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penstamon 12-02-2009 03:57 PM

So far we have gotten so many presents and hand-me-downs for DS (4.5 mo) that I haven't done much shopping for him myself. I just wanted to buy some basic baby toys for him- blocks, lovey/blankie, maracas, etc. and hopefully find some cool learning toys for my 2 yo niece.

Any suggestions of where to find non-made in china, non-plastic stuff? We live in a rural area so I am mainly looking online.

CrunchyKnitter 12-02-2009 04:58 PM

Do you have the current issue of Mothering? They did a whole article about the best (natural) toys of the year and then inside there is an insert from a company (can't think of it off hand) that had a lot of great stuff it looked like!

wombato 12-02-2009 05:00 PM

CrunchyKnitter 12-02-2009 05:01 PM
this ad was just on my screen too and it looks like a nice company!

ommom 12-08-2009 08:26 PM

here's the mothering natural toys issue's insert's website

there's always
autumn leaves
smooth stones (when they aren't teething & scraping teeth)
just being out in nature

our babe loves - kitchenware, tupperware, a "shaker" (any small plastic container or easter egg w/popcorn or beans or rice in it), a rubberbanded-closed-nachos bag (crunchy fun sounds)

here's an interesting article on the need for toys at all

I don’t believe in believing. I notice that if I have to believe in something, the need to believe is the proof that it is not true or real or perceivable. Else, why the need to believe? I don’t have to believe in gravity, in the need for air, or in hunger.

It is fine to believe in something that brings you joy and peace. Nothing wrong with believing itself. But assuming it is true is not always useful and often very confusing.
Toys and most products depend on believing that you need them.

Our babies are best off with human connection and with nature. Everything else seems to me like a substitute and less than the best, so I examine it carefully. Is this toy developing the baby’s intelligence? How can you know? You don’t. You know they want to sell it to you and that’s the real motivation behind marketing of toys and most products. This is all you can know. Your baby or child may master that toy and it looks complicated and requires brain power. But what it does to the total development you cannot know. You can use things; I only suggest not to believe in their value.

You already know that I don’t use body care products and processed foods, so here is
another step for those of you who would like a greener planet: Your baby does not need toys. Your child does not need toys. Toys did not exist until recent history. I grew up with one stuffed monkey that was repaired a couple of times, a couple of board games, a ball (for a limited time) and a rope. My best childhood memories are of pretend games with my brother, and outdoor games with neighborhood kids with sticks, ball, acting, running and imagination. These things are nature/God’s brain developing plan. Can we top it with substitutes? I doubt it.

The industry wants to sell their products. More rooms (one for each child which is more furniture, toys etc), more gadgets, more things and even artificial experiences. Many of these make children more addicted and dependent on external stimulation and less self-reliant.

I invite you to go “raw” with parenting. Raise your own child directly, with eye contact, talking, reflecting, singing, touching the earth, smelling its aroma, sitting in a puddle getting messy, gazing at a butterfly and laughing together for no reason at all.

Notice that the most joyous moments of your life are when you are with those you love; connected and surrendering to the moment.

You want your child to know so much. Why? So he will be happy! But he is already happy. Be with his happiness so he can keep this joy alive and familiar. Why train the baby out of her natural inclination for being exuberant and thriving on human connection? We don’t need anything. Nature didn’t goof nor missed anything. It gives us for free the greatest joy of all in every moment.

Sure, use gadgets and modern comforts as much as you want. But when you remember that you don’t really need any of it for you to be happy, you are free to enjoy life in the moment. Don’t believe anything! And, empower your children not to believe anything.

Without believing that your baby and child need toys, educational gadgets or other stimulation, you save money and you spend more time relaxing and enjoying your child.
(You don’t need to spend time to earn as much money, you spend less time on shopping and on cleaning.)

If your child could be an adult for a minute and reflect back to you about her own childhood, she would say, “I wish you spent more time with me.” No need to feel guilty for any kind of substitute you do use; only to cherish the moments that you do have with your child and know: YOU are the best and most educational “toy” your baby and child have.

©Copyright Naomi Aldort

With love,


Naomi Aldort Ph.D.
Author, Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

MsVyky 12-08-2009 08:42 PM

Originally Posted by CrunchyKnitter View Post
Do you have the current issue of Mothering? They did a whole article about the best (natural) toys of the year and then inside there is an insert from a company (can't think of it off hand) that had a lot of great stuff it looked like!

I tore it out and gave it to my mom. *hint hint* LOL.

femalephish 12-08-2009 11:03 PM

Originally Posted by wombato View Post
Amen! Lots of work at home moms. Many things are super affordable. And it's all handmade, quality stuff! I love that place!

BugSara 12-08-2009 11:26 PM reviews toys and she has good coupon codes for many of the stores that sell natural toys. I like Down to Earth Toys.

liberal_chick 12-09-2009 11:32 AM

I've gotten ds1's Christmas from there the last two years (but not this year as all he wants is Thomas the Tank Engine stuff) and I've always been really pleased. Some of their stuff is not made in the USA, but it isn't made in China either (most that isn't US made seems to be European or Canadian made).

treehugginhippie 12-09-2009 11:40 AM

I also agree w/ Nova Natural and Etsy!

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