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Hannah Elise
7 pounds 5 ounces
20 inches
Novemeber 16th, 2005

Due to the fact that Hannah was overdue by 6 days, and I had some not to be taken lightly medical issues, we opted for induction. I was given a mild dose of prostaglandin gel at 1:30 pm Nov 15th and immediately, cramping began. The cramps slowly progressed into sharpish pains in my cervix and period style contrax, but at first, I didn’t interpret this as early labor, but instead as just simple effacement of my cervix.

At around 4:30pm/5:00, I was getting regular painful (but workable) contractions, and I called my Doula, unsure if I was in labor or not. My contrax were every 5-7 minutes, and lasted 30 seconds to 45 minutes. I told her to get ready, that hopefully, they didn’t fizzle out this time!

By 7:00, my sharp contrax progressed to 3-5 minutes apart. I worked through it with my husband, and my 7 year old daughter came in the room, and for a good hour or so, she also rubbed me while I labored. I had to keep mentally telling myself “relax” and I even caught myself repeating the word “relax” out loud a few times, because since the pains were sharp/stabby, it made it difficult to cope with, and I kept tensing up. This didn’t seem like typical labor pains to me, they were SO sharp and stabby, so I was worried this was yet ANOTHER episode of false labor. My husband was using lots of counter pressure techniques on my back, and I knew he was about ready for a break. By 11:15, I told my husband to call the Doula. My Doula arrived at 11:30, and she and my husband rotated shifts on my counter pressure for my back.

The labor at this point was very painful, and not the typical belly labor. The contrax for my entire labor came in sets. Every 5 minutes, a wicked one would come, followed 2-3 minutes later by a more tolerable contraction and then another… then 5 minutes and the cycle was repeated. The entire time I was also in pain between the contrax and my back wasn’t feeling so hot. Each contraction, I had unbearable back pain, and instead of feeling the contrax in my abdomen, the contraction itself felt like somebody was cutting my cervix and female parts open with a sharp knife! Very sharp and stabby.

By 1:00, the labor was getting very very strong, and I realized soon, I would not be mobile. My Doula kept trying to get me to walk around, but I flat out could NOT do it. The sharp pain was so intense that standing or sitting up was more than I could bear. I also knew it was time to go to the hospital, or I wouldn’t make it out of the house or walk due to the level of pain I was feeling.

I was pleased when we arrived at 1:30 that I was almost 5cm! The bad news? She was posterior. No wonder the pain was so so intense. Also, she was having trouble descending, she was getting stuck due to her posterior position. The told me they wanted to break my water to intensify the contractions and maybe that would cause her to turn and come down further. If not, they wanted to give me Pitocin to encourage the contractions (in hopes she would flip.) If she didn’t turn, they were afraid she wasn’t going to make it out. They did say the Dr. I had is an expert at manually turning the baby, but that they wanted to avoid that because turning is very painful for the mother. I knew what her not turning and failure to descend meant, and this did make me a bit nervous.

They broke my water, probably around 2, and I had harder contrax, forcing her down, but things started fizzling at 7cm. At this point, the stabbing pains were so bad, my BP was up to 156/95, I was nearly losing it. I never felt a pain remotely like it. The back pain was bad, but my husband and Doula and the counter pressure they were using took the edge off of my back… so it wasn’t the back pain, it was the contraction pain. I swear, each contraction felt like a Gremlin was carving out my insides with the World’s Sharpest Knife. It was so horrid... and I’m not being melodramatic. My daughter’s labor, flat on my back, severely high BP, and Pitocin drip and posterior, was NOTHING like this at ALL.

Every contraction, I wanted to just crawl away in a hole and die. I started losing mental control, and I made up my mind, I could no longer handle this pain, it was just TOO much, so I asked for an epidural. This was at around 4:45. It took them 2 hours to get my epidural!! There were people in front of me, and I had to wait my turn. Ugh, that was the longest 2 hours of my life.

