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earthwriter 01-10-2015 07:40 PM

Cat and Toddler Mama Needs Loving Advice
Cat and Toddler Mama Needs Loving Advice - I have a predicament and I need some loving advice from Mamas who have indoor adult cats and active teething toddler (s). Every morning around 5 or 6am like clockwork, my spayed girl cat wakes me to feed her...she and her neutered brofur both eat happily and I then go back to sleep until they bug me a 1/2 hour later for another feeding and I try to ignore them because my girl kitty becomes overweight if I feed her too often...between her scratching the wall and pawing pulling my hair and meowing, she makes it very difficult to ignore near 3 year old toddler wakes up screaming and crying between 8 am 9am needing a diaper change and feeding...I'm also concerned about the cats going into our toddler's room and riling him up...being a neurotic worryer sucks and I don't like it...I take care of him and then my dear husband and I take turns meditating and resting and feeding caring for him...but there are times when our cats are relentless and are so noisy that they wake up our toddler and we are unable to get more rest and soothing our toddler is extra difficult. We love all of them dearly...but this is very stressful and exhausting...they are indoor cats for many reasons and they are safe and healthy indoors. I'm ordering sticky paws to protect the furniture and perhaps the wood walls...we need to get a big kittycat condo and put some cardboard on the carpet...but what's most important is I need to figure out this feeding dilemma I have...I've heard a lot about auto-feeders and I am willing to spend the money on a good 1 that is effective as long as I can either put it on a timer or it needs some kind of indicator mechanism that will only feed them a specific amount and not overfeed them and I need an auto waterer too for them to drink...I happily feed them myself throughout the day after I've caught up on my rest...but in the morning, I need my rest. Please help, thank you.

MeepyCat 01-10-2015 07:58 PM

We feed our cats at specific times only. They get fed twice a day, end of story. No amount of whining and wailing changes it. They've occasionally gone through obnoxious periods anyway - if it gets too bad, I'll squirt them with water from the bottle I keep for plant misting. Or keep a water gun handy.

I keep bedroom doors shut and cats outside them when people are sleeping, which also limits the cats' ability to get on our nerves in the early mornings.

DungeonQueen 01-11-2015 06:54 AM

It sounds as if your cats are board more then they are hungry. Try giving them something to do or offering them some cat nip if they are older cats because it tends to calm them down when they are older. I would watch a few episodes of My cat from hell with Galaxy Jackson, he is well known for changing cat owners lives. The show may give you some more ideas on how to keep your cats entertained so they are not bugging you all the time. good luck to you

Valerie11 01-27-2015 07:40 PM

We use this can of air that sprays at them and makes a hissing noise. They hate it. They will stay away from the bedrooms all night and all morning. Also, we don't feed them in the morning, we feed them (wet food) at the same time we eat dinner. And I will give them each a cup of dry food per day in the morning, in case they're starving. Some people will just put it out for half an hour and take it away, but we do leave the dry food all day. So far I haven't seen one cat eat the others food. They eat at different times, but never both bowls to one cat.

Here's a link to that air can spray stuff:
We just get ours at Petsmart or Petco or wherever in town.

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