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Deir 08-09-2010 09:41 PM

Hi there- I've only posted a few times about my baby Nora (4 mos) Today we went to a new doc who is very holistic- YEAH!!!! Finally someone who wil llisten and not just shrug. Anyway- she feels there is a yeast issue going on. (mucus in poop, reflux, diaper rash) I have been trying an ED with all top 8 plus corn, gluten and I think I am seeing an improvement but I ate peanut butter to test and she was back to green mucuos poop. Plus there was a random bad poop the other day. I am rambling.

My main question is about Yeast- I have taken the online quizes and I score really low for Candida. Is it still possible to have an issue wiithout alot of symptoms? Or can the baby have yeast independentof me and my diet still affect her?
Also- I have been giving her custom probiotics infant strain

TIA and sorry it is so badly written- I am pressed for time! LOL

beachgirl 09-13-2010 03:09 PM

My baby has had mucus stools periodically and also yeast issues. Based on my holistic ped's advice, she can have a yeast issue separate from me. Have you checked your baby's mouth for any thrush patches? It helped mine when I fed her coconut oil and also when I regularly gave her Reuteri probiotics (the best for yeast).

mamafish9 09-13-2010 05:11 PM

Could be, but I'd suspect food before yeast if you have no obvious yeast symptoms - mucus, reflux, diaper rash are all classic food intolerance symptoms.

How long have you been on your ED?

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