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EveningGrace 04-01-2005 01:29 AM

My DD (14 months old) started walking about a month or so ago - and now she's pretty decent at it....she can stop and start again, stop and change direction, bend over and pick something up then straighten up again -- all without falling (usually )! However, she also has her "not so sturdy" moments where she'll just "out of the blue" lose her balance and fall over. The problem is: she's a TERRIBLE faller! She doesn't put her hands out in front of her (if falling forward), and doesn't necessarily fall onto her butt (if falling backward) - they are more like "free falls". So I've basically been her shadow for the past few months - because I really don't want her to hurt herself badly.

Another issue is that she never learned to crawl - she does a modified "army crawl" where she uses her elbows/arms to drag herself along (and can get pretty far, too), but she just DOESN'T ever use her knees for anything. Even now, she just got interested in trying to climb the stairs - and instead of using her knees (even when I try to put her on her knees) she insists on just trying to traverse the whole step with her feet (which of course doesn't work yet - she'll too little). This also has hindered her ability to get herself up and down - like she can't get to a standing position by herself (from any other position) - I have to stand her up. I've been practicing having her pull up to standing from sitting - but I have to place her next to something to do that.

Anyway, I suppose I just partially wanted to vent a little about the whole mobility thing, and I was wondering what you folks do as your little one starts walking but still isn't sturdy enough to be left on their own - are you their shadows like me? Also, any chance that there's anyone out there like me whose little one skipped crawling and went straight to walking? Are you having similar issues?

AppleOrangePear 04-01-2005 02:11 AM


would you consider your child on the low tone side? Sometimes when children are low tone they will skip the reciprocal crawling stage as they are not strong enough to support their upper body. Even though she is walking i would possibly try some activities that would encourage crawling such as obstical courses under tables etc.. ( you can play along with DC). As for her not having a protective reflex you can work with her by playing airplane games ( holding her bellydown and flying her int he air and then as if her hands where about to hit the floor, on a lg yoga ball on her belly rock her front to back to get her to put her hands out, lay her on your lay belly down..

( i might have missed this part in the post however if she is unable to pull up by herself and walk i wouldnt *put* her in the position. only let her do what she can do on her own

Hope these ideas help you some.


bobica 04-01-2005 10:19 AM

Michele and I are on the same page. My dd has low muscle tone & didn't learn to crawl until after she was walking & she was receiving physical therapy for a few months. Crawling helps to build upper body & torso tone & strength. Michele already gave you fabulous activities, & I can't think of any more right now.

DD had very slow protective reflexes & every time she fell, she fell on her face. It was awful!!! With lots of work on the exercise ball, tipping her back & forth to "catch" stuff, plus all the crawling work, she's gotten soooo much better!

She's not too little to get a PT evaluation through early intervention/birth to 3 services. it's all free & even if she doesn't qualify for services (she may not b/c she's technically on time for her milestones other than crawling) they can give you some great activities & resources to help build those skills.


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