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Skim 07-02-2004 04:35 PM

Hope some wise mama here knows a little more than I do about penicillin allergy.

I am allergic to penicillin, known since I was a wee tot. My dd's dr. said that we can't tell if dd is allergic to penicillin without actually giving it to her and then treating the symptoms of her allergy (if it's there) at that time. This approach seems like an unnecessary threat to dd.

Anyone else know if 1)there is a way to test for penicillin allergy in a 28 mo? and 2) if it's indeed hereditary? If I have it and dp doesn't, what are dd's chances of getting the allergy?

And if it's not covered by our HMO, or if I can't do it, we can't pay to have it done. We have absolutely no $$ for that kind of thing.

DD also has keratosis pilaris, so I know there is a chance she has the pen. allergy.

thanks in advance.

EFmom 07-02-2004 04:52 PM

My dd also has this allergy. It is my understanding that heredity can play some role in having the tendancy to be allergic to things, but that allergies to specific things are not inherited.

See and click on the "allergies" link for more.

hippiemom 07-02-2004 07:49 PM

my son has a possible allergy to penecillin. the first and only time he had it was when he was about 11 months old. he broke out in a spotty rash after about 3 days, so we discontinued... he hasn't needed anti b's since, but i wonder if he had a true allergy or if the spots were part of the virus he had that caused the bac infection. i was told i could go to an allergist who could safely test him for a penicillin allergy. whoever told you to just see if the babe is allergic by giving the possible allergen to her has given you bad advice. why take the risk when you can test for it safely? no one enjoys an allergic reaction...

Meiri 07-02-2004 10:17 PM

One of the molds I was tested for being allergic to on Tuesday was Penecillin. It can be done, by an Allergist. The average pediatrician's office is not set up for such testing.

Skim 07-02-2004 11:47 PM

I thought so! Good to know I can request a test through an allergist. Now we'll see if I can get the referral...

Thanks, mamas!

elismom 07-06-2004 02:16 PM

Just another yes about the heredity part--I haven't read any medical articles or had any doc's confirm it, but...I have it, my identical twin sis had it, my Mom has the allergy, and...we figured out my ds had it right after birth!! He had swallowed meconium at birth, so was automatically put on gentmycin/ampcillin at birth in the NICU, and a few days later broke out in an all over body rash. After initial freakout by everyone, I said, wait a minute, could it be a 'cillin rash, and sure nuff, the dermatologist decided that's what it was. Too much heredity going on there for it to be a coincidence, as far as I'm concerned!

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