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PurpleBasil 06-17-2004 05:47 AM

This is my first year of horrible seasonal allergies. I don't know if it's hayfever or what but it is pure misery.

I only go outside for the last three weeks wearing a painter's mask and even then, I sneeze inside the mask. If I open a window, I get a sneezing fit inside the house from just the air through the window. It's crazy!

I'm taking every homeopathic remedy suggested to me especially the Molecular Biologics antigen drops. No relief!

I'm going into colds as my immune system gets so fatigued with the allergies.

I would like to avoid drugs if at all possible but if I take drugs, I'm a nursing mama so I need something safe.

Thank you for any advice!!

oceanbaby 06-17-2004 01:15 PM

My dad's hay fever was so bad that he used to get shots each year. He started going to acupuncture years ago, and hasn't had a shot since. He still has occasional allergy days, but nothing like before. He used to be bed ridden with them.

I get occasional mild allergy attacks, and drinking some Emergen-C always makes me feel a little better, but I don't know that it would do much for full blown hay fever.

sohj 06-17-2004 01:18 PM

Huge quantities of nettles and eyebright and red clover.

Take it in tea -- a cup every hour or even more frequently. The nettles are actually a galactogogue so no danger to the nursing there!

Don't bother with a painter's mask, they are next to useless.

There were a few years I had nasty airborne-stuff allergies and the best summer I had with them was one where I was cleaning out a very dusty barn with lots of pigeon and bat manure accumulation and common sense (even if OSHA didn't require it) made me wear a half-face respirator. Despite sweating like crazy along the gasket edge of the mask, I LOVED that thing. I could breathe!!!! This is available from any decent hardware store. Get the filters (they are like small, thin, screw-on tin cans) that are for particulates and fumes...I think those are the ones with the purple banded label.

Wear it when house cleaning or gardening or anything else that might stir up dust. Or wear it all the time when whatever you are bothered by is in bloom. I really enjoyed wearing mine.

Cranberry 06-17-2004 01:25 PM

I am allergic to pollen, cats, dust, etc. I posted these suggestions on a previous thread about allergies. I've added some too:

~ don't open the windows in your house when pollen count is at its highest (between 5 and 10am)

~ use your air conditioning (if you have it) and don't open your windows at all on high pollen count days

~ I get an email every day from telling me what the pollen count is in my area and I plan my day accordingly

~ don't drive with the car windows open during pollen season (you are exposing yourself to so much pollen at once, and so many different kinds...)

~ use a neti pot to alleviate congestion

~ give up dairy (it is *so* congesting!! this has helped me incredibly with my sinus problems)

~ don't do the dusting or vacuuming (if you have to do this kind of stuff, at least wear a mask)

~ don't have lots of carpets (hardwood floors are great!)

~ get rid of stuff that collects lots of dust (stuffed animals are the worst!)

~ shower or change clothes after coming in contact with irritants (like after being in your yard/garden, or for me, after visiting someone who has cats! Just wash all that stuff off!)

~ don't hang your clothes or bed linens outside to dry -- they will get covered with pollen.

~ I don't take antihistimines (they make me drowsy) or decongestants (over time, if taken frequently, they actually thicken mucus, making congestion & sinus problems worse).

~ I take homeopathic tablets I get from Whole Foods (Hyland? I think that's the brand name)

Good luck!

MamaMonica 06-17-2004 02:04 PM

Thanks for that list!

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