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We have a 4 week old ds and are told to not give tummy time for longer than five minutes.....even though he could go for so much longer without a fuss.

If this is true, then do you give tummy time 5 times a day for 5 minute intervals? What about naked time, how long should and often is it good to do that?

This whole overstimulation business is just so freakin hard to figure out. And if we aren't overstimulating......odds are we are UNDERstimulating.... Are there definite signs of both? If he doesn't fuss with tummy time, are we still overstimulating?
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ive never heard of 'only 5 min' my son used to stay on his tummy for hours in the first weeks (that is untl he could hold his head up and decided there were more fun things to do... "tummy time" has been a fight ever since!)

you have to take everything with a grain of salt. every baby is different and you just have to learn how to read yours. if hes happy on his tummy, then let him stay that way. I never noticed my son get over-stim until he was a little older, but thats only when hes in his kick and play (lots of lights and noises)
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I've never heard that advice before, and honestly it sounds a little nutso to me. I think you should just listen to your baby and your instincts, not the clock! Let your baby hang out on his tummy as long as he's happy there, as often as you like. Tummy time is really great for babies, especially these days when so many of them are spending so much time on their backs (sleeping, and in car seats, baby swings, etc.). Unless your baby has a physical condition that warrants a limitation on tummy time, I wouldn't limit it.

As for naked time, I'd just go with what your baby likes and what's convenient for you. One of my babies really wanted to be naked all the time. He was so much happier with at least a naked butt. I almost always gave both of my babies about a half-hour of naked time after a bath, lying in the sun on an absorbent pad. They loved it, and I figured it was good for the vitamin d exposure.

In general I'd be wary of any advice that includes a clock! Listen to your baby and yourself!


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The more naked time the better, imo. Diapers are such breeding grounds for skin irritation, no matter what type you use, really.

As for tummy time, they aren't supposed to SLEEP on their tummies, but if baby is awake, it should be fine.

The best time for babes, though, is sling time, imo. Being up on mama in a sling or ABC lets baby nap if they want or look around and interact if they want, all with safe mama right there to keep them secure.

I'd save the tummy time for when I want a shower.

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So good to hear! I hate feeling like I have to end his enjoyment of tummy time because of somebody's hard and fast rule. Good times. Noble will be so happy today!
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Well, I'm no expert, but I do know that dd if is overstimulated, she lets me know about it

If the baby isn't fussing, then he's probably just fine.

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Yeah - I heard the 5 minute schpiel (sp?) as well... Unfortunately, my dd hates tummy time so she gets most of her neck exercise on my chest or hanging out over my shoulder or wrapped on my back. I do give her tummy time but she is fussy before 3 minutes are up it seems.

I've see dd overstimulated (I think) once. My sister's 3 children were here and running all over the place. Chloe just went nuts and started screaming/crying. I took her into a dark room and rocked her for a few minutes and she was fine.

I also worry about UNDERstimulating because at this age, she still isn't interested in much... so what to do? I do read to her and sing to her and talk to her and shake a toy to her but the other many many hours, what to do? Most of this time, I'm holding her or wearing her. At the end of the day, as long as she isn't crying and she's calm, I'm happy.
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Tummy time: As long as the baby is awake and enjoying it, keep it up.

Naked time: never heard of it. how do you keep your house clean?

Now my toddler does naked time, even when we're out of the house.... well she tries anyway.

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Personally, I held off on naked time until DS stopped spraying me!
The accidental spraying stopped around 2 1/2 or 3 months, or at least happened less often. I've never been confident enough that he won't spray to give him more than 10 minutes or so on the changing table, but I do it several times a day.

He hated tummy time, too, so I held him in my lap during it until he started to enjoy it.
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It's virtually impossible to understimulate a baby under 3 months of age. EVERYTHING is so new to them then. Newborns fall asleep when they're really overstimulated. If you think you're overstimulating your baby, then try to reduce the stimulation, put them in a sling, or help them to wind down for a nap.

I've never done "tummy time". Dd doesn't like being on her tummy all that much. She's usually on me in the Ellaroo, or being held by me, or is on the floor playing in her play gym. We also play after diaper changes on the bed. That's where she learned to roll over.

We didn't start naked time til a few weeks ago when the weather got warmer. She usually isn't *naked* but wearing a t shirt and a coverless diaper. I do make a point of letting her go naked for a lil while after diaper changes too, though. Enough to let her bum air out for a bit.
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