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summersmama 09-08-2010 02:49 AM

just wondering if anyone can help me out with resources on ratings of laundry soap, or ingredients to look at in terms of possible allergic reactions to laundry soap.

my 2 year old has had a bad rash for over a month. it started on her legs, she itched it raw, and then it became infected with strep bacteria. the bacterial infection has been taken care of, but the rash remains, red, bumpy and itchy, on her legs, knees, lower tummy and forearm. the doctor beleives this all started with an allergic skin reaction to a soap or baby type product in our environment. the only thing i can think of is i picked up a bottle of clorox green works laundry soap after running out of my regular laundry soap-whole foods 365 brand, and have been using it for about a month. my child is now on an antihistamine in hopes of taking care of the rash and i am trying to re-wash her clothes and towels and gave away the green works laundry soap.

i am wondering what i should be looking at for ingredients so i don't make this mistake again. the only reason i bought this green works product is i live over an hour away from whole foods, and needed something to tide me over until the next time i could get there. it was the best option for a 'green' product in our small town.
any one with experience or advice?

JaneS 09-08-2010 12:17 PM

I love WF but I haven't found even one detergent there that my DS tolerates, even the :Free and Clear: ones are NOT free and clear.

for us its enzymes or citrus or any fragrance at all. We use ALL free and clear and sometimes I add baking soda.

I'll bet it's enzymes, that produced the worst rash in our house.

kjbrown92 09-09-2010 12:44 PM

All the regular grocery store detergents cause contact rash on my niece, but All Free & Clear is great for her. We use All Free & Clear here as well because of DH's and my sensitivity to smells. I don't know which particular ingredients are offensive though.

jadekat 09-11-2010 11:15 AM

I use Country Save on everyone but DH's clothes. He uses Tide free. Country Save is very clean rinsing also. It seems to work well for us.

Familyofmovers 09-13-2010 02:58 PM

You need to watch out for laundry detergent, what were you used to using? I switched to soapnuts. It's all natural and you get so much for a whole year of laundry. It is safe for all types of skin and perfect for cloth diapers.

Also, I hate to put the plug in here, but my daughter has eczema and I started making Ebelegy to help cure her eczema. It might help your daughters skin rash, it's all organic and made without any harsh ingredients. Google ebelegy, I don't know how the forum is with links an all.

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