Finally, the anesthesiologist shows up, but only one person can be in the room at a time. I opted for my Doula to stay with me, I wasn’t sure my husband should see the needle. So we sent him off for breakfast. In 20 minutes, the epidural was in, and about 20 minutes after that the edge was taken off the pain. And so I waited for the legendary numbness, but it never came. An hour labor, I was still working through the contractions, and I was like “What gives! This thing isn’t working!” So, I asked the nurse to up the dose, because this was barely taking the edge off. They uped the dosage, and after about 15 minutes, I felt enough relief that in between the contractions that I could now cope, which was good, because I was still 7 cm, and they had started Pitocin drip. For about an hour, I felt limited pain, and when I had a contraction, I could go to that peaceful place in my head and work through it. Relief at last! *grin* My BP also went back down to 125/80, which was good news.

Whew! I could feel that Pitocin work, and it really intensified those contrax, but the good thing is, those wickedly strong contrax made her turn! At around 9 cm, she was no longer posterior!

Then about 45 minutes later, the painful contractions came back, and were very strong, again, my Doula was working through them with me… here it turns out the epidural had run out (the IV unit had been beeping for quite some time.) They gave me another dose, but a very light one because nearly ready to push, so I could still feel the strong contractions, but at least when she turned, the posterior pain was gone, goodbye knife wielding stabbing gremlin!!!! I had a whole 1cm of “normal” labor. This type of belly contraction almost felt good, if that makes sense. The epidural was really turned down at this point, but this was ok, everything was so much better now that she had turned.

Now, pushing stage is getting close… and my husband started getting sick, and nearly threw-up. I looked over at him and he looked positively GREEN. I was like please, go make yourself puke, because this baby is ready very soon, and we don’t’ need you puking while I am pushing! After talking him into it, he went to go throw up, but he flat out refused to use the bathroom in the delivery room and went to use the visitor one.

Suddenly, I felt like Hannah was coming out of my butt! I told the nurse, and in 10 minutes the Dr. was there. Still no husband! ACK!!! I was getting nervous, and I wanted to push so bad. So one nurse went to look for my husband… nothing! So the Dr is like, she is ready, she is at +2, get him in here now! Now I’m getting worried… what if he misses it!! Will I have to cross my legs!!!???!!! So the second nurse took off to look for him, and brought him back within a few minutes.

When he walked in, things happened fast. Next thing I know, they told me to push, so I did, with every ounce of my strength I pushed. Then another good strong push… WHEW it burned!! She crowned. I looked in the mirror… and there it was. The tippy top of her head, covered in thick dark chocolate brown hair. Wow… so fast… that’s my baby! I don’t care if it hurts, I could see her, and so so soon she would be in my arms. Suddenly, I forgot all about the pain and the burning and thought nonstop about seeing her face. They told me to stop pushing as they used warm compresses, then they told me to push again… but not quite as hard… little pushes the Dr. told me. Then I was told to stop again… he did his thing. Her entire head was out, and I could see her make a squishy face in the mirror. Oh, Hannah was so beautiful!! Next came her shoulders… then GUSH the rest of my fluid and there Hannah was, in my arms. She looked up at me, and for what seemed like a very very long time, I talked and talked to her, with her staring back at me. She was so calm. No cries, nothing. Alert and awake, but she knew it was her mama talking to her, holding her, and she wasn’t scared. She was so very beautiful. Thick dark hair, and the most precious of faces. I loved her so much, and she was finally here. It only took 15 minutes of pushing, and they had to slow me down!

Meanwhile, my placenta just fell right out. I did have a vaginal tear along my old episiotomy scar line and into my vagina, so I got stitched up, changed, and Hannah started nursing, like a pro. Very very strong suck and a natural nurser.

While it’s not the birth I had imagined, in the end, it was very positive. About an hour after having her, I was up and walking around, able to go potty, and then another hour later I was taken to the post-partum floor for recovery.

Hannah was here at last. Here are some pictures:
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Congratulations! She's beautiful. I'm sorry your labor was so hard, but she's worth it!
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beautiful pics! she looks so grown up already in that carseat!

your girls have lovely names.

2 HOURS to get an epidural?? :

great job, mom

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