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Ldavis24 03-24-2011 05:06 PM

I posted a few days ago about DD's sudden nighttime panic when I'm not there with her...I thought it was just a bedtime/sleep thing...


Ok she has always been clingy to me but never had separation anxiety. Once we were apart she was always fine with grandma or grandpa (basically the only people she's been left with ever) and we always had great reports.


So I don't know why NOW she is suddenly petrified of me going away from her. I tried to walk out to start the car to warm it up while grandma was holding her this morning and she absolutely flipped out. I could hear her shrieking and saw her trying to fight grandma to be put down to run to the door. I was just outside the living room and could see and hear her freaking out...I get back in and she is sobbing "mama, mama MAMA" and runs into me.


So I have a dentist appointment and I am gone for about 40 minutes total (the dentist office is literally 1/2 mile away) and grandma says she cried and sobbed hysterically the whole time. When I got back she was indeed crying and again sobbed in my arms saying "mama" over and over for a good 10 minutes before she would calm down...


This is a total 180 of her past behavior. Like I said she is always clingy with me when I am around but when I'm not she has always been fine...I don't know what is going on.


Is there some kind of a second separation anxiety phase? How can it be a second when she never really had a first, or is that majorly delayed separation anxiety?? Any other mamas with a peanut like this? I feel like this is so bizarre and it seems to be getting more intense rather than getting better!

Ttarail 03-27-2011 05:05 AM

Unless something traumatic happened from her point of view including change in foods, meds, vax, you or father out of the house mre, this is all normal. I think we forget that our predictable child goes through a growth spurt and we may have a new child. I let my child show me who she is at any given moment. Not who I expect her to be. Easier said then done. Meditation helps me and constantly my husband and I remind each other of this. She is almost six now so it has gotten a lot easier to remember. And now I can just ask her.

TSomm 03-30-2011 06:31 PM

Mine started this about 2 weeks ago.  NEVER had ANY issue with going to other people.  Now no one else can hold her.  I can't even leave the room when it's just the two of us home together without her crying.  Getting old fast.  I can't wait until she outgrows this.

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