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mom2threenurslings 06-05-2004 07:45 PM

Is there anything other than sticking my head in my freezer that I can do about my allergies? I can not take antihistamines and my allergies are absoluytely killing me. My eyes are swollen almost shut, I can't stop sneezing, my nose is a faucet, and I have three children age 5 and under to take care of. I'm miserable.

Wildcrafter 06-05-2004 09:51 PM

Try looking into stinging nettle supplements. I know my Mom had terrible allergies in spring and fall, and now takes nettle daily for a month before, and during the change of seasons. Her allergies are much improved. She read about it in a Dr. Andrew Weil newsletter.

Also, for myself, I make the following Hay Fever Tea. I know everyone says don't use sage during lactation (it can dry up your milk) I use very little and it has not effected me:

Red Clover
Cinnamon Fern

I swear by it.

Hydrotherapy may also help.. Try steam inhalations or just rinsing your face first in cold then in hot water repeatedly and see if that doesn't give you some relief.

Hope you feel better soon!

MamaAllNatural 06-06-2004 01:47 AM

Have you tried Nettles and Eyebright yet? Those are really helpful. Also Bee Propylis is really good. I hope your allergies get better.

mse 06-08-2004 03:56 AM

omigod!!!! I was taking sage lozenges and wondering why my supply was dwindeling. Thank you so much I almost made the same mistake again without knowing it!!!

When I get allergies I take a tsp of local wild flower honey. It works like a vaccination giving you small doses of what's bugging you and if all else fails you get to eat a tsp of yummy honey! But it always helped me. (Oh ya b4 I was preg I would also use the honey for a hot tottie (hot water honey and juice from 1/2 a lemon) yum and sleepy bye for you.

take care

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