBC. Everything comes out okay. Ear doesn't even look infected. Changes Rx to Zithromax, which should work better for skin infection, which is looking pretty nasty. And send us home with a diagnosis of flu syndrome.

I follow up with my ped on Friday. By now it is becoming more apparent that the blisters on his face look like herpes clusters (both my mom and I get cold sores). Ped agrees but sends us home. He is still running a fever 100 - 102.

By Sunday the clusters are on his eyelids. I call the ped and he says go to Childrens hospital to be seen by ophthalmologist. We are seen and admitted. They begin acyclovir (antiviral) and antibiotics by IV.

That night at 11:30 pm a nurse comes in to give him Benadryl. She pushes it into the IV and before it is halfway in he begins gagging. She pushes it the rest of the way and I immediately knew something was not right. He is gagging. He begins jerking his limbs and his eyes glaze over. I told her to call a Dr, while she just stood there telling me that he will be okay. What?!? It turns out that she OD'd him with 50 mg instead of the 10 that they had ordered - which I had earlier asked her not to give anyway. He was obviously very buzzed. I would guess that it took an hour before he even knew who I was and it took about 3 hours before he could sit still. He did not go to sleep until about 3:30 am. They hooked him up to all sorts of monitors and check his BP every 2 hours. Thankfully there was no seizure or drop of BP - our greatest risks. I am still trying to get them to properly chart the OD (they are discussing it with risk management) so that we can get a copy before we leave.

I am also very disappointed that my ped on Friday did not take the severity of the herpes outbreak seriously. Since I have been researching I have discovered that it can easily become fatal if not promptly treated in infants. And it is not like he had a single cold sore - they are all over his face. I am terrified that the bulging fontanel on Wednesday may have been HSV Encephalitis. That is something I will have to discuss with Drs tomorrow. We could be here anywhere from 4-14 days.

Thankfully he is still bf pretty well, and the antiviral is stopping the outbreak. His fever is finally gone as of today and the lethargy is beginning to wear off. Now we have to start healing his skin. His cheeks and chin are basically one big swollen scab. My heart aches to take away his pain. I feel awful for not being more knowledgeable about HSV in infants since I knew I was a carrier and he would eventually be exposed.

Thanks for reading my story, if you made it this far. It feels good to get it down. If there is anything you can add I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.
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OMG you poor mama!

I don't have much to offer but please consider consulting a lawyer once you get out of the hospital.
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I don't have anything to add, but I'm sorry you're all going through this. I hope it gets better soon.

If she gave an overdose, why does it need to be discussed w/risk management before getting put into the chart? They did it, it needs to be documented. If they don't document, it just means they can later say it didn't happen, right?

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I'm so sorry you have had to go through this. I wish I had words of wisdom/advice for you. It made my stomach go in knots reading your post - DO be sure to get copies of EVERYTHING! And get on them to record events as they truly happened. I know you are probably exhausted - but keep on them!

Wishing your ds a quick return to health.
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I would keep on them until they document it! Records get funny when medical people screw up I have found out the hard way. I am sooo sorry you and your son had to go through this. I am sending some healing hugs your way!

Was he scratching at his eczema lately? Have you figured out his triggers? My dd has eczema and they warned us of the possiblity of skin infection if she scratched.
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